Friday, June 15, 2007

Dan Gecker to Run Independent

After the June 12, 2007 primaries across the County, now has Dan Gecker, current Chairman of Chesterfield Planning Commission, listed as an Independent (I) candidate for the seat of Midlothian Board of Supervisor.

The current Supervisor serving Midlothian is Mr. Don Sowder (R) who defeated Dan Gecker, running as a Democrat last Fall to fill the seat left vacate by the departure of Ed Barber(D) who had served the Midlothian for quite some time.

I will attempt to contact Mr. Gecker and see about his platform for his candidacy.

As of yet no debates between the candidates as been announced.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Dan Gecker was just a planning commissioner. Arrogant? Yes, but more concerned with proper use of land the physical environment than with popularity. Two days before the annual meeting, the commissioners were united in the opinion that Dan should NOT serve as chairman.
Dan is exceptionally intelligent. In his wisdom, he saw the opportunity to gain the chairmanship. He obviously convinced Mr. Gulley to support him, promising him whatever, and was in like Flynn. He sold out. (For those of you that don‘t know, Mr. Gulley blatantly ignores the best interests and wishes of Clover Hill residents in favor of whoever has the money)
Ever since, Dan has altered or totally reversed his opinion on several issues. The Northern Courthouse Road Plan is a good example.
He still owes Russ, at least until November. This situation has rendered the commission useless. That is sad. For every ounce of development related blame and responsibility held against a landowner, a pound should be thrown at the commission. They are supposed to be the first line of defense.
As November approaches, PLEASE look beyond the fa├žade, in every district. The truth is sobering, can be hard to find, but is nonetheless educational.