Friday, September 12, 2008

Silence of Ignorance: Fate of Drilling

It always amazes me just how idiotic some of our politicians actually can be in the face of sticking with a political talking point no matter how invalid or ignorant.

If there is one message that the drilling issue points to in this election is in integrity on the issues. If Barack Obama was truly for more drilling as part of his energy plan it begs the question as to why the new head of the Party and the so-called future of politics cannot manage to push House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid off the ignorant positions they hold regarding the drilling debate.

If Barack Obama cannot call for a call to arms to get moving on energy policy how are we to have any real confidence that his changing views on the issue are genuine and not an election gimmick. We all know that Obama is shifting to the middle or center, but this should be an opportunity for Obama to demonstrate his new platform of putting reality above politics.

I seriously wonder if the Democrats are cappable of "putting country first". They ridicule the GOP slogan of John McCain and yet they have an opportunity here to demonstrate that an effective energy policy is a priority, now different that what was required after 9/11 when politics was put aside for the benefit of the country.

Hurrican aafter Hurricane traditionally slams the Gulf of Mexico every year and with the studies regarding global climate change endorsed by the Democrats that point to increased natural events like Hurricanes it makes you wonder that if they believe their own rhetoric and science behind the issues why they still fail to to action.

Why does Pelosi and Reid and Democrats in Congress suffer from an inability to connect the dots.

35% of our refineries are as of this morning in the direct path of Hurricane Ike. Drilling has been impacted in the Gulf States for six weeks staright now, reducing both production and refining. Given how so much of our national capabilities are located in a single region, th Gulf, isn't it about time to open up other areas to balance the exposure of our energy production.

Ike is currently approaching a Catagory 3. Isn't it about time that we begin to ask ourselves what happens if Houston, galveston, Port Arthur and all the way to New Orleans is hit with storm surges in excess of 20 feet. What will be the impact on energy prices and on the levels of the strategic reserve?

Those in Congress are playing politics for no other reason than to play wait and see politics regarding the election. They are demonstrating the very failure in Washington that both political campaigns have shaped the "reform" and "change" messages around. It is unbelievable that at a time when the Congress has an approval rating of about 12% that they would continue down such a path of ignorance.

Are they betting that Amercians will simply blame George Bush? Do they actually think that they will be given a pass?

I would like to see some direct campaigning and ads directed by the GOP at this Congress who has since 2006 continually sat on it s hands in an effort to shape the Election in November. They have the power to create an energy plan right now given that the two Parties on the campaign trail are so similar now.

Are they affraid of some sort of fallout given their position for so long has been to limit drilling to the current areas? Do they not see the opportunity before them? Do they not see the potential linking between them and obstrcutionism?

There is a chance here that if Hurricane Ike hits harder than expected that energy prices could see a mhuge run up due to shrinking supplies. Gas at the pump could easily rise back to $4 -$5 bucks a gallon going into the final weeks of the Election.

Who is willing to "bring about change"? I mean really. Washington has the power and support to refine the policy that would better shield us from the impacts of direct storms upon the Gulf by spreading our drilling capabilities and refining operations throughout the country.

They have the ability to do it right now, but lack the will to do so.

I have placed calls to my leadership (Cantor, Webb, Warner) pressing for drilling and though I had called the House Speaker's office regarding her comments regarding the Catholic faith I believe were not only inappropriate but factaully wrong, but also learned that the Speaker position on drilling will not waver no matter the destruction that Hurrciane Ike may leave in its wake. After moments of silence, her office's view is it is just another reason for renewables and not more drilling.

Silence then ignorance.

We do not even have all the things in place yet to make the move to renewables and it is as if they hope that the drilling industry suffers catastrophic devastation at some point so that they continue playing political chess on the energy issue.

Democrats are opening the door for Gov. Sarah Palin and her energy knowledge to walk right on in and fill the void for America on the real issues of energy as in is apparent that the leadership in Congress has completely failed to address the issue on behalf of all Amercians.


Gail said...

I welcome anything that Palin may bring to the table. I am a Democrat but am smart enough to know that we cannot let our energy crisis go the way of Social Security- ignore it and hope that it all works out.

I would like to see how helping the energy situation in the country could be argued against given the fact that Congress is all ready to bailout Stearns, Fannie and Freddie. Whats next low interest loans to the auto makers as well in a quasi-bailout. This Congress in controlled by Democrats and I just cannot get around why it is they all keep bailing out these segments of the economy. I know many will hold the Republicans up a free marketists until the time comes like this and they want to bail out Wall Street, but the Democrats are complicit in the bail outs as well.

What about energy?

Anonymous said...

Caught a little bit of Bill Maher and I ahve come to the conclusion that if you really want to convince America just how moonbat the liberalism on the left is just simply throw up these idiots quotes in campaign commercials as supporters of Obama.

Put the real face of liberalism right there front and center for average Americans. These are the folks that think oil companies are evil and of course Bush actually lost both elections.

Lucks Lane said...

The problem with off shore drilling ia there are no rigs to do it with.