Tuesday, June 5, 2007

FreadHead: Thompson visits Richmond

Fred Thompson, FTD for short was in town over the weekend. I for one did not attend the Republican Gala so it is called where FTD spoke after Eric Cantor delivered some words as well.
After a weekend with the family I was able to watch his speech on CSPAN who covered the event.
I have to say that I was very impressed with Fred Thompson. His speech and delivery reminded me quite a bit of some of those given by Reagan and some of his critique on the current state of Washington was right on. The current state of affairs in Washington is solely bent on undermining the war effort, bringing down George Bush and the adminsistration, and winning the election in 08 and NOT the peoples business. His biggest point to make the case was the debate on immigration in Washington and rallying the crowd when he basically implied; secure the border first Stupids!!!
What reminded me most of Reagan was the style in which he delivered his views. FTD is not an apologist, he knows there is work that needs to be done, but what people are missing is the Democrats in Washington are coming from the perspective that America is'nt "Great" anymore, that we have lost our standing in the world and that it is no longer great to be an American and the only way to change all that is to put them in the White House in 2008.

Well thats a year away. What is America to do until then. While all the talk continues about what these folks seek to do in beginning in 2009 the American citizen is left in the dark with no one to life them up and address their needs. Finally some real passion.

I get the feeling that FTD cares more about being an "American" than he does being a "Republican". Now that is some refreshing stuff.

I may just become a FredHead.


Anonymous said...

Based on what I saw last night in the debate, we need a fresh voice in there. They keep saying the same things. The only who looks like they are getting better with each debate is Huckabee. Bring on Fred Thompson.

Anonymous said...

fredheads comeith....Fred Thompson 2008

Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson 2008 has a really good sound to it. From what we have to choose from out there I think it is time for a good old fashion change in government that is for America not themselves or our enemies. Big business may back our candidates but they put their business' overseas and then try to stab us in the back with poisons because it is cheaper for them than to hire Americans.