Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Victory for Grassroots: Dorothy Jaeckle Takes Bermuda Primary

8:31PM Tuesday June 12, 2007

A shot just was sent across the bow of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee ship and it came from the grassroots effort of supporters of Dorothy Jaeckle running for the Republican nomination for Board of Supervisors.

Jack Wilson, Bermuda Planning Commissioner, had the endorsements of most of the Board of Supervisors (all Republican), the school board member from Bermuda in Marshall Trammell, Jr. and even the Lt. Governor. However, the endorsements were not enough. Mr. Wilson found himself in a dogfight that admittedly few could have predicted with Dorothy Jaeckle.

The Results: Some 8.53% of eligible voters (35,990) Bermuda District (3,070 votes were cast)

How Jaeckle did it?

Area: Belwood 53%
South Chester 63%
Enon 53%
North Chester 65%
Drewry Bluff 62%
Harrowgate 60%
Wells 62%
Ecoff: 62%
Dutch gap 50/50 even
Ironbridge 58% Jack Wilson
Absentee: 52%

This is a huge victory for citizens in Bermuda and the countywide who sought to send a message to the CCRC and the BOS that the concerns for the citizens and the impacts of our quality of life (thanks Bill) have to be the main priority of leadership and not simply acting as a part of Economic Development engine with regard to planning for Chesterfield's future.

I expect now that the real debate over Smart Growth will begin. Dorothy Jaeckle has proven that she can get the vote out in Bermuda and will have to again against Democrat Ree Hart in the Fall election.

I expect both candidates to set a platform for their campaign in the coming weeks.

It is my hope that all of us challenge each and every candidate to articulate a clear vision for Chesterfield regardless of Party.


Anonymous said...

If Jaeckle works as hard for Chesterfield as she has in getting the nomination she will be a great assest to the County and the Board if she wins later this year.

Anonymous said...

this was very surprising. Wilson seem to hold all the cards and evidently underestimated Jaeckle's hand. Have to admitt she is the first to ever knock on my door seeking support for herself for a primary/election. It is so much better than a mass mailer delivered to your house, it really is better with the one on one

Your Bubba said...

Chesterfield Republican Party elite Wake UP!!!You are not representing the majority of us Republicans. Dorothy Jaeckle's nomination proves that we will not accept your wants you should be accepting ours. You may have succeeding in Matoaca by defeating Kevin Salminen bid, but you failed in your attempts to "your" guy Jack Wilson in. Power to the People my friends!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had heard that alot of Democrats broke ranks and voted in this primary for Jaeckle to make sure Wilson did not get on the ballot. Has anyone else heard this? Could that actually happen?

Jim said...

The first anonymous above said that Jaeckle was the first candidate ever to knock on his door. Jaeckle never visited my home. With me, it was her opponent Jack Wilson that did. I voted for Jaeckle anyway, although the visit had me in favor of Wilson at first. A "form letter" Jaeckle sent out was what turned my opinion around. See the details in my Beyond Opinion blog.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the robo-comic in this weeks Village News? Robo-calls may be effective up to a point, but certainly not three of them in three days! Someone sure got some bad advice. Like running for office. Did the Republican party think no one would notice they had picked a "zoning, land use, development" lawyer for their candidate? If you doubt this description, google his firm's website. Conflict of interest must have some entirely different meaning in the hallowed halls of politics. Can you imagine each zoning case beginning with "sir, has your firm or any of its subsidaries ever done business with the zoning applicant and if not, do you have the authority to forswear it will not in the future and if not, will you now recuse yourself from this case, effectively denying a voice to the constituents of your district?"

Anonymous said...

For the record, it appears it was the other way around. There have been confessions. Dems voted for Jack Wilson because they knew he would be far easier to beat in Nov. than Jaeckle. Jaeckle would have won by at least another 200 votes if not for their help for Jack. Now they are hiding and hoping Hart will be successful in her bid to hide her solidly DEMOCRATIC affiliation to Independents who aren't paying attention. Her tactic to leave off any mention of DEMOCRATIC Party affiliation in her campaign may actually work. But none of this is new. What is new is how so-called solid conservatives were so bent out of shape that their man Jack lost to a "housewife" that a few of them are secretly(and not so secretly) supporting Ree just to get even. Recently, Ree flat out declared in a mailer she will not vote for ANY new development that doesn't pay for the infrastructure it will require up front. Ree has declared herself as the anti-development candidate. Less development means...less cars, less carwashes, less flying, less rubbery chicken. Or is somebody fibbing?

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