Tuesday, March 10, 2009

160 Families Face Obama's Empty Campaign Promises

Well, it did not take long for Virginia which along with California have significant exposure to the defense industry as well as the active armed forces to experience yet another broken promise from the Obama administration.

Not only in the coming months will Virginians be deploying to the other front against the Taliban, but now some 160 Virginia families will be faced with deployment of their loved ones from Ft. Eustis to Iraq.

Thats right. Iraq. So much for bringing the troops home or limited the exposure of the reserve forces to further overseas deployments.

The first two months of this new adminsitration has been one broken promise after another.

Governance certainly is alot harder than campaign rhethoric isn't it?

At some point, President Obama will have to be accountable for something instead of repeatedly using the excuse that he was left with this bag by the former administration. Here in Virginia, we respect real leadership and not those who seem too easily to blame others when push comes to shove for real hard solutions.


Anonymous said...

Then why don't you run for office?

By all means, RUN, don't walk, to Washington and set them straight.

Your blogs are starting to sound more like mere sour grapes rather than any rational thought procession.

Stop it, lest you be labeled as another local diner whiner with no real solutions....

Bill said...

You obviously are new here to this blog. AOF has offered up plenty of solutions to the local issues facing our BOCS and School Board.

Sounds to me you are the one whinning anytime your guy gets criticized. It was fine for people like you to bury Bush in anatagonism, but now that its your guy you take offense for a simple FACTUAL observation.

Is not Obama increasing levels of our troops on the border of Pakistan? Is he not sending Virginians to Iraq?

Whats your beef? Those are the facts and they cannot be disputed, but I am sure you would love to justify them simply by blaming Bush some more......sounds like your the one who needs to get over yourself already.

Your guy won in November, now how about leading for a change and not just talking.

How about a banking solution or a housing solution......no we need in the middle of this crisis we need to focus on healthcare and education. What a hoot that is.

John said...

True that Bill.

I guess its whining to tell the truth. The post was rather factual in content and notice of course they did not argue or dispute the facts. The commentor merely acts apologistic for Obama and his failed delivery on his promises during the campaign.

No taxes? Cap and Trade is a tax on consumers and will be passed on to them, so when your electric rates and the like go up do not blame Dominion Power; blame the liberals in Washington.

Lucks Lane said...

Suspend FASB 157, reinstate uptick rule,set up bank to buy the cdos and bad assets.Increase capital loss write off.

Petraus and the Marines should make Afghan. more managable which is the most practical outcome.

For housing-15k tax credit to anybody that buys a house.

Alternative-pray and buy more ammo.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see any of Countdown lst night? Gee, that show should now be placed in the genre of Colbert and Stewart---comedy. With everything we face today and all the issues out there that matter to our daily lives; Countdown wants to revisit Bush again and again and again. Some place for politiics. They have even started going after Mad Money Jim Cramer for his highly critical commentary concerning Obama's banking and housing efforts. Lest they forget Cramer donated the max to Obama during the campaign?

The Bulletproof Monk said...

There won't be enough people to blame when the Messiah fails. Oh, they'll try to pin it to Rush, because he brainwashed all the liberals to want Obama to fail.
Like Limbaugh actually holds any office with any direct accountability.(snicker)