Thursday, May 17, 2007

(68th) Loupassi takes Primary

It was not as nasty as say the battle between Katherine Waddell and Brad Marrs in 05 in the general election, but the Republican primary came to conclusion with Manoli Loupassi taking the primary rather handedly. No word on how much of Loupassi 260K pac warchest was used in the primary, but many were offended by a letter that was sent outby the Loupassi campiagn as well as phone messages sent out to county resident sstating that Will Shewmake his opponent was truly a "democrat".
The biggest issue coming out was not the rather easy victory by Loupassi. He is supported by a virtaul whose who list of politics in the area such as Bill Bolling, Eric Cantor, Tom Bliley, Steve Martin and Bob McDonnell.

All of us have to remember that only ONE of our Eight Delegates representing us in Chesterfield in the General Assembly actually LIVES in the county. Chesterfiled makes up roughly 60% of 68th.

Issues from both Waddell and Loupassi to follow in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Shewmake was a democrat. He was disgraced democrat Ed Barber's appointee to the Planning Commission. He gave money to democrat Presidential candidate John Edwards. Etc.. etc...etc.

Anonymous said...

Those who say "Mr. Shewmake is a democrat" had better begin thinking of a new line. You don't have the balls to challenge him on the issues, so you call him a democrat. Funny, you didn't object when he was voted into the Chesterfield Republican Committee. No balls at all!

Anonymous said...

Will simply failed to run a successful race against Lou. How can expect to win against someone rooted into the fabric of city politics without getting the word out. Will simply did not get the support from those in the Party plain and simple