Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Reality of Division

There have always seem to be two great myths perpetuated upon Amercian politics and that is that Republicans are so how more or better qualified to lead foriegn policy and that Democrats represent an inclusive ideology that seeks the progress of the little guy or working class.

This year is proving to demonstrate that the case for both can certainly be challenged.

I was absolutely amazed yesterday following the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate at the level of immediate attack from those who say they support the advancement of woman in this country. The Democrats like to think they are the champion in this respect but in the days behavior we witnessed afterall that the historic campaign by Hillary Clinton was merely a ruse orchestrated as a polticical campaign strategy. The idea that it was a "first woman" scenario was proved to be smoke as it was actually all about "Hillary" not a movement for the advancement of women or the glass ceiling thresold.

The treatment of Sarah Palin was proof of that. The Democrats this whole season have been about divisive politics from within their own ranks. It was the left and the media that contributed to the whole Appalachia episode and the portrayal that all those voters were simply not voitng for Obama because of race. It was the ranks within that created the tension between the Clinton/Obama campaign over race and then over gender politics and yet they give themselves a pass everytime and then go after Republicans as racists for its immirgration positions. The double-standard always seems to work in the Democrat favor it seems.

With the selection of Sarah Palin we now can learn a great deal about just how geniune the feminist movement within the Democratic Party truly is.

Fact is the Democrat Primary was not about a "woman" but merely about the manipulation of the construct by the Clinton campaign in attempt to make it so. If it were than the annoucement of Sarah Palin would have been seen as a great historical achievement, instead MSNBC and the like sough to undermine and diminish her because she happens to belong to a different Party.

On a Gender basis and politics aside; its historic folks. The first time a Republican woman has been selected as a running mate. Are the Democrats more concerned with Party lines and allegiances than they are in recognizing this achievement? Are they more concerned about it being one of there female leaders and not merely an American woman? It is saddening that a Party that appears to be about such equal rights would dish a fellow woman in the manner in which they had yesterday regardless of politics.

John McCain is supposed to the one so unconcerned with equal pay or equal advancement opportunities and yet it is he who has thrown the gauntlet down and not the Democrats. Now do not get me wrong, the Democrats had the opportunity with the likes of selections from Clinton and other female executives but Barack Obama chose to go in another direction. Instead of asking Obama why it is he chsoe to do so; the media like MSNBC slams McCain implying his selection is meritless and purely a political move and downplaying the historical significance.

Let me go on record here and now that with the death of Tim Russert, these baffons at MSNBC and GE are single handedly ruining the reputation (historic by the way) of the NBC news tradition. Thats fine if they want to go the way of the left but how about some truth in labeling when you become conduits for discrediting Palin in the same tactical manner in which they allowed and contributed to the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the Primary. The Obama campaign and the media are simply now turning their sites on Palin as they reload the same gender/race game they allowed to be played on Clinton.

Instead of providing the public the facts on the Palin record, which a real news organization would seek to do, they dug down deep into defensive posture mood and sought to undermine the selection almost instantanously. Why? Could it be that they were frustrated they got douped by the Republicans and it left them scrambling for talking points and proved how ill-prepared such professionals were for such selections. After all they were pre-loaded with talking points against a Romney or a Ridge selection.

The fact that these media insiders and Washingtonian step children of gridlock were clueless about Gov. Palin demonstrates she is certainly not ONE of them friends.

I have not as of yet gone through Palin's record entirely, but she appears refreshing thus far in terms of the old tired construct of Washington and the fact that the media types do not appear to be so endeared to her thus far may not be a bad thing.

Maybe she can prove able to put them in their place the way she has the corrupted politics in Alaska. Regardless of Party, the slection is historic and should be treated by the media as such. Instead they want to simply spin in in terms of "selection" and not the historical significance it represents.

As a father of three young girls, its a proud day in America when a woman of either Party can accomplish such a feat and I can look upon my girls with a little greater hope for their future in this world.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Public Policy Polling: Virginia; All the Motivation One Needs

A recent Virginia tracking poll that was conducted by Public Policy Polling out of Raleigh, NC completed a poll from August 20 to 22, 2008 as it has the previous three months regarding the Presidential Election.

