Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Voter Fraud Could Translate into Identity Fraud

The news that is coming in regarding community activist groups such as ACORN is not good. Canvassers are task with registering potential voters, but what we are learning is throughout 12 states these organizers are allowing persons to register countless times.

Is this voting fraud? No. Is this action a felony in States like Virginia? Yes.

Regardless of whether a vote is cast, it is illegal to intentionally register the same person more than once or create registrations for the purpose of filling out the forms required to secure a card.

Is Virginia immune? Nope.

Chesterfield has already identified hundreds of false registrations. The Board of Elections is tasked with verification of these forms and given the issues we experienced in the Primary is something that we really need to be having our Board being focused on.

I find it ironic that a Party that felt so maligned by the Florida episode in 2000, finds this whole matter unworthy of even stepping up to the plate and addressing that these actions are wrong and illegal. Instead, we have a nominee in Barack Obama who quickly removed all associations listed on his campaign site relating to ACORN and then goes out and has surrogates state that ACORN is not enagaging in anything wrong. Well, if they are so impressed with ACORN's integrity than why remove the references and then say you have no association with the organization. The Democrat Party has some real issues in my view. First the whole DNC matter with the Clinton/Obama delegates and counting them and now these voter registration fraud issues coming up all over the country on behalf of the Democrats. Why can organizations like ACORN be so readily linked to the Democrats? Because in their own advocacy they state that it is their intent to help Barack Obama win the election and ACORN has officially endorsed Obama.

What to do:

Well it may be too late now that the registration deadline has passed, but if you provided any information to any activist group to get you registered make sure that that information has been sent to the Board of Elections but also routinely check your personal credit information in the coming months. Why? To make sure that these groups are not also engaging in Identity Theft as well.

In the future, influence potential voters to register at DMV or the public library or some other "respected" location and not through these activist groups that apparently go unchecked. Whose to say they have not copied your information for some other fraudulent purpose?

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