Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fairfax Partisanship Exposed: McCain/Palin Rally Moved

Just when you think that you have seen it all, leave it to the Democrats to ellevate the level of political partisanship to new heights. Having been born at Fairfax Hospital I feel an attachment to the County even today, but the County has forever changed both in politics and evidently civility.

The Mccain/Palin campaign had planned on holding a campaign rally on Wednesday at Fairfax High's Field House which would have been able to seat roughly 6,000 supporters, but Fairfax /Sully Democrats with the help of School Board officials demanded that the Republican rally not be allowed to take place on the school property.

Now I have heard about seperation of church and state, but seperation of state and state. The hypocrisy of these Democrats is quite evident in the context that Barack Obama is speaking today at the Lebanon High School gymnasium in Southwest Virginia today and back in June he spoke at a Bristol High School as well and many high school age students were in attendance.

What is it about NOVA Democrats that they felt so threatened by such a rally and those of us elsewhere in Virginia have very little issue with open rallies and town hall meetings?

Talk about major double standards by the Democrats in Fairfax. We all know if it had been Obama seeking the use of the Fairfax Field House there would have been little issue by the School Board who cited "school system policy" and was worried that high school age students should not be included, though they were invited to attend by the GOP and ask to sho support by wearing red to school on Wednesday if they were so inclined. Obviously, the Democrats felt that these students were ill-prepared to handle such a rally.

An yet, one student from Fairfax chimed how he was eighteen and would be eligible to vote and even serve the country but the school system would not allow him or his peers the opportunity to listen to a Presidential nominee.

Talk about shameful. We want our children to learn to be engaged in the process and yet these so-called Democrats prefer to promote true partisanship. Way to set the example to our young people Fairfax. Way to put politics before the process.

I call on the McCain/Obama campaigns to come "downstate" as the liberals in NOVA call here, we would be glad to accept either campaign here as we move the greatest debate of a generation forward to the election this Fall.

The response by Republicans has been overwhelming from "downstate" as well at the McCain Victory HQ and the rally has been moved to Van Dyck Park in Fairfax, which certainly will accomodate considrable more people than the Field House.

The more the Democrats- at least the liberal ones anyway- pull this kind of crap the more average Virginians will rally behind John McCain and Sarah Palin.

This action by those in Fairfax is rather Un-Virginian in my book in the tradition of Patrick Henry and others and frankly goes against every tradition we as Virginians hold dear.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I guess the old line that the real Virginia really does not start until you get down to Spotsylvania County is really beginning to ring true.

Anonymous said...

Did they not think this would blow up in their faces? This is the kind of stuff that will actually be on local news at 6.

Hopefully it will rally those independents and Republicans in nearby Loudon County to get out and vote in November.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry about those who did not want the McCain/Palin rally in Fairfax High School. It would not have been big enough for all those who showed up! I was there and the park was totally full and it was standing room only. I heard that the count was triple what they expected! So stuff that you-know-where, Democrats!!

Anonymous said...

There had to have been upwards of twenty thousand there today. I amde the trip up with daughter to see Sarah Palin. It really is and she really is remarkable.

There must have been about a hundred or so protestors there in Fairfax along the line where we had to wait to gain entry but none of them were too harsh, except for one pro-choice guy who got a little bit overly enthusiastic I think.

Fred Thompson was great as well today I thought.

Anonymous said...

Your facts are in error Jon. Fairfax County has an ordinance on the books whereby no political, or other rallies, meetings, etc can take place on public school property while school is in session (they would have done the same had the Obama folks showed up) which it was at the time of the McCain rally. Students were in CLASS. It was not liberal politics at work, it was county and school ordinance, not some left wing conspiracy.