While some bloggers will simply post the results of said poll and rejoice to some extent, it is also very important to analyze the entire range of data that the poll provides. Just the the mainstream media who never like to tell viewers the very questions and emographics of any given poll but simply provide the results, these blogs fail to recognize through critical analysis just exactly who the respondents actaully are and what there declared political ideology may be.

In this latest PPP poll conducted there were 1,036 likely voters polled. Of those 52% were Women and 48% were Men. 40% were declared Democrats and 34% were Republicans and low and behold 26% were INDEPENDENTS; aka Republicrats!!!

Now the liberal blogs have been discounting the Independents in Virginia. Apparently it does not suit there current whim and they continue to downplay the role Independents will play in the Fall.

Hey Raising Kaine; 26% guys!!!

Of the 1,036 polled 75% were White, 20% African-Amercian, 5% listed as other. The age breakdown is as follows:

18-29: 15%
30-45: 28%
46-65: 41%
65+: 15%

Born in Virginia 48%. Not native Born 52%. The saddest statistic of all in my view. Frankly it is what has been contributing to the change in dynamic across the state over the last ten years in my book.

90% of respondents declared themselves "firmly committed".

The RESULTS: +/-3% Obama 47%
McCain 45%
Undecided: 8%

Striking Data: Obama polled 84% of "declared" Democrats while McCain earned 12% of "declared" Democrats. This has to be a concern given this data is from August 20 to 22 going into the DNC in Denver.

Obama appears poised to take the younger vote as promised earning a 23 pt margin of voters under 30 where McCain hold as 24 pt margin of voters 65 plus. This may better serve McCain in FL than Va given the current demographic data.

Obama hold a 9 pt lead with Women while McCain has a 5pt lead with Men. Obama earned 55% of Whites and 89% of African-Americans.

Issues: Declared Importance:

Economy & Jobs: 46%
Iraq: 20%
Morals & Values 11%
Taxes 5%
Healthcare: 6%
Education 5%

The KEY here is the 8% undecided and the 26% declared Independent respondents. Out of 1,036 voters these numbers are very significant as is the 12% of declared Democrats who declared support for McCain.

Going into the Convention, one mistake that the Democrats may be undertaking is a reintroduction of the Iraq issue. Rating 20% significance in the poll is a strong number, but with current events and recent timeline declarations on the table Iraq it appears by the time the Republicans hold their convention could be a very mute point. If Iraq indeed seeks a withdrawal and is endorsing such from an internal stabilization of the politcial scene, there will not be much difference regarding the views of Obama/McCain. Agreater issue could and very well may be Russia. Joe Biden will have to help Obama on this given he latest response to the situation in Georgia. Expect heavy concentration in the first debate on Russia/Poland/NATO and not Iraq.

Given that 40% of respondents declared themselves as Democrat and Obama's margin is a mere 2% is astounding. It leads to a conclusion that since 12% of Democrats said they would support McCain, that a majority of the Independents most be supporting McCain . Remember, McCain started with only 34% declared Republicans in the poll.

The fight will not be for those Independents. It will be for that 8% Undecided. I venture to say that if after the last year or so, one is still undecided that chances are those votes may swing Republican if the last two elections are any indication. However, we are unable to discern the age of the undecideds which of course could change that trend. It is only August. If the number of Undecided is still 8% come October, the Obama camp could be in trouble.

Every mainstream media outlet lists Virginia as "in-play" or "toss-up". The results from the PPP poll is in direct support of such an assertion it seems. The electoral votes from Virginia are poised to be very significant come election night.

I am very close to reaching my goal of having 100 newly registered voters for this Fall and a majority of those I am speaking with are the "unreported ones". I call them that because the mainstream media portrays all first-time voters or newly registered voters as somehow being a voting block for Obama. This is one of the great myths of this election.

There are countless Independents and Republicans that will for the first time participate in this election, at least here in Chesterfield and Henrico County. I meet Republicans ever week that have never particpated in the process. Think about it. Chesterfield County has been overly Republican for decades and yet there is only about a 38% turnout each cycle.

From the community base of potential voters, there is still a majority out there that has not been reached or informed or enagaged to participate.

