Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Conceived " on Sept. 11th

I was conceived on September 11th.

My very existance has yet to be embraced

It has brought turmoil to the lives of those who would embrace me

Its brought fear to those who would not

I was conceived on Sept. 11th

I will be born of two families

I will descend from two lines

Yet conception has been entirely at the blessing of a mid-wife

Her sacrifice is securing my arrival

I would not survive nor would my family without her

I seek resolution by way of my two families and hope

And yet who shall raise me up is unclear

I am from the North and from the South

I am from the East and from the West

I am unsure though upon my arrival just who "I "will be

I fear my birth will be laborsome and hazzardous

I fear they will resent the length of its labors

I fear they will not understand the blessing of delivery

I fear I may be abandoned

I fear that in the end my family will not bless my arrival

I fear

I fear

I was conceived on Sept. 11th

My family still awaits my birth

I was conceived on Sept. 11th

I am determined to arrive

I was conceived on Sept. 11th

I am destined to be free

I was conceived on Sept. 11th

I am a new Iraq.


Will S. said...

I did not know there was apote of sorts in you. Nicely put.

Will S. said...

opps that was poet.....

Carl Kilo said...

I enjoyed reading this so I will be going back and reading some of your older posts. I see you have been around a few months, but for some reason I missed or passed over your blog. For what it is worth I will be reading from now on.
Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I will add you to mine.