Sunday, September 14, 2008

Raising Kaine: The Distortions and Lies Just Keep Coming

I was always raised that when you get knocked down, you pull yourself back up. But you pull yourself back up with respect, integrity, and honor. I was alwasy taught to look at adversity as a means of overcoming and in the Marines we improvised, adapted and overcame.

What I was never taught was to lie, distort, spin, misrepresent as a means of getting back up. That is exactly what the online community Raising Kaine has done when faced with such adversity. Instead of remaining focused on the issues and attempting to promote or advance th agenda of the movement they endorse, they go negative and subvert any truth in the process.

Take for example the latest claim by Raising Kaine diarists that McCain/Palin campaign is "inflating" or "quadrupling" the number in attendence at the Van Dyck Park in Fairfax last Wednesday. The reported attandence at the rally was roughly 23,000, which was covered by all three cable networks as well as major newspapers.

It is Raising Kaine's contention that the rally was a mere 6,000. Mind you of course none of that community was likely there of course, but I recall an Obama rally last year in Virginia that they claimed had drawn around 10,000 people and to be sure this crowd was twcie that as this blogger managed to "witness" both.

Oh, but they claim to want to talk about "issues".

Well, Raising Kaineites I suggest you visit the blog TWO CONSERVATIVES and take a look at a the information that completely contradicts your repeated claims that McCain does not support equal pay for women or advancement of women in the workplace given the current records of the two campains.

Oh, no I am not talking about Sarah Palin.

I am talking about the fact that McCain has three women at the top of his campaign and the McCain campaign not only has more women working in it but McCain is paying those women better than that of the Obama campaign. Why is it that Obama's record yet agains does not measure up to your rhetoric Raising Kaine? Facts are disturbing I know but the record is right there in the campaign financials.

And because you have seen an Obama lead in the Virginia polls wither away in the last month, instead of working harder and fighting for your candidate's "vision" you resort to insulting McCain service and his injuries that prevent him from being able to use the computer as well as prevent him from dressing without assistance. "Issues" right?

It must be rather frustrating to have your candidate cut and run from your environmental platform. For everyday you bash Dominion Resources and ridicule our coal producing areas you have Barack Obama out there endorsing coal as part of his energy plan. Is he lying? Or did you guys just get the second biggest brush off in less than a year; the first being Mark Warner. How is it that the Democratic nominee in Obama and the State Party's nominee for Senate in Warner reject your platform? Or is it somehow you have convinced yourselves that they really do believe we should do away with coal completely as a means of generating energy or producing steel? yeah, why don't you guys take that message on the road to Appalachia and see exactly how many votes you get there.

And education, are not you folks at Raising Kaine against "charter" schools? But didn't Obama just come out in favor of such schools? And the bailouts that you guys look on as Republican based bailouts and the bailing out of the rich on Wall Street and not Barney on Main Street and oppose, is Obama not supporting such measures by the current Congress?

Lets keep peeling this onion guys. I wonder if they at RK will ever tire of scratching their heads regarding Obama. One thing is for sure, they got their wish in that Hillary Clinton was not selected by Obama for the VP slot and just maybe that will in the end be their undoing. If there is one person who can relate to McCain in terms of the lies, distortions, and frankly hate from RK its Hillary Clinton.

I have always been a believer that if you simply fight the battle for hearts and minds of the indepedents with simply the words of the other side it will go a long way in demonstrating just how pessimistic they really are about America. In fact, Friday night I was presented with a greatest hits from Raising Kaine from over the past few months and talk about a gold mine of opposition research. The more Virginians come to understand the "words" and the "tactics" Raising Kaine employ the more Leslie Byrne's they will suceed in getting defeated.

Just like the Connolly/Byrne primary, they have embarked into an arena of lies, distortions, and a strategy void of facts that will push people away and judging by the 20,000+ at the Fairfax rally that push is well underway.


Anonymous said...

The latest diary by Green Miles over at Raising Kaine is typical of the moonbat ideology they endorse and the level of if your not with us your against us mentality.

Next target; Terry Maculliffe if he runs for Governor. His connections with the Clintons predispose them to attack him once the Presidential election is over. They provided the Congressional Republican running against Connolly in NOVA with enough ammunition if he has the money to use it.

Do not think it was not intentional for Mccain to hold the rally in Fairfax. There are still conservatives in Fairfax, albeit a small percentage but it could still help in the race for the old Tom Davis seat.

Many people left the rally talking about that Congressional race as well and if anyhting got people talking about a race that thus far has been under the radar.

There is though still aspects over at Raising Kaine that are worth the read. While the majority of them are representative of the Huffington Post elite and Daily Kos blackberryheads, there still is some meaningful contributions. The problem is they are getting smaller given the climate that RK has sought to evoke in the election. Its all McSame bashing all the time.

Anonymous said...

Raising Kaine will not admit that it was their team, Obama and Biden , who supported the "bridge to Nowhere" not once but TWICE in the SEnate for funding and appropriations. TWICE.

They act like they had nothing to do with the project and claim it is Palin who is being disingenious on the issue given she was for the bridge in the beginning as a Mayor.

Funny thing, votes. That is when you actually cast them Obama. They are a record. So we have them pointing to words expressed by a Mayor and then we have votes cast by two Senators.

Obama and Biden; same as usual politics but my bet it you will not find any media talking about they both supported exactly what they criticize palin for.