Thursday, September 4, 2008

Raising Kaine: Using Sexism and Racism

As a Virginian, I have absolutely no issue with people who wish to tout whatever their agenda is from whatever soapbox they wish to tout it but it really reveals alot about the the real nature of teh current culture war being fought.

I do not recall such viseral attacks against Joe Biden upon his selection as the VP candidate by Barack Obama. I do remember his positions being challenged in the context of Obama's record like the War on Iraq. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton both supported the War and the fact that Obama did not is a vaild line to draw distinction. I do not recall the level of family attacks brought upon the Biden family as the left has dealt the Sarah Palin family.

Visit sites like Daily Kos and our own Raising Kaine rag and new get the kind of America these folks see as the future. Sexism is fine when it suits there political ends I guess. Sexism is fine in the context of protecting liberalism I guess. Apparently, its not the issues they want to discuss or uncover, its not the policy that they want to debate, its about tearing people down for political expediency. Its about embarking on a path of destruction and laying wake to families for no other purpose than because they like to do it. Why?

The conservative nature of Sarah Palin is obviously a direct threat to what liberals seek to bring about in America over the next decade.

Look I have my views and my own bias but I can come to a point of critical thinking regardling issues where I can see what makes sense in the Obama platform and also what I gravitate towards in the Mccain platform. The differecnes lie in the fact that none of these people behind rags like Raising Kaine want to debate issues, what to solve issues or want to examine the pro and cons of different path regarding solutions. Instead its all or none proposition bound by a refusal to respect anyhting offered up by anyone with an (R) next to their name that border what I would risk calling the next wave of hate in this country.

Did the protestors in Denver destroy property? Did the protestors place police and fire at risk? What does it say about a protest backed by the far left in terms of thei value systems? this has nothing to do with the right to assembly. It goes further than that. In a pro-Democratic town within a pro-Democrat state, they have sought destrcution and mayhem for the benefit of whom exactly?

Now I know I have been very critical of Raising Kaine, but this week demonstrates a level of hate that is reminiscent of the Allen campaign brought about by those behind the blogging community. Its about sound bites and less than factual spins brought about to instill a sense of fear and rally hate in those that would be inclined to exhibit such behavior. Of course, there is no requirement for a blog to be open to all sides and afterall its a online community afterall for liberals but the part that scares this Virginian is that its viewership is increasing.

It is not just an issue of feeling George Bush has failed or that they have a different positions on issues than the nominees of the GOP, its the level of hate and the means to which they will go "knowingly" to ruin or disparage the reputation of someone independent of the issues. The take events that suit their purposes and spin those into a tabloid portrayal of threads that frankly shame all Virginians.

They do not just do these things soley against the GOP. Often they will attack our own Governor whom they feel who them is office with regard to him putting Virginia first and not their agenda on climate change, coal, or matters like the Wise County plant. Its the manner in which they seek to advance their agenda that should be alarming.

Just look how they rationalize how their candidates "qualifications" are somehow rock solid simply based on the fact they are Democrats. They refuse to concede any ground on any issue and in fact reject bipartisanship at all levels.

They have no issue with attacking a woman and her family for political purposes and when the truth is revealed that they got it wrong, like the implication that Sarah Palin's newborn was actually her daughters and not her own, they move on and pass it off as being a "diary" and they are not responsible for "diaries" on the site that the run as a community. They use this a cover frankly in my view.

If someone hung a rope in your yard from a tree in your front yard with a noose who do you think the law and people would come after? Thats right. The homeowner.

You provide a medium for people to dispense hatred then you deserve to be called out for it. There will be an immense backlash in the coming years I feel against such digital plantation owners of these communities that are simply one notch about those skinhead rags in my view. Are not these communities becoming bastions of hate?

Do not get me wrong there are blogging communities on the right that behave in the same manner and need to be called out for their role as well.

The scary aspect of such rags these days is they raise money for Parties and act in the role of a PAC which calls into question whether Parties are using these mediums to do their own "unofficial" bidding. To get rumors viral for their benefit with never having to defend their role in it whatsoever.

