Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama and the Rise of Network Marketing

If you followed the media coverage surrounding the Obama Campaign in 2008, you may be very familiar with alot of the innovations that were engaged by the campaign as a means of building and fueling the movement.

Early in the Primary, the Obama Campaign engaged Social Media as a vehicle for spreading its message. In the end, Barack Obama had over 200,000 Twitter followers that were granted access to the campaign on a daily basis. Obama's people obviously were behind the messages, but regardless of the author it had the desired effect.

Obama's handlers also created a My Space page and created podcasts called the Obamacast to reach internet savvy voters. The campaign also created a You Tube channel for Obama to send video content coupled with the radio casts of Obamacast. It is fair to say that the marketing and branding of Obama went viral throughout all mediums.

All of these strategies created network-envy by many Network Marketing firms. The example set by Obama Campaign has infleunced the new paradigm of social media in the area of Network Marketing and the ranks are growing and growing fast.

The current economic crisis has caused thousand of middle-aged Americans left without job security. The fear is that if they should lose their job that they may never again be able to re-enter the workforce at the saem level the left. The jobs simply may not be there and there are millions of younger workers entering the market as well. The lessons of job placement that we learned almost twenty years ago may very well have been some of these Americans first exposure to the rhelm of networking.

Fact is we are all in Network Marketing. We recommend movies, food finds, tech, cell phones, etc all the time to our friends and co-workers. These very well may have been direct one on one in the past, but today we have Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn, Digg, and now Google Friends Connect that reach hundreds if not thousands of friends where we can spread our opinions. Of course, we also have Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad etc for blogging as well which also creates a network of like blogs. For example, this blog belongs to a community of political blogs known as Blognetnews.com.

The movement filling the ranks of Network Marketing is currently one of the largest the industry has experienced. These companies have had a track record of excelling during economic downturns and many Americans are leveraging the lesson of the Obama Campaign and using the opportunity to position themselves for the future.

Network Marketing or MLM has been afforded one of those great little opportunities to undergo a facelift of sorts as it has modernized and not only levraged the lessons of the campaign but also the technology that drove the Obama Campaign to just market penetration. It has opened a window to connectivity and the power of interaction and relationship like no other.

You have thousands of Obama volunteers who have remained connected beginning to move into the business of Networking, whether via the internet or with some of the most reputable firms in the industry. Even in the midst of uncertain times, you will find public companies like Tupperware (TUP), Herbalife (HLF), Avon and Nuskin (NUS) continuing to thrive as their ranks grow. In fact, Warren Buffet's firm owns the network marketing company Pampered Chef. One important aspect also is the growth overseas that the popular Obama campaign has ignited throughout the world. Places like Europe and the Far East are witnessing tremendous growth in all catagories within the Network Marketing community.

The question is really why? We are programmed to think that during such economic times as these and the fear that it often creates that people would be less willing to enter a new enterprise or endeavor, but the numbers simply just are not bearing that out.

There is a revolution it seems taking root with regard to this model. People are not as confident in the old brick and mortar, retail manufacturing model of the last forty years now that they are witnessing major companies like Circuit City and others declaring bankruptcy resulting in 30,000 jobs nationwide being lost. We have witnessed Banking and Insurance companies fail in the last four months and people are asking just when the other shoe is going to drop and whether it may be their industry.

Obama's election certainly may have been historical in November, but the means by which his campaign implemented could just be revolutionizing an entire industry that many over the years have not been willing to embrace wholeheartedly.

More to follow.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that someone is recognizing the industry from a sincere and unbiased position. The industry has been bruised by bad companies and bad organizations that have tarnished the reputation of the entire industry.

Many are consistent partners within the greater community. You have ornaizations like BNI that have chapters throughout the region for networking and than you also have various direct selling networkers as well.

The internet and technology has broaden the reach of these entities and connected more people from all over the world. It si truly a new model for the industry.

commoncents said...

Great post!

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Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton in a recent interview remarked that network marketing and direct selling is going to be a better model as well. I will try and find the link or video and send it to you AOF.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link AOF-

Bill Clinton on Network Marketing.


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