Friday, February 13, 2009

Your Government at Work?

Politics aside, the manner in which our government is performing during this crisis is a travesty. Washington has forgotten about the People. Calling for transparency is not the same thing as demanding transparency.

The Bush administration was highly criticized, and rightfully so at times, for its disregard for the process of concensus or even open dialogue with the manner in which it was leading and yet not in less than a month we have a Congress controlled by those who were the ones throwing out those targeted criticisms behaving like school kids on the playground who had their lunch money taken.

We are not talking about just any appropriations bill. We are talking 780+ billion dollars, that by all accounts will be considerably higher given alot of the items in it will not simply be funding with just one round of funding.

First Lady Michelle Obama once was blasted for making the comment that "this is the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country" back during the campaign in 2008.

Well Mrs. Obama:

I am proud of my country for electing your husband President.
I am proud of my country for having a woman selected as a running mate, again
I am proud of my country for not permitting another domestic terrorist attack since 9/11
I am proud of my country for its efforts to combat disease in the world, especially Africa
I am proud of my country for coming to the realization concerning dependence on foriegn oil
I am proud of my country for respecting States Rights
I am proud of my country for its resolve in the War on Terror
I am proud of my country for its part in bringing free Iraqi Elections (even if not covered by the mainstream media)
I am proud of my country for believing in the importance of community
I am proud of my country and its military families who sacrifice on our behalf

Never in my adult life have I ever questioned my love for this country or love for what this country stands for regardless of who or what Party controlled the White House until now.

I am ashamed of Washington. I am ashamed with what Washington has come to represent. This has become more about Democrats or Republicans and not about the the millions of Americans who stand in the shadows and whose future is at stake.

While I certainly do not fault President Obama for the actions of his Party in Congress, I can't help but wonder if he is not feeling like the warden trying to get control of the inmates running the asylum in Washington.

Obama arrived with great promise to Washington, but I fear that his own Party may do more to undermine a legacy that has yet to be realized because of its own inability to follow his lead and example.


Anonymous said...

Whats the penalty for "generational theft?

Lucks Lane said...

Obama fouled up when he turned the stimulus bill over to Congress especially the House. Should have sent it down already drafted.

That being said, I hope the thing works.

By the way, why is the Ukrop bank getting TARP money? We should all become bankers.

Anonymous said...

First Market does mortgages and that is why they are getting TARP window assistance. Not that they needed it, they along with some regionals like BB&T have dodged the bullets. Maybe we should ask those institutions Boards to run the government.

Lucks Lane said...

Will TARP remimburse me for unrealized losses in STI, BBT, and AMNB? Maybe if I marked to market.

At least Chesterfield lowered my assessment. I was impressed. There is some integrity in the process.