Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Katherine Waddell's Priorities

The latest mailing sent to residents of the 68th by Friends of Katherine Waddell identify the core legislative priorities of the Waddell tenure in the House of Delegates. They are as follows:

Improving Education

Addressing Transportation Issues

Protecting Our Young People

Lowering Taxes

Promoting Healthy Communities

The points to consider are Waddell's strong efforts in eliminating the Virginia estate tax, whioch will take place later this year and her efforts in getting the "Chip Alert" bill based in memory of Chip Ellis, a Chesterfield resident who was abducted and murdered but because of his age was an Amber Alert warning could not be issued because Ellis though a high school student was over the age of 17. Waddell's measure extends Amber Alert system to all high school students regardless of age. Waddell has also been a strong proponent of tougher penalties and stricter stalking laws throughout the Commonwealth.
Waddell's opponent in this Fall's election will be Manoli Loupassi, former City of Richmond Councilman elected from the 1st ward in the city. We will look at each of these candidates records in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Don't see Dems putting up anyone against her...she is more or less a Democrat voting Kaines agenda anyway......looks like at two person race

Dave Sienko said...

A name with a "d" next to it could never the 68th district. That is why they won't field a candidate. Waddell won that seat in 2005 because she was able to pull very stongly from the Dems, but also from moderate republicans. By not caucusing with either Dems or Rep she isn't rank and file, but by what she believes in.

Anonymous said...

the only democrat that could have ever won that seat in that district would have be Ed Barber,who had been a prominent Supervisor in Chesterfield but as everyone knows that will never happen now that he is a criminal

Anonymous said...

The Waddell camp should take a look at the recent City of Richmond Audit report which identifies items during Manoli Loupassi's tenure as President of the Council. Spending irregularities and then some all during his watch and what of his response to the needs of residents concerning the emergency services issues caused by flooding and hurricanes. Let the explaining begin Mr. Loupassi.

Anonymous said...

Go to toread about the absolutely ridiculous way the City of Richmond is run and see some highlights of the audit you referred. Is this what Lou plans to bring us in the House??????

Awhitten said...

The blog over at Ward View praises Manoli Loupassi for being the right kind of Republican. They got it wrong. Loupassi is by far not a fiscal conservative which is what our State government needs.