Monday, October 27, 2008

Maryland Volunteers Calling Virginians for Obama

Okay I get it. Barack Obama is leading John Mccain by eight points in the Commonwealth. But if Obama's ground game is so solide here in my beloved Virginia, why on earth are people from Maryland calling Virginians on behave of the Obama campaign.

I got one of these calls and found it rather funny that the folks were from Maryland. Apparently, Maryland is locked up for Obama that they have now begun targeting strong Republican districts in Virginia. Now not in Northern Virginia, quickly becoming their brethern if you read blogs like Raising Kaine who seek to turn Virginia into the next Maryland politically, but in the burbs of Richmond.

While I guess the experts would see this as great strategy, I for one simply find it rather histarical and offensive at the same time. maybe the Obama campaign thinks its safer to have Maryland folks call on us "downstaters" than say our own fellow citizens from Northern Virginia.

That sounds like a pretty dam good admission to me that NOVA just cannot relate whatsoever to its brethern throughout the State. Otherwise, the Obama campaign would be having those supporters call on Virginians.

I know that the left has taken offense with whats called "robocalls", but please the last thing I need is for someone from Maryland telling me how great Obama will be for Virginia as President.


Anonymous said...

I thought NOVA was already part of Maryland.(snark).

Anonymous said...

1) Do You still want the American dream & opportunity to work hard & achieve success, paying your share of taxes to help others, & choosing your own add'l. ways to help others, maybe in a church hcarity, or a public charity, or even on your own.


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jill said...

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