Monday, September 10, 2007

Breaking News from Richmond: Willey back in the news after break-in of home

Out of Richmond, Va today, the home of Katheryn Willey the former accuser of Bill Clinton some ten years ago , house was broken into in suburban Richmond in an apparent attempt so alleged by Willey to secure notes or sources for her upcoming new book characterizing the Clinton Years and her experience in the Oval Office with Bill Clinton as well as facts concerning Hillary Clinton. More to follow as this breaks into the main media I am sure. It seems the break in in Willey's opinion may be politically motivated but it is still to early in the investigation for anyone to comment. More to follow.


Anonymous said...

There goes the neighborhood. Willey while estranged to say the least probably has some goodies on the Clintons. Just like Path to 9/11 they will stop at nothing to keep their engine rolling no matter what. Coincidence I think not.

T. West said...

Congrats I think you are the first to get this out