Monday, September 10, 2007

Independents Well To Do

Local canvassing and get the vote outs are showing that there is certainly a growing number of voters from the two major parties that moving in the direction of supporting Independent candidates in the elections for the 69th House of Delegate seat where Katherine Waddell (I) is the incumbant as well as threeof the five districts of Chesterfield County with seats up for the Board of Supervisors.

Surprisingly the Midlothian District which went Republican with the election of Don Sowder in the special election in 2006 is seeing a potentail shift to (I) candidate Dan Gecker (current Planning Commissioner from Midlothian) who lost last Fall to Sowder while running as a Democrat for the seat. Support for Gecker is growing in the Bon Air area through juristictions of Crestwood, Bon Air up into the Greenfield area along Robious Road. Supporters have been out knocking on doors and speaking with residents about three major concerns:
1. Growth Planning and Transportation
2. School construction and Class sizes
3. Illegal Immigration Impacts

Overwhelmingly by the way residents are opposed it seems to another bond referendum to pay for the growth projects going forward in this district. There are scheduled debates/forums right around the corner coming in October for most of the district contests in Chesterfield.

Independents have work to be done in Mataoca where there are both a Democrat and Republican candidate seeking the seat of Supervisor and Bermuda right now appears to be a dead heat based on feedback from residents. That one is going to be very interesting to watch.

Throughout the 69th touching parts of Chesterfield Katherine Waddell appears in good position to face off Republican manoli Loupassi , former City of Richmond Councilman. An election office for Waddell is up and running on Midolthian Tnpk across from the Koger Center and next to Wawa.


Anonymous said...

Because of the National Democrats and their complete lack of performance in Congress and the stance with and support for their far left agenda Republicans will be driven back to the polls in mass and very well could surprise and hold those seats and take the 69th from Waddell. Thank you for reminding us just how crazy the left really is.

Evan said...

One thing to remember about this race in the 68th district, but also about local races, is that it is the local issues that fuel voters. National issues are not factors specifically because state officials can't accomplish anything at the federal level. Using the logic of the post above, Bush's low poll numbers would correlate to Republicans actually not coming out to the polls.

The indicator that we should be focusing on at this point in the campaign cycle is the amount of cash-on hand. Last reporting period Manoli showed less than $20,000 compared to Waddell's $90,000. That in its self is very telling.'s infleunce and the poor job performance of Congress will have no pull on this race, just as Bush's low poll number won't either.

Anonymous said...

Independent Marleen Durfee in recent weeks has pulled down two key community endorsements, one from the CEA and another from Chesterfield Professional Firefighters. Her campaign appears to be on the move.

Anonymous said...

Locally citizens want candidates that can put party politics aside and seek solutions to our issues. Chesterfield has the opportunity for Real Change in November. Republicans have been in charge for too long and they have forgotten the citizens and their duty to protect their health, safety and public welfare. We need Real Solutions to our issues.

Issues: Lack of funding for our unsafe and congested roads, overcrowded schools, low commercial growth, and uncontrolled residential growth. This year, we will see Independents, a Democrat and a Republican as our Board. It's time we voted for the candidate, not the party! Real Candidates with Real Solutions!

J. Scott said...

This are all excellant points guys.The differences between viewpoints with regard to local and national races is very striking. What are finding ourselves in is a climate where the State has very limited resources to provide the County and the County must determine "real solutions" and move forward. Issues such as Transportation Authorities, Enterprise Zones, Cash Proffers, School Construction & Trailers, and Business fees all need to be addressed by these candidates so we can see just who is serious about undertaking the challenges ahead.
Please make sure you attend the forums coming up...see earlier post..and ask the hard questions of all our candidates.

Anonymous said...

If you want change in Chesterfield, Why would you vote for ANY incumbent? Thats like rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic. It may be the Biggest,It may be the best,but your still going down.This present board is nothing more then a rubber stamp for the developers. Since the "special" election, to fill Ed Barbers seat, they have not voted down ANY residential rezoning cases!All while they are taking THOUSANDS of dollars from Developers. It's time for a change!