Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keith Olbermann: Man of the Past

Keith Olbermann is either the modern version of the lonely traveler given his career path of being affiliated with every network from CNN, ESPN(ABC), FOX and now of course MSNBC or simply has a knack for rubbing folks he works with the wrong way. I suspect given his platitudes its the latter.

It is apparent to me that Countdown is faced with an anchor who shaped a program by being the antagonist of George Bush and the Republican Administration in general and now that those folks have left town, Olbermann is faced with virtually nothing but living in the past.

Question for Mr. Olbermann. Why is it exactly if the premise was to remind Americans of the sacrifices being made on the ground in Iraq by American troops have you stopped your counter of lives lost in Iraq or even continued with the number of days since victory was declared by President Bush? Why if it was not simply a political ploy have you stopped?
Why is it you saw fit not to even bother conering the Iraqi elections? Something if we recall Mr. Olbermann advocated would never happen peacefully during the period of the Surge in Iraq.

Instead, Mr. Olbermann has moved on to what kind of topics? Oh weel, Sarah Palin's daughter and her baby. It kinda makes you think that Olbermann has a rear view mirror attached to his forehead and is constantly seeing things not from the present view but from a dynamic that was shifted away from with Obama's election.

Its as if Olbermann is man without a country. He really has no one other than Bill O'Reilly or maybe Rush Limbaugh to cast his antagonist sword upon. He certainly would not do so against such deserving folks as Charlie Rangel, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, or any of the cabinet members that have embarrassed the President. Well, except the former Commerce selection who removed himself from consideration and was fodder for Olbermann but he never said a peep about Bill Richardson the first Commerce selection.

First the content dries up and then the ratings follow.

Focusing your show on Sarah Palin and other GOP likelies for 2012 is rather ridiculous given all that we are experiencing today within the nation, but of course when you have no solutions other than shutting down GITMO as the poster policy for fighting the War on Terrorism and simply want at every turn to rehash torture the medium becomes rather predictable and boring.

Seriously, I wonder if Countdown will last or simply be replaced by another format in the coming year. Maddow has to be kicking Olbermann's hind parts in the ratings. Olbermann is living in the past but then I wonder what is left for the guy who seems to have burned bridges throughout his career.

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