47-45% is motivation enough to get everyone engaged!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Local Committees Upgrade Websites

It is refreshing to see that both the Chesterfield County Republican Committee and the Chesterfield County Democrat Committee have re-tooled and upgraded their respective sites. This action was long over do.

You can visit these sites by simply moving down to the Daily Rants section and clicking on the site you wish to view.

The Republican site was in large part configured by Jody from the The Contemporary Conservative blog. If you have not as yet visited the site you can click on it in the Daily Rants section as well.

Also, please make sure you take the time out to visit volunteers from either Committee at the Chesterfield County Fair which began this weekend.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Virginia Independents Moving Toward McCain

It was great to catch up with many folks I had not seen since the 2006 Election cycle. WOW. What a difference two years makes. Many of the same folks that canvassed for Jim Webb back in 2006 expressed the same level of committment for Sen. John McCain at the cookout. There still remained a few Hillary Clinton holdouts and it will be interesting to see what happens after the Veepstakes comes to an end. Frankly, I am quite over that process and the the whole tease brought about by the Obama campaign in an effort to increase the excitement. Trouble is the longer you play such games, the greater your chances of raising the level of anticipation so high that you never meet the expectations that are generated by such tactics. Unless of course, Obama goes the way of Hillary Clinton.

That would be rather exciting from a purely political perspective and would basically place a large whoopie pie in the face of the progessive community who since the nomination process was locked up have done everything to bash and remove Clinton supporters from the current dialogue (See "Big Tent" post).

Raising (Hussein) Kaine was a topic often discussed and I was sure to remind forlks that the main man behind the curtain at RK, Lowell Feld, endorsed and supported Sen. John McCain in 2000 in the Republican Primary over Bush and now oversees a community determined on laying waste on his 20+ years of service. They also have managed to create such a divide with Clinton supporters that its almost comical when they always portray it as our State GOP that is in so much trouble.

With regard to Hillary, should Obama decide to cave it may demonstrate that is afterall "politics" as usual and as the 2006 elected Congress has demonstrated there is a true inability for career politicians to "change" anything. If Obama places the VP slot in the hands of Hillary Clinton no matter how qualified he undermines his entire year-long rhetorical campaign regarding change. How? Simple. Obama allowed his campaign to shape the dialogue in the Primary to such a level of diviseness between the camps that to move backward is political suicide based on how his camp ran the rhetoric against Clinton to win the nomination in the first place. Too much "change" speak appears now to have boxed in the campaign in my view, but hey anything can happen.

Anything? Yes. Anything. The last two years I have witnessed a shift with Independents that is not showing up in polls. A poll should be done in Virginia concerning those that supported Jim Webb in his bid for Senate and where they stand in the Presidential election.

It was Independents or in the case of Central Virginia; Republicrats, who delivered Jim Webb the election. There were more than a few Republicans who broke ranks and supported Webb as well over George Allen. It was here that there began a small backlash against the social conservatives in the State GOP by those Republicans who are more moderate on social issues and stronger fiscal conservatives. The problem for the Democrats here in Virginia is they will not, so far it seems, be able to capatilize on these folks against McCain. They are overwhelmingly expressing support for McCain. Why? Well I do not think as things go that Jim Webb at the time was ever really considered to be a liberal. Many felt, as did I, he would be more like John Warner on national security and foriegn policy (okay save Iraq) but work as well to fix our veteran issues or at least rings some alarms as to there neglect. The same Republicans across Virginia that supported Mark Warner in years past found it easy to support Webb. Obama not so much.

Many who canvassed strongly entrenched Republican communities in Chesterfield and Henrico for Webb are now signing up as volunteers at the McCain Victory HQ as well as simply organizing as a neighboorhood contact. This is what was the most effective piece in 2006. It was easier to gte information or signs and such from someone within the neighboorhood than going down to a campaign office. Given the option, who really wants to take the time to go down to the office if they do not have to.

