Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chesterfield Spending

RTD released on Sunday a demonstration of just how localities are using the revenues it takes in across their respectives annual budgets. Chesterfield County:

Budget is increasing 10.6%
Rising Tax burden on residents 8.8% annually

Henrico: Budget 6.9% Tax burden 3.6%
Hanover: Budget 9.5% Tax burden 9.0%
Goochland : Budget 175 Tax burden 14.3%
Powhatan : Budget 6.6% Tax: 0.0

Chesterfield spending :

Schools: 43%
Police: 7%
Jail: 2%
Fire: 6%
Works: 7%

An interesting point is how localities with lower population as a percentage are spending more in certain areas of their spending. Chesterfield population is larger than that of Henrico for example, and yet the have equal or greater spending % going towards given areas. This I believe is where we should start. When we evaluate local government we need to be looking at not only ourselves but how our neighbors are doing it if they are managing their growth better or more fiscally responsible than we are. We have to ask the questions relevant to spending. For example, why is it or how is it that Henrico can spend more than 5% more than Chesterfield on education because that % does not appear to be taking $$ away from other areas of their budget? What are they doing or what are they not experiencing in their growth that we are in Chesterfield. How are they garnering their revenues and exactly what kind of return are they getting on their investment?
These are questions every BOS member should be held accountable for in the upcoming election.
Visit for break down of the districts and look at some of the candidates.


Anonymous said...

Do not forget that Henrico County also is one of two counties which maintains its OWN roads and yet still delivers quality parks, libraries (Check out the new one Tuckahoe) and schools are getting it done as well as a police force that is always higly ranked in the state for performance.

Anonymous said...

Henrico just announced a pay raise for its educators and school-related jobs

Anonymous said...

Is the county banking on more community transportation districts like the one proposed for Roseland development along 288 to cover alot of the future needs in that part Chesterfield? It is my understanding that both the Magnolia project and Roseland have agrred to build schools within the project and if this is going to be the case this may help the spending issues

AWhitten said...

Has the new high school to replace Clover Hill been shelved? Last I heard it was top be at Genito/288. Traditionally the County has converted old high schools into middle school but was told that the would not be the case for Clover Hill ?