This week in a thread over at raising kaine there are a variety of Sarah Palin threads that offer up baseless allegations like "baby wolf killer" without any backstory as a mean of firing up animal rights folks against Palin. What they do not tell you is it was the Native Peoples of Alaska and the Tribal Adminstration that sought the ordinance to reduce the wolf population after results from the Alaska Virology Lab confirmed that there was an increase in rabied among the Elmendorf Wolf Pack that was attacking not only dogs but people as well. Areas like Marshall, AK actually ordered an alert status regarding children in the community and a curfew in the town in response. RK and the liberals seek to tie these ordinances to reduce the wolk population as the measures of "flatearthers" and "anti-environmentalists" when the order had nothing to do with oil but the safety of the areas in question. This is just one example of the twist and bend effect with no evidence or backstory provided.

Another is how they portray Governors as having no real command of the National Guard units as they seek to diminish the record or any achievement or qualification of Sarah Palin. These same folks had no issue with touting Gov. Kaines though in this area when he was a potential VP selection. Kaine, a former Mayor, even has to find this line of attack against Palin laughable. As they contend that Palin has never done "anything" in terms of the Alaskan National Guard they demonstrate their complete void of facts and intelligence. Control of the Guard is within the Executive Authority of every State Constitution in the Union. A Governor is responsible for the Guard and appoint all of its General and Flag officers whioch are confirmed by the State legislature. The Federal government for deployment purposes requests units from States which goes through the Governor's office and yet they contend that palin has nothing to do with her Guard units at all. Void of truth and void of intelligence.

If you try to explain this to those liberals you points fall on deaf ears and occaisionally you will get the honorable "troll"rating for challenging their warped talking point agenda baseless of any facts. Its a badge of honor frankly.

The other day, Lowell Feld, one of the founders of Raising Kaine, participated in a thread and stated the reason why there was just a disparity between the recent Mark Warner polling data where he was polling 7o% of the vote and Barack Obama's 47% in his race against McCain was racism. With no facts or evidence in hand from respondents from the Public Policy poll , his simple conclusion was Virginians not supporting Barack Obama who are supporting Mark warner are those who are "racist".

Racist? Really? So with no evidence and no facts it is rational to call 23% of those respondents "racist" simply because they feeled compelled to support Mark Warner but not Barack Obama.


It could not be that a majority of Virginians are conservative and find Mark Warner a moderate Virginia Democrat and find Barack Obama an ultra-liberal aligned with the agenda of the folks at Raising Kaine could it?


Could it be an overwhelming number of Virginians either are veterans or have veterans in their families here in Virginia and believe John McCain's service to our country, which of course the liberals dismiss b/c his military service occurred in an unpopular war that they did not support by the way, makes him a remarkable person and candidate in this election when compared to Barack Obama's lack of military service or experience?


Really Lowell? If you could back that up with some actual facts and evidence that would be wonderful, otherwise how about not alienating small town Virginians from the Democratic Party and insulting conservative Democrats who are attracted to Mark Warner's message and not your message of division and hate promoted on Raising Kaine against the wonderful people of the Commonwealth.

I could care less if someone is Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative in the context of this because we are all Virginians.

Mr. Feld, you and the Raising Kaine community may seek to turn Virginia into the next Maryland as you and the diarists jhave promoted in the past, but I believe most Virginians reject you and your tact on principle.


Anonymous said...

After reviewing a few of the sites that have gotten some national attention this week and Virginia's Raising Kaine was not one of them that was mentioned in the media but The Daily Kos was it is obvious that these are blips on the screen where people of like rhetoric or in the case of Raising Kaine an anger towards anything conservative.
These contributors are not journalists by any means nor are they bound by the same convenants.
Some, not all, remind me of the face that the Civil Rights Movement fought for decades in this country. They promote a political vial in the same manner in which in the Deep South where I was raised the KKK promoted its agenda. The only exception being violence. They use words and often ones that hurt as their weopon of choice and hide behind the parameters of politics. It is a crusade against our conservative and Christian-based institutions and use the same strategy;
Tell people who is the blame for things and play on the weaknesses of individuals.
In the case of the South it was blacks who were targeted as a group decades ago in the same way these bloggers target conservatives. They charge George Bush and conservatives are responsible for everything that is wrong with society while giving a pass to themselves and a Congress which is leaning Liberal and since 2006 has been virtually under the control of liberal Democrats in Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.
They are engaging in a culture war against anything conservative while seeking a pacifist position in the world. They have always, liberals that is, opposed anything military, whether its wars or even those in uniform until it fits its purposes like the Iraqi veterans who are opposed to the war have. Thye use them for political purposes and always have. They use them as the rocks to break their liberal ideology against. Thye front a compassion towards them like Keith Olbermann does but in the end are using them merely as tools to move an agenda forward. Its the very reason a majority of Veterans are conservative.
The blogs are very sad in my view that engage in a world so counter to our very propositions set forth by our Founding and will use freedom of expression to undermine every pillar of our society.
Raising Kaine is a far left community that seeks to divide Virginians into two camps; believers and non-believers. You either believe in their agenda or your fodder and a "flatearther" or "racist".
If casting a vote for Barack Obama is all it takes to wash racism off, what does it say aboutthe 95% of African-Americans supporting Barack Obama in this race.

