Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama & Biden: Appalachia Need not Apply; No Coal in USA

Well here we go again. The Obama campaign saying one thing in one region and then another thing in another region.

You would think that these guys would learn that everyhting they say and do is under a microscope and that they should just determine a position of their own for a change instead of going with talking points from the campaign staff predicated on where the bus may have just stopped.

Obama has continually flip flopped on coal as we have covered here often throughout the Primary, but now Joe Biden gets in on the act as well.

Biden visited Virginia this week and actaully called himself a "hard line coal" miner given his birthplace of Scranton, PA and his roots. Biden of course has never been miner and some are fact checking whether he has even actually been in a mine in his capacity as Senator. But after pledging to Southwest Virginians positions favorable to coal he leaves the region and then has this to say: (video)


So which is it guys? Coal or no Coal? Is Coal really part of the future Energy Plan from an Obama-Biden administration or not?

Are the rumors true that former VP Al Gore will be named Secretary of Energy in an Obama-Biden administration?

Has Barack Obama given up on those voters that gravitated to Hillary Clinton in OH, PA, WV, VA in the Primary that make up the great coal region of Appalachia? Has he truly turned his back on clean coal technology or was the 85 million earmark he secured in the Energy Bill for Illinois to study IL coal capabilities for use in clean coal technology merely just a milking of the pork barrel system that John McCain opposes in Washington?


Anonymous said...

Pandering 101 is all it is plain and simple!!!!

Jim said...


Anon is more like plain old lies.

No other candidate or his record has been given such a free pass as Barack Obama.

Its always how the McCain camp is distorting things.

The media gave Obama a pass on last week about chyming in with a plan for the bailout while they hunkered down and attack Mccain replaying the old tired line about the strong economy.

Fact is at the hearing the Treasury and Fed basically reinforced McCain about the economy, for now, and how it WOULD be severely impacted if the bailout were not approved and GDP would likely shrink from 3.5% due to the crisis.

You can't be in a depression, like the media is predicting with 3+% GDP growth rates. Sure unemployment at 6% is high but not historically over the last thirty years.

Were we all just spoiled by the good times, the great returns and low interest rates? Could be.

I find it rather comical that when McCain talked about forming a commission to address the Fannie and Freddie bailout two weeks ago he was mocked by Obama and the media and then what does Obama do over the weekend? he calls on all his economic advisors to gather in Tampa for a sit down on a plan of attack.

Mr. Obama I guess your "panel discussions" and gathering of experts is your version of a commission without calling such.