The number of folks and the perception of the campaigns has dramatically changed since May when we last got together. At that time there was virtually little enthusiasm for McCain, though there was support. Over the summer, something has certainly changed. The Romney supporters, I liked Mitt alot by the way, have solidly moved into the McCain camp and embraced the campaign and many who were supporting Clinton have as well though not all of course. Talk of the potential Tim Kaine running mate scenario has not seemed to helped Obama in Virginia with Independents. I think if Obama were serious about wanting to make inroads to Independents in Virginia Mark warner would have been better or to a lessor extent maybe Webb. Webb though has the baggage of a do-nothing Congress that many here are absolutely furious about. Liberals are underestimating this impact and the Energy issue has drawn this line in the sand for many Virginians as well as Amercians. Had Obama wanted to really influence and shake things up given the fact Pelosi and Reid control Congress; had he stepped up and demanded a resolution from the Congress and LEAD FROM THE FRONT things may not be where they are today.

It is easy to make the popular determinations but true leadership comes from those who take control of the issue and break from the constraints of Party and demand action. Think of the milage (no pun) Obama would have gotten had he molded this debate over Energy differently, but when you pander to the left for a year or so its fair to say that such notions are very hard indeed.

Independents drive on the issues: Canvassing recommendations on the following:
Tax-Policy/Economy ( renewal of tax cuts and no increases in taxes or capital gains)
**spending in Washington needs true fiscal conservatism
Energy Independence
Social Security resolution---why the Democrats are not talking about this issue
Heathcare (5,000 tax deduction to offset healthcare choice options; no government run program-remind folks of the old airline industry before deregulation and public schools as examples of government run entities)
National Security-- foriegn and domestic; focus on Russia/Georgia, agreements with Poland missile defense

The biggest surprise was how Iraq in May went from being a major issue with folks to basically not even making the discussion. I think people generally feel we are closer to the end and will be withdrawing over the next few years and with KIA's at lowest levels it has become less of a touch button issue than in 2006 or earlier this year.

The feedback I am getting from other parts is basiclaly the same as ours here locally and for that reason I do not believe that Obama will secure the majority of the Independents in November from Virginia. I am not implying that there is some sort of revolving door with the GOP but most of the new Independents certainly have come from GOP roots and though they have reached a level of discontent with the Party on various issues, it appears as though they intend on supporting McCain over Obama for sure but would not be surprised if those same folks voted Warner over Gilmore in the Virginia Senate race.

That just appears to be how we roll in the Commonwealth. Virginians are critical and analyze the issues in depth. I think that is why we have some of the best moderate Democrats in the entire country as well as some of the best Republicans. Those who see themselves as Virginia Independents seem to like to embrace the best of both camps with conviction.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My First Presidential Election

No it is not what your thinking. I am not one of the "first timers" being referenced all over cable news "entertainment" programs that are supposedly swelling the ranks of the Democrat voter base. I am referring to the first actual Presidential election night that I can actually vividly remember as a child growing up in the great Commonwealth of Virginia.

I was ten. And I remember November 4, 1980 as if it were yesterday. The youngest of eight children and being the only child of my parents born south of the Mason-Dixon line I can look back now and how the result that November night certainly shaped my entire life.

I can draw many parallels now as a so-called "grown-up" with three children of my own and married to a New Yorker to that period in our nations history. I still can see my father and I taking the car up to the Shell station and parking it in line the night before returning in the morning when gas was available to fill up the tanks. I can still see myself sitting in the car listening to the radio and hearing the songs of the day. Remember those huge station wagons?

At ten years old I think that that time period was the trigger for my own political ideology. The election of 1980 resulted in shaping and molding much of not only what I believed in myself but also how I believed in my country. Ronald Reagan's optimism had much to do with that. It was a time where I repeatedly saw our nations flag being burned in Iran by followers of Ayatollah Khomeni. It is important to note that this was an era where WE actually embraced the Pledge of Allegiance and were not ashamed in referencing "God". Much of the issues regarding the rise of socialist-leaning ideologues I believe is a direct result of removing such traditions and practices by our youth who through such practices learn to embrace their nation and its foundations. Good and bad.

Many today work to undermine such connections our young people may have with the traditions of the past and I know now as an adult the reason why they do so can be illustrated in my life. Influence is a powerful thing.

