Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Democratic Party of Virginia Doing Great" ugh??

A blog I like to read frequently is Raising Kaine. Today Raising Kaine published a blog stating that the Democratic Party of Virginia was doing a "Great" job these days across the State.

I am sorry but I do not share that level of enthusiasm. I realize that the Republican Party just lost 2 moderate incumbants within primaries of their own Party to what the blogs identify as "more conservative" candidates of the right wing of the Republican Party, one even seeking to eliminate government from public education. While I am very concerned with the direction of the Republican Party these days, I think it has more to do with the fact that the serving Republicans are failing to abide by its own Republican creed. The biggest arguement for the downfall of the "moderates" has been that they have supported additional taxes and the backlash against them was well deserved because they were not acting like Republicans. The implication is if they are not acting like Republicans they must be acting like Democrats.

How about all of you act like Virginians for a change?

With the defeat of two moderates, blogs appear to be claiming a victory with the rationale that people will be less likely to vote for ultra-conservative candidates in the Fall over Democrat options. And this is where I fail to see exactly how the DPV is going "great".

You see there are too many examples across the State where the Democrats are not even a voice nor even try to be. Its not that there are no Democrats in these localities, its simply that there is no one engaging in the debate. Sound surprising?

One: Take my little part of the world. Chesterfield managed to bring what amounts to three total Democrats to the debate for Board of Supervisors. Two in Matoaca squared off with Bill Hastings prevailing. Ree Hart will run to represent Bermuda. And Holland will face Miller.Thats it. IN THE 4TH LARGEST AREA IN THE STATE....four people sought to engage in the debate for Supervisor. There are 5 seats of the Board. There are numerous Independents and one former Democratic nominee in Dan gecker now running as an (I) in Midlothian.
* this begs another question. Why are there so many Independents all of a sudden on ballots in Chesterfield. I will leave that the the CCDC and the CCRC to determine. Is there a movement growing or simply a dissatisfaction with status quo?

Two: Take the 68th House of Delegate race. Zero Democrats primaried for a shot to run against Manoli Loupassi (R) and Katherine Waddell (I). Thats I do not want to get into whether the (D) see Waddell as one of their own or not because to me thats a cop out. The fear that if they get involved a three way race will cause the (R) to win...ya ya ya ya.

Three: 7th Congressional: while the Democrats did run a candidate against Eric Cantor (R) last year, exactly what did the DPV do to help the guy in a Congressional race. In a year where Democrats were picking seats off in the national forum, even one Senate spot with Jim Webb here in Virginia, they did very little to aid in the campaign efforts in the 7th.

My point is simply, and I responded on the RK blog, is before people start praising the DPV for doing a "great" job, we need to take the time to consider and understand the big picture, ie the future. You cannot be doing a great job when races all over are going uncontested. I am tired of both sides only fighting where there is some perceived chance of victory. It is this ideology and the mass media for that matter that allow areas constantly to be portrayed as "red and "blue" as if that is descriptive of the entire population.

Ask yourself, does being a Republican or Democrat incapsilate exactly who you are? For me, it does not. The blogosphere seems to think that the lose of two moderates is a course to celebrate, but I rather tend to believe that it means that MORE gridlock is at our door. You see, the moderates on both sides are what make up the center in the General Assembly. Remove that and you have the extremes trying to get the "peoples" business done. Good luck.

Again, this not an attack on the DPV or CCDC, but simply an observation that things are not "Great" as RK proclaimed.

**Added June 15, 2007 by J. Scott

My original post of RK as spurred some debate. I want to again make the point that I am addressing what is the "perception" and there are many blogs addressing that. I want to point out that I do not beleive that one has to be a member of a local committee to be "involved" in the debate. We all have the power to influence others outside of that rhelm. Countless people have blogged to me about their issue with such committees. We should address that. Why are people leaving the debate. Why are Democrats/Republicans becoming Independents?
Both sides need to undertake some self-reflection on their own houses sorta speak and start asking the hard questions.
If only 8 to 12% of the voting population are going to cast a vote in the first place, no one can afford the have former candidates or supporters for that matter leave the debate.


Jim E said...

Republicans are in a real identity crisis right now

David Weiss said...

Whats up with VADEM over at Raising Kaine. I read his comment and J.Scott do not that stand. You been doing this for awhile. He has got to be on the CCDC or something. Truth be told they are not gettin it done regardless of what he implies. Niether or Chesterfield Observer have anyhting on anyone but Bill Hastings. The Republicans are everywhere. I heard theres going to be a feature done on Dorothy Jaeckle and her upset.
The person is a jerk. I can't believe they had the nerve to say you did not know whats going on in Chesterfield. Where his blog? He signed Vadem, why didn't he sign his name to it.
Damage control my man, Damage control.
Keep calling it like you see it.

Anonymous said...

Dave thats typical of the CCDC in Chesterfield. How is Gecker plan to spin his sudden Independence from the CCDC. Won't that simply just upset the Democrats who supported last November.
J.Scott next you will be excused of being a Republican plant..ha..ha. tell'm to read your blog on the whole Tubbs/Salminen thing and then let'm say your partisan. Jokers the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

James I think you ticked them off over at RK and well done

J. Scott said...

Thank you. I do my best to point out my opinions on both sides, afetrall, we are all Virginians and thats how I approach these things; What is best for our community and Virginia?
I regret that at times people forget that and become partisan first.
I believe the debates would be served greater if they more "reasoning" were invoked.

Anonymous said...

seriously, do you actually think a dem could win the 68th? No way! I'm sorry but, Waddell is the best bet and I can't even think you would even consider a dem winning. Please, explain yourself.

J.Scott said...

Lets back up a second. In terms of the 68th how do we know? Well, if you look at the turnouts in the campaigns in that district over the years you will find there is base of Democrats. The issue the last time was Katherine Waddell became the de-facto candidate sorta speak for them it seems. Waddell is an Independent but defeated Bard Marrs (R) for the seat in the 68th.
Katherine Wadeel has done an admirable job in her position in the House. The only question I raise is whether the Powers in the Democratic Party are content enough to have her there than to endorse and support another option.
You can bet that if the Republican Manoli Loupassi defeats Waddell in November, you will see the beginnings of the base energize itself. Democrats will go for Waddell as it stands right now, but next go around do not be surprised if the Democrats have their own true candidate if she loses.

There is hope though, because most Republicans I have spoken liked Marrs alot more than they seem to Loupssai so we will see.

The question will be who has more to gain. Do the (R) by getting the vote out and taking that seat in the House or do the (D) by supporting Waddell and keeping the seat out of Republican control.

Another question is how long will Democrats, old and new by the way, continue to support an Independent before putting up a candidate of their own or bring her back into the Party.
The 7th Congressional probably a bigger nut to crack though.