Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin & Biden Debate: Proof in the Pudding

My parents raised me to be very respectful of all people, but its hard given the fact that all these idiots we have sent to Washington from across this great nation act as if they "deserve" our respect without first "earning" it.

Well, I learned in the military that you salute the rank and not the man/woman. I think respect must work in the same manner in terms of Washington.

But its not just Washington that has been corrupted. We have stood by and accepted our media being taken over by corporate and special interest at the same time we sat by with little oversight of Wall Street and the mortgage crisis.

What does this have to do with Palin and Biden?


No one seems to want to give Gov. Palin the respect she deserves. You don't just get an approval rating of 80% for being inept. It begs the question, she is not the kind of Governor leaving her State with a three billion dollar shortfall like Gov. Kaine here in Virginia and many liberals thought he should have been picked by Obama to be his running mate.

I have always respected Joe Biden? His respect has been earned. I am supposed to "respect" Barack Obama because as the pundits tell us he has run a successful campaign for 19 months and defeated the Clintons in the Primary. Excuse me, did I miss something? If anything Joe Biden should be at the top of the ticket based on experience alone.

The pundits make no mention that Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin's foriegn policy experience prior to being a candidate for higher office and being a Governor is very similar, if not slim to none. Oh, but Bill went to the right kindof schools and was well traveled with many stamps on his passports; the epedimy of elitism.

What about the 90% of the folks in this country that have never left its borders nor may have ever applied for a passport? Who speaks to those folks? Sarah Palin thats who. The more the mainstream piles on with the "looking presidential" crap the more people understand that elitism exists not only in Washington but in our media as well.

Forget whether you support Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin for a moment but its pretty telling that:

MSNBC: Biden winner
CNN: Biden winner
FOX: Palin winner
CNBC: split

Objectivity completely out the window. Why are these networks so partisan? Are they merely simply mirror images of Washington? People want bipartisanship in Washington, well I would take a bit of journalistic integrity for a change in the media.

How has this happened? Simple. We have allowed our media to be taken over by special interest entities with agendas that have enough financial capital thanks to Wall Street to control our airwaves and cable. Public companies like General Electric (NBC/MSNBC) or even Murdochs Fox network represent the highest proportions of viewership and simply appear to be as partisan as the actual politicians in Washington. They use journalism simply as a cover for an agenda.

Maybe Tom Dodge was right;they should where patches like Nascar so we know just who it is they represent becauses it certainly is not the interest of journalism nor the interests of Americans. Just as politicians concern themselves with the spoils, the media concerns itself with ratings.

The proof is in the pudding as my grandmother would say.

Look at these media-types and it is obvious that true journalism is dead.

But hey if you are interested in some real objective or in the case of Raising Kids objectionable reads visit the threads they have going on now but be careful its not for the faint at heart; unless of course you were raised to think that things like sexism are acceptable.

How about this: (Raising Kaine thread)

On Sarah Palin:

"I hate her guts, and I would be lying or exagerrating if I said otherwise, I honestly and truly despise her"

You gotta love the kids over there. What depth over there.

Of course none of them have ever met Gov. Palin, nor have anything that the media has not transposed for them to even make such a determination of "hate" or even to "despise" her or anyone for that matter. Why is it these people have to resort to such levels. I guess they are simply seeking a replacement for Bush as the target of blame for everyhting that ills them instead of from time to time looking in the mirror.

Folks these people are the liberal Democrats in Virginia that Barack Obama has aligned himself with and are taking control of the Virginia Democrat Party. The Party of our parents is long gone. The days of the kind of leadership like Chuck Robb are over. These are not true traditional Virginia Democrats and will drive moderates out of the ranks before long as their behavior once exposed is something most Virginians will not tolerate.

These are the same people that give Biden a pass for his gaffes as well as his publically stating he does not accept gay marriage but pounce on every word or mispronounciation by Gov. Palin and hammer her position (same as Biden's) as being "extreme".

The media like MSNBC ridicule Palin on energy and yet sister network CNBC has two hours of interviews with that network done on energy with its anchors that they never manage to want to reference, instead want to focus on polar bears and wolves. Go figure.

