Saturday, June 2, 2007

Community Meeting Monday 7PM

For the life of me I just do not get how we allow government to get away with all they do. On Wednesday May 30th it was announced that MOnday night June 4, 2007 at 7PM there will be a community meeting held at Midlothian High School to discuss the new Watkins Centre project along the 288/Midlo corridor. This is a one of the bigger projects in review by the BOS and Planning Commission , along with Magnolia Green and Roseland developments, in terms of impact on the community. I am frankly disturbed that notice for such an issue with such impacts would be FIVE days as released on the Chesterfield County website. As a community we need to be more involved in the process. We have seen this with impromptu debates like the Upper Swift Creek Plan going back and forth between the Board and Planning Commission. IT is obvious that these two instruments of government have too very different of visions and missions for that matter. In the end, only our community get get government on the right track toward smarter growth pans and these two bodies have to work together to that end.

Attending will be Don Sowder, Midlothian Board of Supervisor, Sen.Watkins (family land owner of parcels) and the developers , Rebkee Co. and Zarimba Metro.

Though this project is in the Midlothian District, I ask for anyone residing in Chesterfield to come and be heard or just listen and be part of the solution for smart growth for Chesterfield. The more of us residents who take the time, which I know is very scarce these days with work and family committments, to show we are going to be in the know and hold these guys accountable the better.

It is my hope that that those who support Smart Growth strategies for our county will challenge the speakers for clear visions and impacts of the project. It is my hope to see Marleen Durfee, who will be running as an Independent in the Matoaca race in the Fall for Supervisor, will leverage her extensive knowledge on smart growth and help us address some of the impacts this project will bring.
As long as we are all well informed of such projects and have the opportunity to address concerns in our community in the end I think we create a better place to live, work, raise our kids and enjoy life.

FYI; next BOS meeting is June 27, 2007 at 3PM


Anonymous said...

JScott: that project as 800k square feet of proposed "big box" retail which in unprecedented for Chesterfield. Thats alot of Walmart, Target, Kmart, Costco space if you know what I mean. I dont see how this so called "lifestyle" goes up againmst Short Pump and succeeds

Chris T said...

I reallly have reservation about a strip mall project hoever it is described. The pressure of small projects like the one on Forest Hill and Chippenham parkway have put alot of strain on roads between Hugeonot and Buford in Bon Air. How do they address how it will impact the Village of Midlothian and Sycamore Square area in terms of roads, traffic, etc..

Anonymous said...

This will be Commonwealth Center "take 2". Look at the site plan.
Marleen Durfee wouldn't know smart growth if it slapped her. She's nothing more than a nimby. Some of us are forced to listen to that garbage, and many people simply don't know the difference. It is a shame what some people will do to get elected.

Meghan said...

is there really a need for for a cecond Commonwealth Center? Or is this some mixed use cocktail solely so they can get more residential subdivisions at a premium up that way? To the comment on smart growth, Marlene has been making arguements for years and working with people in the community through the Alliance of Responsible Growth and her opinions are valuable input even if the business community can't stand her.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about residential development. With the number of people moving to the region, you can't expect the industry to ignore a demonstrated demand.
The problem with Marleen is for all of her talking, she has never gotten the education. She is inaccurate, she knows it, she uses it to scare the crap out of citizens. She calls it awareness.
It's not just the business community.But for a few, no one can stand her. She didn't bring smart growth to Chesterfield! Ha! What a line of crap. These principles have been around for decades.