Friday, October 31, 2008

"Spreading the Candy Around": A Child's Reality

While manning the home front this evening and attending to the hundreds of trick or treaters, I could not help but recall a cartoon over at The Contemporary Conservative posted about Halloween earlier this week.

As my own childeren returned from trick or treating throughout the subdivision, I informed them that we would put all the candy collected on the floor in the living room and divide up the candy in equal shares. With astonishment, my oldest noted that that did not sound very fair.

My oldest had obviously accumulated more candy this evening than the younger siblings.

No matter. It all goes on the floor and will be divided up equally I demanded.

Suddenly, my two youngest lost it!

They walked the streets, knocked on doors, recited the trick or treat and frankly earned their respective candy. They did not care how much it was nor what kind of candy it was, it was theirs. In effect, they earned it.

Who was I to take it from them and divide it up and distribute it out?Afterall, I stayed at home and passed out candy which was a much easier task. My wife had the hard part.

Does this scenario ring any bells?

My youngest who stopped at some point during the evening going to doors and got tired would have gotten an equal share of the candy had it all been divided up equally regardless of how much effort or work was undertaken. This hardly seemed fair to the other siblings and beside they each wanted to keep what was theirs but were willing to trade out certain candy in order to get rid of what they didn't like in exchange for something they did like.

You know, our children are often times a heckauva lot smarter than we are from time to time.

And no redistribution of candy or wealth for that matter is not something that was highlighted in:

"Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Life I Learned in Kindergarten"

Maybe we all should look at our taxes in the same manner our children see candy?

And what do I do with the extra candy i was passing out from home?Umm.


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