As a young person growing up in Virginia in the late 1970's life probably was not has hard as other places in the nation. Our economy was seeing rising inflation, high unemployment, and gas shortages were severe in areas like California. I grew up in the burbs of Washington, DC and fortunately was probably sheltered from the severity of such an economy. That said, however the world climate had also deteriorated. As a young boy, sports was amajor influence and I recall the boycott of Olympics where 60+ nations refuse to compete in Moscow in 1980. I have no recollection in 1976 Montreal where 20 some countries boycotted those games only to say I can remember the name Nadia Comenich (sp) from Romania. I was six. But I can recall watching Soviet tanks roll into Afghanistan and being told by my parents that the aggression was the reason we as a country would not be going to Moscow. This coupled with the Iranian Hostage Crisis which seem to last a lifetime...if you think people get annoyed by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC every night reminding us his been blah blah since victory was declared imagine being ten and constantly watching men with hoods over the heads and guns on the TV every night after dinner trashing America.

You remember "dinner" right? That tradition of the entire family sitting around the table and eating together at supper time every night as a family. I find it funny that today you hear all these pundits talk about "kitchen table" issues when like no one even eats around the kitchen table anymore it seems. For the most part back then, all my friend moms and my own were stay at home moms and most folks households were based on one income. What a throwback I know. No doubt trying that today in these times is very difficult.

The thing I recall most about Reagan is; one the hair and two he made me laugh. He was funny and real to me. I liked him instantly. Later it would be the jelly beans. Jimmy Carter, the man whose picture sat atop the chalk board at school in every classroom....yet another tradition fallen by the way side I might add...I recall peanuts, weird accent, and his daughter Amy for some reason a mere three years older than myself. Of course just like today, and I was way too young to understand it all but Carter LIKE George Bush got blamed for everything. What a parallel.

My mother was a strong supporter of Jimmy Carter. So was my grandmother. Thanksgiving dinner in 1980 was not much fun let me tell you. I can remember listening to the adults in my grandmothers Maryland home blame Kennedy. The only Kennedy I knew anyhting about was JFK from school. It was years later I realized they were talking about Teddy Kennedy. Evidently the fight at the Democrat Convention for the nomination was a nasty one that rippled through the Party. Kennedy (38%)seeking a staunch liberal platform for the Party and Carter(51%) not so much. My mother to this day still has no love for Kennedy and I think never forgave him for opening the door for Ronald Reagan.Are we seeing another parallel here yet? You should. In speaking with my mother, still a Democrat by the way, she draws direct comparison to the issues befronting the Party between Clinton and Obama supporters. The Reagan Democrats in her view came right out of the nasty struggle for control of the Party during the Primary that was so negative that Reagan's optimistic charisma drew people towards his message. Could Clinton supporters be moving to John McCain? We shall see shortly I guess.

Election night was terribly hard on my mother. I can still see her holding her hands in her face in despair. I stayed up with her which seemed like forever, but it was 8PM when the race was called for Reagan. 489 electoral votes to 49. It was my introduction to the Electoral College with my mother and father walking me through the concept inits simplest premise. Frankly, I was simpy waiting up to catch some scores and see how Virginia went honestly. I keep hounded my parents about Virginia. Alas even before the West Coast was finished voting it was over.

My mother always seem to take solace in the fact that Maryland/DC both went for Jimmy Carter. 44 States though cannot have been wrong I guess. Nevertheless the disappointment sat for days or so it seemed. I learned some years later than my father was one of the Reagan Democrats, go bless him.

So why was 1980 the trigger? Well, you have to remember I was 10 and when Ronald Reagan left office was 18. The only other major event during that time I can recall with the same vision or significance was the 1980 Miracle on Ice at the Winter Games. On the coattails of that event and then Reagans election ,1980 was a very significant foundation upon what my parents had always sought to instill;

Family, Faith, Community, Country.

Ronald Reagan reinforced what my parents always attempted to instill in me. And from 10 to 18 years old, the President was certainly the kind of leader I think my parents both accepted as a great model, political thought removed on my mothers side of course. Reagan directly influenced my life and of course

With my oldest turning 7 before the Election I doubt she will recall this Election but given that the result may certainly impact her for the next four if not eight years, I certainly have been reflecting on my experience quite a bit lately. In the end she will make her own mind up regarding her future ideological path to be sure, but I cannot help but wonder just which one of these nominees can reinforce in her the same Family, Faith, Community, Country message?

