Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Waddell first Mailing

The first mailing coming from Friends of Katherine Waddell reached my mailbox on Tuesday, May 22, 2007. The race in the 68th has offfically begun. The Democrats have not officially placed anyone in the race as of yet, but there is talk on the street that may change. Not truly sure how that would play out in the 68th. Waddell, though an Independent, has a respectable record in the minds of many Democrats and it would not be surprising if the Democrats did not put anyone in play in the 68th this go around, unless they feel that Waddell may lose and they start the groundwork for opposing Loupassi during this election year in the hopes of defeating him down the road. At this point though its up in the air.
Not sure of the timing of the mailing, but I am sure that the turnout for Loupassi in the republican primary may have been a pretty good indication that the movement to re-elect Waddell needed to get on its horse in Chesterfield and get the word out concerning the accomplishments of Katherine Waddell.


dave sienko said...

It's gonna be a tough race, but I'm glad to see the Waddell campaign stepping it up early.

Anonymous said...

I agree Dave. I think people are underestimating the frustration people have with the current Republican BOS in the county and they may help her at the polls. Since the current BOS is hoping the Assembly delivers some transportation relief, maybe we ought to have someone representing Chesterfield who has a shot at delivering it.

Anonymous said...

Waddell's mailing was followed up by a phone survey about two days following delivery.