Thursday, October 9, 2008

Community Voters Project: Questions Raised

Many people are asking if the Community Voters Project, which endeavors to register "minority" voters has come across the path of many Richmonders downtown and many folks are asking if this organization is affiliated in any way with ACORN, which is getting alot of press lately for some less than above board practices in Ohio and Nevada as well as 10 other States.

There has not been, and probably will never be, any link between ACORN and this Project, which is respected and affiliated with Center of Public Interest and the Progressive Education Fund, however, regardless I would hope that this project would certainly register ANY legal citizen with the right to vote and not just target minorities.

We have to remember that though this election cycle is certainly very heated, there are still wonderful people doing great work within our communities out there. That said, if anyone has any instances regarding any group failing to register someone or engages in any suspicious actions it is important to report those instances to the authorities.

There are Community Action groups and then there are Community Political Action groups that are NOT non-partisan in nature and we have to be aware that there is a distinction. The water is getting muddy though and we have to ask ourselves just who it is exactly who is muddying our voter rolls.

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