Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Small Business "Joe the Plumber" Rally: Chesterfield County (Midlothian)

Calling on all "Joe The Plumbers":

Senator John S. McCain

Small Business Rally in Midothian, Virginia

Saturday, October 25, 2008

10:15 AM

Old Dominion Insulation
12764 Oak lake Court
Midlothian, Virginia 23112

Come See:

Rudy Giuliani
Steve Forbes
Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling
Jerry Kilgore

There will be a Small Business Rally held this weekend here in Chesterfield County to show support for Senator John S. McCain and his economic plan that will bring America back to better economic days. While Chesterfield County has shown an uncanny ability to weather economic downturns in the past as result of the hard work and backbone of drive and ambition by our small business community, the County must committ to ensuring continued progress through the reform policies of Senator John S. McCain.

Barrack H. Obama is a respectable and an exciting candidate and has made a formidable pitch to the American people, but in the end there is nothing to demonstrate that Obama can or even will deliver all the things his campaign is promising.

Frankly, we have been down this road before with inspiring candidates with lofty plans. Then Governor Bill Clinton was embraced by the same media elite that is now propping up Barack Obama's campaign. The negative aspect has escalated to all time high levels against the Mccain campaign just as it did against Republicans in 1992. The result, Americans elected President Bill Clinton on the hopes of a promised tax cut for the middle class and small business and folks if you remember HE NEVER DELIVERED!!

The same media elite refuses to compare Gov. Sarah Palin's record of "experience" to the then Governor Clinton in 1992 before they annoited him their nominee. Apparently, the media keeps moving the bar further and further with every test.

The result? In 1994 we sent a message to Washington and Republicans gained control of Congress. Its time we get back to comon sense fiscal conservatism like the Contract of America.

We can ill afford to have to wait another four years to vote out the growing liberal majority in Congress, nor can we as small business owners afford four years of an Obama Presidency. The hill we have to climb is very steep, but folks we also need to begin to lay the groundwork for the future as well.

Keep Chesterfield County RED in November!


Sarah said...

Great blog! I'm a Georgia girl myself, but the thoughts of Virginia going blue in the presidential election scares me!! I'm trying to get the word out for McCain, today, and ran across your blog!

Alter of Freedom said...

Thanks so much. I have family in Georgia and love it down there.
I visited your blog and its simply great. Love the "Football Saturday" post.
Full disclosure here- I am at Volunteer fan and your Dawgs sure did not show us any love this year, but then no one in the SEC is this season.

Sarah said...

Eek, a Vols fan! I guess we can't agree on everything.

Thanks for the kind words...gotta get back to watching my boys crush LSU!

Anonymous said...

IT was nice this morning even with the light rain to meet up with 100 or so Small Business folks from Chesterfield.
Was surprised with Kilgore. I didn't recall him being such a good speaker back in 2005. Rudy as usual was worrth the wait, but the best were to hear the real small business stories from Virginia business owners and what an Obama victory would really mean.

J.T. said...

Would have liked to see more of a crowd, but given it was soccer Saturday and most of the games are in the morning around the County the number was probably expected.

The small business perspective really sheds light on just how disconnected Washington really is to business. In their minds when you say business, all Washington thinkls about is the Chamber of Commerce and not the real engines and that the owners employing less than ten people around the country.

All of Washington is broken for sure. Its time we look to new leadership in the future. Leaders like Jingle, Romney, Palin and the like with new ideas and new viewpoints.

I did not realize it had been since 1977 when the liberal had the supermajority. I certainly do not want to go back to that era. I thought in 1993 the Democrats had it but I guess there was still the filibuster back then.

Who will lead the new movement? Will Newt Gingrich make a comback? We all know he is the best speaker and articulator of real history and impacts of policy; yes and that includes the other sides precious chosen one with all his platitudes- nothing like a President to make you feel like your in church everytime he speaks.