Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kaine and Smoking "Cloud"

Now I know I do not usually talk much about Statewide legislation, unless of of course it has to do with funding say transportation issues locally, but the smoking issue that has consumed Richmond politics for weeks now seems wildly misplaced and timely if you want the truth. I think this is not a real issue for Kaine, no matter what or how many times he speaks about it. Why? The issue as he knew was a tuff sell, but he did what he was supposed to do and tried to sell it. He knew it would not pass, and it did not 59-40. My issue with is with the politics of it all. How many things did this General Assembly not get held accountable for while the papers, talk radio and TV were covering this so called issue. It was never a real issue. It was a distraction from the hard issues that no one wnats to be held accountable for. Sure Transportation funding was approved, an election year neccessity, but Virginia loses in the deal. The package will not meet the growing demand for improvements. But hey, forget about roads focus on smokers and worker rights...the real issues of the day here in Virginia.

As most of you know, the restaurant business is dear to me, but I never really got this whole smoking ban issue except to say that when you blow smoke...eventually it disappears as did this Genral Assembly chnace for real change.

Personally, not a smoker but boy have some folks got it in for them. The issue was about "rights"...the consumer right to spend his or her money wherever they like. Smoking or not consumers make the choice and government should not be making that choice for people.

My message to Gov. Kaine: You have bills like HB 1627 ( a boater safety bill) that matter. If you have not signed it so. Fact remains more Virginians die very year on the water than are killed by second hand smoke.

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