Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rolling The Dice Twice Not In The Cards

I have to tell you, I am looking forward to this matchup between (D) Creigh Deeds and (R) Bob McDonnell in large part because it will give us a real sense of the future of the Commonwealth. Sure there will be debate after debate and pundit after pundit telling us why we should support one over the other, but the reality of it is the Commonwealth is at a real crossroads. I use the "Commonwealth" on purpose because not every State in the Union has its origins in the same manner nor is every State a Commonwealth. In the last few years it is become apparent that the very fabric of our history and tradition has come under attack not only by outside interest groups but the Federal Government as well. We are entering a period where the likes of Virginia's future seem poised to be challenged in the same manner as throughout various stages of our past; free trade, taxation, slavery(self-determination), civil rights and many others. Each of those brought outside powers to bear upon the State in the same manner in which today outside funding is reshaping the Virginia we have come to love.

What do I mean by reshaping? Well, when you have a large vocal and heavily funded group of activists who have declared that they would prefer Virginia be the next Maryland you get the picture. I often wonder what it is about Maryland that is so alluring to them, other than the fact they are heavily dominated by a tradition of supporting Democrats. I mean, is Maryland better off economically? Is it educationally? What about employment? Do they place a greater burden on the Federal Government in terms of welfare, healthcare expenses and other support than Virginia?

In no measure, even environmentally in terms of the Bay, could Maryland be construed as outperforming Virginia so it really begs the question why the idealogues want Virginia to become the next Maryland no doesn't it?

Well in the upcoming campaign for Governor we will find out just how much influence those activist (inside and outside the Commonwealth) have upon the campaign of Creigh Deeds. Deeds is a Virginian and for the most part the best kind of Democrat. Deeds was not the choice of the hard left and ultra-liberal wing of the Party mind you. To them is a bit of a lush. Deeds is pro-gun for one, which puts him directly in the crosshairs of the far left. Deeds is certainly not cut from the same cloth as an Obama either and it would be unwise for the Republicans to use that tact as well. What is at question is roots. Will the roots of Creigh Deeds remain firm in this campiagn or will his rhetoric shift to aligning himself with the far left.

The real question voters should be concerned with in this election is the road one wishes the Commonwealth to travel. Its a question of historical integrity. Do we want to rewrite our Constitution? Do we want to turn our backs on our history? Do we want to for once and for all bury the ideals of the likes of Washington, Jeferson, Madison, Mason, Henry, Wythe, Monroe and even Wilson? Thats the question of this election frankly. Its a question of Sovereignty.

Will Virginia hold fast to her roots or will we travel down the road that some would prefer with an even greater reliance upon the Federal Government and thus less control in determining Virginia' own interest.

Not sure if this is as extreme as it has gotten? Think offshore-drilling off our own coast. Think mountain mining our own resources within our Commonwealth. Think late term abortion bans and restricting those bans by the Feds if they mean to. Think education and the undo influence upon our own educational system which list 85 in Newsweeks TOP 1500 HIGH Schools nationwide. Think destroying our railroad industry/port industry by banning coal representing 2/3 of all rail shipping. Think reducing our defense related industry not just our active duty armed forces and of course think base closings in the Virginia Beach region.

Once Virginia allows itself to bow to the "bookie" that is the US Government in the manner in which Gov. Kaine has started with the 4 billion dollar stimulus funding used to offset the budget shortfalls in Virginia which are the repsonsibility of the Kaine administration.

By the way, how is it that Gov. Kaine can have employment with the DNC now while still acting as Governor when it is my understanding that State employees are not allowed to work for private concerns while employed by the State. Isn't that interesting.

So with the backdrop of the current crisis of integrity in Washington spearheaded by misdirection and out and out falsehoods by those now in power, Virginians will be confronted with a campaign this summer hopefully waged on the issue of Virginia's future. There is no greater issue that of Virginia being able to deside for itself what it will do and what direction it will move regarding policy. Those that would put Virginia under the boot of the Federal Government need to be defeated if Virginia to to remain Virginia.

The question really is a matter of which Creigh Deeds will campaign for Governor. If he determines to turn his back on Virginia and move in the direction of supporting federally mandated liberal policies than the choice for Virginians is rather simple in November; Bob McDonnell.

Independents and Moderates in Virginia last Fall supported Obama and provided him the electoral votes from the Commonwealth of Virginia, however a large portion of those voters now have to contend with some of the responsibility concerning the direction our nation is moving and how it is going about doing so. In speaking with many folks that had voted for Bush in 2000/2004 but opted for Obama in 2008 there was a sense of "rolling the dice" for change in Washington. Now after almost six months with the results glaring at them in the paper, on the blogs and on cable there is little hope that those independents will be willing to roll the dice again for someone who is endorsing the very policies now that appear so unpopular.

One thing my liberal friends never seem to grasp is that as Virginians we can really like some one as a person a heckuva alot, but not agree with the policies that they may chose to propose or implement. Being "popular" in Virginia does not tanslate to your policies being popular. Liberals always tend to associate to two as one in that to like some one is to agree with them on policy. Its a completely "political" dynamic to them. They believe politics is the window to the soul it seems.

If Creigh Deeds is not careful, rolling the dice will niot be in the cards this Fall for Independents or Republicrats and potentially blue dogs either.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The End for Chesterfield Dodge

As painful as it is, the end of Chesterfield Dodge has come. I have been a loyal Dodge customer for years and though I do not have any ill will towards Chrysler per say, I think the new management is inept. The idea that clsoing 25% of the dealerships who sell your product is somehow going to make you profitbale without more money for tax payers is simply ridiculous.

The Lawrence family have been around for like 75 years as a franchise and even helped out Chrysler some thirty years ago with financing to keep from going under then and this is how the "new" folks repay the family. Closing a profitable dealership.

There have been accusation by some that these closings are purely political in nature brought about by the people running the task force for President Obama. Is it a coincidence that a Chesterfield County dealership under the same umbrella as those in Henrico County dealerships are being forced out of business. Um. Chesterfield is an historically very Republican-leaning locality and well Henrico County- they supported President Obama and other Democrats in the last few years. makes you wonder why a profitbale arm would be severed from a small business owner but his weaker dealership selling the same brands would be allowed to remain open.

Chesterfield Dodge has always provided a level of service to residents here that was second to none in service and repairs. They will be missed.

It begs the question what business segments next will be forced to close their doors through no fault of their own and how many more people will have to lose their jobs under the guise of economic stimulus!!