Friday, June 15, 2007

So whats a House Race cost anyway?

A buddy of mine sent me over some information found on a great website which I have placed in the Daily Rant section. Click on the site for Virginia Election Resources.

So have you ever though about what it would cost to run for the House of Delegates?

These are some numbers from a few area races from 2005:

House District Votes Expense $$ Expense per Vote$
63 Dem 15,685 $121,097 7.72
65 Rep 24, 619 $ 43,496 1.77
66 Rep 21,890 $156,693 7.16
68 Ind 26,886 $639,188 23.77
69 Dem 14,527 $481,799 33.17
70 Dem 13,745 $37,863 2.75

I thought that this was some pretty neat info regarding what a campaign must deal with in terms of finances to simply stay in the hunt.

If anyone is unsure or unaware of which Virginia House District they may currently be residing in simply leave me a comment in the comment section below and I will get back with you on it ..Or you can use the link to House Boundaries in the Daily Rant section.

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