Friday, May 18, 2007

Immigration in Chesterfield

A VCU professor stated today that counties such as Chesterfield have seen an increase in over 200% of the number of immigrants residing within the county. That is an astonishing number when you think about it. How are we at the local level planning on addressing these increases given the fact the Federal Government is about to pass Immigration reform that will in fact allow all of those with the 200% that are"illegal" to remain. We really and no one does for that matter have a handle on just what the impact is of "illegals" within our community, but you would think that now may be a good time to begin the process of figuring it out.


Anonymous said...

Yes the cost of incarcerating the illegals is certainly going to be high but it is probably worth it. Allowing people to scoff at our laws sends a very bad message to the children of Chesterfield County. Plus it takes our teen agers jobs away.

Anonymous said...

working in restaurants here I can tell you that those without any papers has risen dramatically over the last year. People just do not think its a big deal. They just do not care that these people are breaking our laws as well as those employing them

Anonymous said...

What is the impact of those illegals on our elementaery schools? I only ask because it seems as though all the schools have trailers attached to them. Is the Board factoring in a certain growth % in terms of illegals when they budget or do they just wait to see what the fallout is every year? I understand legally the school system cannot ask for documents demonstrating legal status, that should be the first law we try to change.