Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raising Kaine Calls for Removal of Tom Brokaw from Presidential Debate

You just have to wonder if the guys over at Raising Kids-oops Kaine actually have a single non-partisan bone in their bodies. They have proven to be a Virginia community of peddlers of the most divisive kind of political threads from within the Commonwealth, whether it was against Hillary Clinton, Gerry Connolly or any other politician from outside their liberal dogma or inside they feel compelled to ridicule out of some sense of rightousness.

I am not sure exactly where they get that sense of power from; oh yeah the Democratic Party given RK reputation for being behind the bringdown of George Allen in 2006 in the infamous "maccaca moment that went viral thanks mostly to RK and her brethern. There would be nothing wrong with that if of course they managed not to invent things and takes like they did against Democrat Gerry Connolly in an attempt to nominate their beloved and like three-time loser Leslie Byrne. Many people feel all is fair in love and war, but at Raising Kaine all is fair in the rhelm of Virginia politics.

Truth be dammed I guess.

When Thomas J. Jackson stated in reference to John Brown "depart ye wicked into everlasting fire" I certainly understand his contempt for such "unworthy instruments" like that of Raising Kaine in the rhelm of our politics here in Virginia.

Now Raising Kaine seek to remove NBC news anchorman and new host of Meet the Press from moderating the Presdiential debate.

Apparently, Raising Kids has no real understanding of the word "moderator" as defined in the dictionary. They prefer to have outwardly biased individuals that belong to their rag tag group of Northern Virginia/Washingtonian elistest crowd who seek nothing more than political ends; objectivity not required nor accepted.

Lowell Feld states that Gwen Ifill is "a consumate professional" and "fair" and should be tapped to replace Brokaw because he has been acting on behalf of NBC as liason to the McCain campaign for the purposes of political coverage. They claim bias.


Feld would rather have Gwen Ifill, who will do the VP debate Thursday, moderate over Brokaw for one very important reason; Ifill is a declared Barack Obama supporter.

Thats right. The unbiased moderator for the VP debate and now the one RK wants to moderate one of the Presidential debates not only has endorsed Obama but has finished a political based book on Obama and the movement behind him and the status of the Black political arena. The publisher of Ifill book is hoping that an Obama victory will boast the sales of the the Ifill book as it is planned on being released right after the inaugural in January.

There you have it folks. Lowell Feld feels compelled to bring down a verteran in Brokaw for nothing more than political purposes in an effort to control the debate before the American people.

Mr. Feld. I have met Mr. Brokaw. I had even met Mr. Russert before his passing this year and Mr. Feld, Gwenn Ifill is not even remotely in these gentleman's league.

Ifill wears her political persuasion on her sleeve and did so at the Republican convention in her coverage of Gov. Sarah Palin and her speech as she frankly was so outwardly hostile to the convention it was laughable. And her own team took it on the chin with complaints about the tone and demeanor she displayed at the convention.

Yeah, she's a professional all right RK. In the same light as every other shiller in the media who outwardly covers politics not from journalistic integrity but Party loyalty.

Just remeber folks. It is people like this (Ifill) who will get the access to Barack Obama should he win the Presidency. I can help but wonder how much constrictive criticism there will be given that set up in Washington.

No worries, we will get the fairness doctrine right?

They act as if Sarah Palin does not belong on the national stage and yet think some one like Gwenn Ifill is an unbiased medialite and a fair journalist while she is about to release a book painting Barack Obama as the second coming. Please.

Well, that about covers the judgement of those at Raising Kids.


James said...

Alter I dig your yard; Veterans for McCain, Cantor, and Mark Warner signs all center stage.

Any chance we can covert you to Gilmore?

All kidding aside though, we should not be surprised by the moves by RK. They have no sense of integrity or honor in the debates that face the State or nation. Its all about partisanship and nothing more.

They have proven to have zero answers; typical global warming agenda with a no coal focus along with an anti-defense concentration as well.

Still waiting to see where they will bring the jobs in the next five years. Afterall, they deny the whole shortfall left by Warner (sorry) and now Kaine. The democrats have had the mansion now long enough in my view and now they at RK have annoited Moran as the chosen one.