I wonder indeed.

By the way:

"A Recession is when your neighbor losses his job. A Depression is when you lose yours. And a Recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his!" (Ronald Reagan)


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Call Congress Back Petition to Address Energy Crisis

Please take the time and visit:

And sign the Petition being promoted by Congressman Eric Cantor to get the Democrats to come back to Washington from their five week vacation and do the peoples work. This Congress has failed to pass any significant legislation regarding Energy Policy and in fact have even prevented in the House and Senate from actually having to go on record on the floor.

Both Reid and Pelosi are strong arming the process and preventing action and should be held accountable for their contempt for the process. On the one hand they complain about the use of the filibuster in the past in the Senate and now use these tactics to prevent themselves from having to go on record in the peoples chamber.

They may run, but as all of us know they will not be able to hide long. With an approval rating of 9% maybe they just do not care what the will of the people, now sitting at 60% in favor of more drilling, and its not only pathetic but shameful.

Take two seconds and sign the petition.

"Big Tent" not so "Big" Afterall: Liberal Say Goodbye to Howling Latina

We have all been there at one time or another in our lives. A place where you just knew that you did not fit in or were welcome. Usually however, we experience these little realities growing up in our early years. Some folks just do not get along, call it personalities and such but it seems in the blogosphere its dwindled down to simply "being petty", mirror images of the political faces they endorse or simply just down right the ego gets a bit too big for its britches and the agenda promoted gets self-absorbed.

I am not sure exactly which is the case in the Virginia blogosphere with the recent excomunication of the blog Howling Latina by the major blogs endorsing a liberal, oops sorry "progressive" agenda both in America and here in Virginia specifically. I know that excomunication seems harsh and should only apply to religious conotations but given the left of left blogs that have virtually made the environmental movement be perceived by the main street America as a religious-type cult it loosely works. Some may simply believe that Leftyblogs and others have shunned,banished, and even shamed Howling Latina by removing her blog from the rolls of their sites.

Removal from the blogroll of a veteran liberal blog that was always highly regarded by the Virginia blogging community is quite interesting. Whats also interesting is the logic behind the blogs removal from Leftyblogs. Apparently, Howling Latina was being removed according to adminstrators of Leftyblogs because it no longer was focusing on "local" issues and they contend they are a local aggregator of left leaning blogs. THat could be true and taken on its merits if every major liberal blog had not followed suit and thrown the Howling Latina blog into exile as well.

Circle the wagons.

Some of these blogs are certainly not "local" in focus based on content. Whats "local" and whats not has somehow gotten a bit skewed I think. Apparently addressing the Presidential race is not considered a local topic, which is kinda interesting given everyone one of us eligible to vote can go right down to our "local" precincts in NOvember and cast a ballot. To say that the race or discussing or casting opinion about the Presidential race is not local implies that in no way will any result in that race impact localities or members of our communities. In fact, the reality underneath is that these liberal blogs come at issues from exactly that point of view. The Federal Government has the solutions and like some blogs have followed Lefty blogs lock step we to should simply follow the direction of the US government. Afterall, Government is the bastion of solutions according to these folks.

So exactly what was it that caused Howling Latina to be shown the door? Simple. The blog remained true to its core belief, supporting Hillary Clinton for the nomination, and attempted during the Primary to draw the contrasts between Clinton and Barrack Obama. The blog has taken heat for not getting in line behind Obama once he scured the nomination. Howling Latina chose to remain entrenched in support for Clinton and examined the case by which the nomination process was flawed. Let face it, most Americans understand that Clinton got a little bit screwed by the whole Florida and Michigan seating issues. Some have let it go, others like Howling Latina have chosen to remain firm in her denouncement of both the process and the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign.

