Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Timelines" & Such

Well when I guess you get a bunch of legislators together who use the business model as the their example of shaping policy and the government itself all this "timeline" garb is what you get.

These guys use the word "timeline" for than a project manager whose very job is on the line if the timeline isn't met. members of Congress are using the very word"timeline" to politicize the perceived failing of the surge they oppose.

Whats the timeline to leave General?

For someone that Moveon.org portrayed in ads as dishonest and morally questionable in terms of integrity the General did not respond in a manner like us inexperienced watchers would certainly have.

I would have liked to have seen him respond to "Timelines" like this.

Timeline? Since this body is so focused on timelines, could you tell me when the Congress is planning to fix the illegal immigration problem in this country? Its been I don't know twenty plus years. How much longer do we have to wait? Whats your timeline?Could you tell me how you plan to solve the health care crisis in this country, I think it was Mrs. Clinton who raised that need back in 1993? Or Senators hows about solving the inevitable failure of the Social Security system or give me a "timeline" for how we are going to cover Medicaid for all the baby boomers getting ready for retirement in a few years?

Fact is all of these things that I would have thrown back at those Senators who question the speed of political reconciliation in Iraq and its failures need only to look to themselves to answer their own questions as to why Iraq has made little progress on that front. Because its politics by definition for Gods sake.

I praise the General for remaining strong to his convictions and sitting there before a body that itself is in need of some reconciliation.

So while I wait for an improving Iraq, I will also keep a keen eye on a Congress that has failed to live up to just about all realistic expectations since 2006 and accomplished very little by way of securing of domestic agenda. I will give credit where credit is do, our Congress did raise the federal minimum wage. Yeah. Run on that for re-election.

Let the General get back on the ground and continue fighting the good fight and please could the Congressman and Senators get back to moving America forward domestically.

How about this gameplan:

Let the military fight the combat operations and provide security, let the State Department undertake diplomatic efforts to secure peace and lets have our legislators go back to passing actual meaningful legislation in Washington.

No that would be wonderful wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Well put. This Congress is failing to provide any leadership and is only focused on Iraq. It has not solved the funding issue for LA and Katrina victims who are still waiting for the money and yet blame the lack of improvements on Bush. The Democrats are proving they are ill prepared to take a leadership role.

James said...

I supported Jim Webb but it seems to me he is all wrong with his whole troop deployment limits. It is obvious that he does not see this a a "real" war but an "action" because I do not recall us talking about troop limits during WWII, I do not recall it in WWI, Spainish-Amercian either. No one is speaking to that. Webb wants to use the Vietnam tradition, thats makes little sense to me.