So is Biden for clean coal or not? Or Obama for that matter? Come on, 85 million in coal pork in the Energy Bill by Obama for Illinois would mean Obama is against the liberal Raising Kaine position would it not? Oh, that was in 2005; Obama's position has "evolved".


Gail said...

Why was there zero social issues discussed other than benefits for same sex partners in terms of healthcare.

No topics on abortion, education except what Governor Palin injected, or other children issues facing us today.

I know people thought that Gwenn Ifill would be biased but I do not think she was as a moderator other than she either unintentionally or intentionally played all night to Sen. Biden's strength areas.

In face of those questions, Gov. Palin held her own and did quite well but the depth or bredth of questions was disappointing.

I do not think women's issues were even touched last night and given this was only the second time in history a woman was debating in a Vice Presidential debate I thought that was very strange.

Jack of Richmond said...

The Raising Kaine site is dispicable and I am a Democrat. Have they no shame? Have they forgotten about what it means to be a Virginian?
Lowell, Green Miles, and some of the other diarists over there are simply disgraceful.
Its not enough ot be leading in the polls in Virginia and yet its all personal attack after attack and none of it on policy.
If the blogosphere was a 527, Raising Kaine would be the champion.
And do not give me the online community jargon in defense of the diaries over there. You know people in the Deep South said the KKK was a community of followers as well.
I agree that if these people ever really do gain a grip on real control and not activist control of the Party there will be a backlash. In fact I would not be surprised if the activities of those there if brought into the light could not tip the scales in the Governors race back to the Republicans.
By the way, Richmond Democrat is another liberal blog in the same tradition as Raising Kaine that everyday Virginia Democrats should reject.

Lucks Lane said...

I am glad I am not a Republican or Democrat. I am an American.

No one cares about Raising Kaine blogs although no one in their right mind wanted Tim Kaine to be VP.

We have more pressing issues in this country than worrying about media slights on either side.

We need to work together to get our financial system in order. Then we need to address the geerytmandering to delievers extremists on both sides to the House of Represenatives and the House of Delegates.

We as Americans can do this, not as Rep's or Dems. Party loyalty is effective as a third nipple on a bull.

Sorry for my frustration but I love my Country and I want it to succeed in the future against a rising China and India. We have to be strong for economic war.

John said...

Lucks Lane your wrong wrong wrong.

I respect what you say but if you look at the visits or hits by Raising Kaine it is the most read political blog from Virginia.

Its founder, Lowell Feld, has published a book entitled Netroots Rising about how the internet can be used as an integral part of campaigning.

We have very difficult things to solve and the problem is these sites are getting and influencing just who it is we send to Washington to be our servant.

Probalem is they do not serve us at all. Sen. Webb as an example cotows to Raising Kaine at every turn because they helped him get elected.

Alter of Freedom said...

Lucks Lane
Sorry I responded on the VEA post to your response. Forgive me.

Lucks Lane said...

Hey John I actually went to Raising Kaine today. I found it was very predictable and was preaching to the choir just like Rush Limbaugh does. If that blog is the most read politcal blogs in VA, then I do not want to see the rest.

From what I saw it caters to NOVA but that was a first time impression. I guess it helps the DEM turnout although it seems like those who like it would already vote.

I have only been looking for Chesterfield blogs. I recently went to after I got a free copy of that paper while killing time at LaGaurdia. I like fact based things rather than opinion.

Anybody know of any other Chesterfield blogs besides this and Chesterfield

Anonymous said...

Lucks Lane many of the local blogs that are of the political arena are listed on the front page of Alter of Freedom.

Contemporary Conservative is based in Chesterfield and in fact is run by a member working with Chesterfield Republicans. Of course its partisan, but it is always a good read.

Richmond Democrat is great in my view for laughs but thats just me. many are merely personal blogs but your best bet is to hit the link on the front page here:
It will give you virtually all the blogs in Virginia if you click on the State.

Hope this helps.