James said...

Of course they are Alter. That is how they build the bridge to those inclined to support their views.

If we look at how they ran against the Clintons and it easy to tell the playbook they ran in the blogs against Clinton. They attack every Clinton supporter from every direction, including race, and troll rated any Conservative Democrats who stuck up to them and supported Clinton. They trashed her at the same level they are now Governor Palin. Its not about issues. It never is. Its even less about ideology as Obama and Clinton were very similar in this manner. Its about they get behind someone and resort to these tactics as a way of attemtping to split or turnoff real conservatives to the process.

It was working in the Virginia GOP and the blogs beat down the GOP, until they turned focus on Palin and have rallied many behind her. They make such ridiculous claims, whose sole basis is garbage they find on the internet.

They care less about truth and all about power.

Look most of these highly liberal bloggers are from NOVA where a reformed Washington is a threat to them. The lobbys, the unions, government workers and the consultants are threatened by what a reformer along with the power of John McCain would do. That is what this is about.

They will use any method regardless of morality to bring down opposing views; it is really almost fascist in strategy if your like me and know a little bit about Italy and Germany in 1930's.

The goal is not to get Obama elected per say, but to power grab the Presidency and couple it with control of Congress.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Nice post, the liberal blogs and media see Palin as the biggest threat to their last chance to gain power and force their "worldview" on all. Palin does not fit their mold or jaded view of a conservative (old white male) and their usual tactics of dealing with conservatives (attack, attack attack) will back fire on them bigtime. I think this is the beginning of a re-birth in the conservative movement and hopefully it is not squandered as the Reagan era seems to have been.

Anonymous said...

I echo Jody's thoughts.

I am not going to hold Obama accountable per say. I am a conservative Democrat and think that Raising Kaine is even further left than Obama.

All you have to do is look at tge issue of coal.

The RK community wants to leave coal in the ground, force all the Virginia industries out of the market, cripple the rail industry and portray Dominion Power as a great evil of capitalism because they use coal to generate some of the electricity we all use every day.

Obama has been saying he wants to spend 15 billion dollars on clean coal technology and leverage our resource but make it cleaner. RK contends you cannot make coal clean and it should not be an option and the country should only use renewables like solar, winde and tide.

The majority of Democrats see the RK community as on the wrong side of every issue but they have become a force with the Party elite and the netrrots they exhibit is hard for politcians to ignore.

In fact RK attempted to destroy Jerry Connolly in the Congressional primary for Rep. Tom Davis old seat against Leslie Byrne and for months dragged Jerry's name through the mud, but in the end Jerry crushed Leslie in the Primary eventhough RK published ridiculous polling data indicator that they said made the contest very close. It was'nt.

The RK community is extreme in its visions and I am not, today, convinced that Obama shares their view. You have to remember even Tim Kaine used the RK community, hence the name Raising Kaine, and has since moved right and governed more from the middle than RK prefers.

RK is a community without a State in reality. They may have a stranglehold on NOVA, but I do not think the average Virginia Democrat aligns themselves with that ideology.

Anonymous said...

Here is a thought RK.

I just got two hundred bucks car tax relief and in the economic times where every penny help exactly who do I have to thank for that relief? Thats right Jim Gilmore.

RK's guy Mark Warner delivered us a nice fat increase in taxes lest we forget and now Kaine has delivered us a major shortfall without even addressing transportation.

Democrat may win the fight for the Senate seat, but Virginia will not support a Creigh Deeds or any Moran for Governor and the mansion will return to Republicans.

The great experiment is over!!!!!