Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin Richmond Rally Moved: Estimated 28,000

Just days after announcing that Gov. Sarah Palin would be swinging into Richmond after a joint rally with Sen. McCain in Virginia Beach, organizers have moved the Monday afternoon rally from the Arthur Ashe Center to the RIR (Richmond International Raceway).

The Ashe Center was deemed to small a venue after virtual every Victory HQs were flooded with calls for tickets as well as the online ticket generator on the McCain website. The Ashe center would hold a max level of around 8,000. The campaign offices had reservations as much as the Cneter capacity by the end of the first day tickets became available.

In fact, there were actually lines for tickets at some Victory HQ locations in Central Virginia, but unlike the Barack Obama campaign which requires phone banking and canvassing demands for those seeking Obama yard signs, the McCain offices were happily giving out rally signs and yard signs to all those who wanted to express their support.

The Chesterfield office also apparently also delivered a few signs to some retired, elderly residents who could not get to the office to pick up their yard signs.

So as of right now, the RIR will be the site of the Monday 1PM Palin Rally.

Many liberal bloggers ran a directed campaign in NOVA to distract and dispute the numbers in attendance at the McCain-Palin Fairfax County Rally last month where that rally topped out at around 22,000. Current predictions are that the Richmond Rally will supercede that level and could reach 28,000.

Regardless, McCain-Palin could be met by almost 50,000 Virginians on Monday given the morning rally in Virginia Beach and then the afternoon Palin Rally here in Richmond.


midlostangs said...

Perfect scheduling due to the Holiday will drive up the number an eclipse that of the Fairfax rally. Reports are all over the place and many hav said that the tickets now are getting harder to come by at some areas as the await more to come in to distribute. The good thing is they may open it up on Monday given the site can withstand it given the Nascar events it holds there.

Anonymous said...

John Rich of country duo Big & Rich will be performing on Monday at the rally as well.

Anonymous said...

The Obama campaign is certainly not requiring any service for yard signs.

John said...

In response to the above Anonymous, the response regarding yard signs is inaccurate. The Obama campaign has run very low in yard signs, especially in areas like Arlington, Fairfax and Alexandria. Many of people have picked up those signs down here in Central Virginia because of the inability to get the signs up in Northern Virginia. It is accurate that the Obama campaign has asked people to sign up to phone bank and canvass for the yard signs given there in short supply.

Each office appears to be running with different tenents. Just like the tickets to his speech in Denver it has been very well documented that the Obama campaign has required participation through phone banking and canvassing in order to get tickets. That was even covered by the mainstream media.

Yard signs and rally signs are quite different. They passed out the rally signs for Bill Clinton's visit yesterday for the purposes of the photo-op. These signs were easily accessed for the event, but we were informed that there were no yard signs available but could easily convert the rally sign with a few staples and a stake from Home Depot.

Some offices are requiring a little something to get the yard sign and that has certainly been covered throughout the blogoshere. Some have issue with it and others do not.

Anonymous said...

Look like the number was closer to 20,000, but a great event and turnout.

Hank Williams was such a funny character up there on stage.

I have not seen so much red in long time. It was great to get excited about something again and hopefully McDonnell in 2009 can keep this level up into his campaign next Fall.

Anonymous said...


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