Maybe we can scuttle the ship by supporting Maculiffe in the process, but that would be an action that they would take and thats just not who we are as Virginians.

Those guys are all transplanters, carpetbaggers, whatever you want and are not true Virginians at heart but merely liberals first.

Anonymous said...

They have to be kidding right? When I learned that she had an open format for the debate I knew it was going to favor the Democrats of course.

Remember how she treated Cheney in 2004? Review that VP debate and look at the body language and her facial expressions. She just loved to smile at Jon Edwards.

McCains people have dropped the ball countless times and this is another example. They should have never approved this moderator period.

John said...

I see your point. They appear to want to cover all the bases as best they can.

Notice virtually no Virginians have seen Warner/Gilmore debate at all, though they have held some. Its appauling how we can be on the brink of electing a US Senator that like 95% of population has not even seen discuss the issues.

Thats where communities like Raising Kaine come in and demonstrate the influence they have. Remember, the are a virtual PAC and raise money and influence on behalf of liberals. This is not to be taken lightly in the contaxt of politics in Virginia.

They strike me as the sort that would propose breaking NOVA off from the Piedmont in the manner in which West Virginia left Virginia. The divide between the regions is getting wider by the year and more and more liberals keep relocating to NOVA. The population growth corresponding to the growth of government in Washington is astounding.

Raising Kaine seeks to remove every Republican from office there and at the base that is their mission and by any means possible.

Tom Davis left of his own accord but you can bet that the next NOVA target is Ken Cuccinelli, one of the lone remaining Republicans in Fairfax. Until the GOP in NOVA commits to going on the offense against RK and NLS up there and stop always being on the defensive, the liberal will eventually win out in the region.

I would have liked to have seen the GOP capitalize on the McCain/Palin rally in Fairfax, but it does not seem as if the infrastructure there can sustain it.

Alter of Freedom said...

I always managed to get criticized for simply being conservative but in fact I am rather more independently-minded but am more aligned with the real Republican platform, not neccesarily the one expressed in Washington all the time.

While I have some issues with Cantor, the alternative in the election does not convince me that she is anyhting more than another ultra-liberal and has not introduced a single program she would be willing to cut from the budget. Apparently, she is rooted in the belief that government is the answer to all that ills our nation and I simply do not subscribe to that; in fact government is mostly to blame for what ills us. So in terms of Cantor; lukewarm.

Warner/Gilmore is another story. I am still rather on the fence, but with no real substance coming out of these campaigns and hardly any debates one has to rely on the past when looking at these guys. I am still flexible and the yard sign is more closely associated with my wife.

Gilmore and the ultra-conservative wing of the State GOP gives me caution, not so much on the issues per say, but in those issues in large part being the focal point. I am not convinced that right now it is social issues that should being the guiding point of the GOP, but rather fundamentally getting back to our more fiscal conservative traditions that have been blown up in recent years as battles were being faught on the fringes and the eye was taken off the federal budget.

I beleive in term limits, balance budget amendments so it really makes the options here limited.

Look Barack Obama is an impressive leader, but in the end I have to ask simply based on his record:
Would I vote for Howard Dean? NO
Would I vote for Ted Kennedy? NO

And if people in Virginia would not vote for Dean or Kennedy why on earth would they vote for OBama?
Charisma and oration? Thats not good enough for me.

Its not about taxes, its not about Iraq, its not about healthcare; its about the fact that Obama voting record is exactly that of the other ultra-liberals in the Democrat Party and on substance he is no different; which is why he has been embraced so much by the Party insiders/elite in my view.

Warner I believe is more moderate and is more closely related on principle to the old Virginia Democrats who are more or less on the other end of the Democrat spectrum than Obama/Dean/Kennedy. I believe that is why Warner has greater appeal to Virginia indepenents. Pro-gun and Pro-Coal does'nt hurt either in Virginia and the fact that in reality Warner has not really campaigned hard, ala Bill Clinton, demonstrates they are no where close on the real issues. Coal being a major one in SW Virginia.

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