Friday, June 15, 2007

The Road to November

With the Primaries in the rear view mirror for most of us, we now look to the Genral Election which comes in a mere four months in early November.

The last two days have been very active in the blogosphere as one would imagine. There's always some kind of drama in and around elections, even if they are primaries.

The most blogs seem to be centered around two Virginia Senate races in the Hanger v. Sayre and the Stosch v. Blackburn where the word is on the street Democratic participation in Republican primaries had an impact on the election result.

Most of that stems from the feeling that Sen. Hanger enlisted Democrats particpate in the primary in his district. From then on its down hill as the debate goes. Until election laws change, people can vote in these type of primary events regardless of political view and they are well within their right to do so I guess.

Locally I recall a piece in the Village News where residents of the Democratic camp were advised that their participation in the Republican primary in the Bermuda District of Chesterfield was welcome in determining the race between Dorothy Jaeckle and Jack Wilson. The implication was one in which Democrats should support Jaeckle in the primary over Wilson.

Jaeckle went on the defeat Wilson, though I have no way of knowing the true numbers of Democrats who may or may not have particpated but turnout was a little better than expected. Jaeckle will now face Democrat Ree Hart for the seat on the Board of Supervisors.

I know alot of people get pretty upset over that kind of stuff, but I do not subscribe to it. People as it stands have the right to do so I guess, I am not saying its ethical to support someone for the sole purpose of voting against them in four months, but its perfectly permitted under current state of things.

If enough people get fed up with that kind of stuff maybe thing will get changed but that will not be a very easy undertaking.

If these things really do occur it is saddening I must admit for those who are on the losing end. It doesn't seem fair, but well we all know about fairness is in line when talking about politics. Shouldn't be that way, but thats the reality.

I think fairness was one of the things we should have learned in kindergarten.

The good thing though we can now focus on is the road ahead and the actual General Election and have fun with the fair analysis of all the races. I for one a glad that The Road to November is upon us.

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