Howling Latina inability to get behind Barrack Obama and her passion for Clinton was determined by many to not be in the best interest of the "tent". You know that "big tent" that these folks claim to have erected to bring folks from all walks under and welcoming all takes on the issues. Hardly. These blogs are proving with the adminstration of these so-called communities that it is not about an exchange of ideas but simply the "control" of the message. Many call these sites "online communities" but in reality the adminstrators are simply digital plantation owners shaping and molding the content and discussion by excluding and eliminating dissenting viewpoints.

As a Virginian, I hold as many of us do the historical nature of our traditions regarding free speech. Of course these squashers of debate will simply say that Howling Latina was being removed for her lack of "local" focus by Leftblogs aggregator but I think we all know that real reason was the content. Placing a blog on a blogroll is not that big of a deal. The idea behind the removal was to keep the views from reaching the greater aggregator audience. Howling Latina was once loved by most of these folks until it ventured off the plantation with views that were and are not aligned with the concensus of the administrators. Fear not Howling Latina, apparently the Governor as well appears poised for virtual banishment if you read some of the posts at Raising Kaine as he to has been moving away from the views of such progressive blogs.

Of course none of these bloggers have to keep Howling Latina on the blogrolls, but where is the integrity by these bloggers to simply come out and explain why it is they are removing the blog and not hide behind some smokescreen of "local" focus. Please. Howling latina has been very and at times extremely critical of Barrack Obama and with the race getting closer by the day the last thing these folks want is to have to be engaging in debate over their candidate from within. Democrat to Democrat. In fact if you read the threads at Cobalt6 you'll actually find commentors actually promoting the idea that Howling Latina has engaged in "conduct unbecoming a Democrat".

"Conduct unbecoming a Democrat". Whats exactly does that mean?

Is it because all Democrats have to endorse Barrack Obama? Is it because Howling Latina has not gotten in line behind the nominee? Is it because Howling Latina is expressing aview counter to the opinion of the progressives? Exactly what is it that an "opinion" and its expression can be seen as conduct unbecoming? How does that fit with the rationale of the "big tent" philosophy. fact is the far left agenda is turning more and more older Democrat off and contributing to the increaed numbers of Independents in Virginia in large part to this kind of behavior. If you are not aligned with the radical views of eliminating coal production, anti-smoking agenda, anti-drilling, anti-nuke power options and are not emphatically endorsers of climate change agenda then your not a "real" Democrat. Trouble is not even some of the Democrats in office or seeking office are aligned with those views. Does not Mark Warner support drilling? Did not Mark Warner favor the business environment over government? Um. I guess moderates don't belong under that "big tent" either do they?

The banishment of Howling Latina is simply an illustration of the far left eating its own. I mean this is a group that calls Joe Liebermann "Judas Joe". A group that loved John McCain when he was helping push portions of the agenda that they prefer like environmental cap and trade or even immigration and now throw him under the bus because they have to in the face of his winning the nomination for the Republicans. In fact, even Howling Latina has recognized the irony that it was Barrack Obama supporting the Energy Bill in 2005 and not John McCain. I guess McCain hasn't voted lock step with Bush afterall ugh guys?

Now of course Barrack Obama and his surrogates will attempt to to do the the GOP what that they did to Bill Clinton, only this time I think people understand that it is Obama afterall that is race baiting and playing the race card. Will it be as effective against McCain as it was against Hillary Clinton? Clinton supporters have seen all this before and know that it was used to bring down their candidate and blogs like Howling Latina that have been critical of Obama and his campaign can no longer be welcome in the interest of "UNITY". Riiiiiiiight.

Unity. Apparently the superficial guise of "unity" is more important to these liberal bloggers than the reality that there are still alot of Amercians and Democrats frankly that are not sold on Barrack Obama. Instead of recognizing the challenge within the Party itself regarding the Clinton supporters that is illustrated in Howling Latina's content, Leftyblogs and many other Virginia liberal bloggers have determined that it is in the best interest to jettison such Democrats rather than engage them and seek compromise on the agenda.

I find this rather ironic given the last two weeks where it appears as though Barrack Obama has simply hijacked, sorry "refined" his positions now to be almost a mirror image of what Hillary Clinton's were in the Primary.

MoveON right to the "center" Obama. But be careful, e would not want the far left to decide to shun, shame or banish you now would we?