Friday, April 6, 2007

Selection in the 68th

I have spoke of the candidates for the 68th district racing so far to meet Indpendent Katherine Waddell who defeated Brad Marrs (R) back in 2005 in previous posts and things are beginning to heat up..finally. The Chesterfield GOP and those from Richmond are faced with the issue of selecting a candidate, or determine how to select, to run for the seat in the House of Delegates in the Fall.
Since the Republicans do not have an incumbant in the seat, the committee must determine whether to move forward with a canvass, convention,caucas or an open primary. The Party can chose the method they prefer to determine the candidate. In fact, the Party also will be allowed to determine "participation" in the process. If it is a canvass or primary it is my understanding that only those deemed Republicans may participate. Where will the canvass be held? Chesterfield or Richmond?
Alook into the potential delegates demonstrates that most of the money in the process already is coming from the Richmond side of the river. Though it represents a smaller part of the distrcits overall numbers, Manoli Loupassi is fortunate enough to piggy back his run for City Council and its fundraising into his new campaign. has Loupassi showing some $170,978 versus William Shewmake $5,500. It appears as if some $47,182 is coming off of Loupassi council bid coming from Friends of Loupassi.
These potential Republican candidates aren't without some controversy. Loupassi recently moved into the 68th and has been criticized for doing so for political purposes and Shewmake is a former Democrat who has been characterized as changing parties but not idealogy in order to get on the Republican ticket. Shewmake has some support in the county however, BOS Matoaca district has contributed to the Shewmake run. Loupassi donated funds supporting the Republican BOS candidate in Midlothian last Fall who won office.
If either of these potential candidates paid any attention to the feelings of the voters expressed at the last BOS open meeting last month, Republicans (the entire BOS) are on the hot seat. Voters are looking for transportation funding, tax relief, and solutions for our schools and whatever results the BOS fail to deliver will certainly be remembered.
When voters go to the polls this Fall, not only will the 68th be on the ballot but also the seats on the BOS. How the BOS goes so could the 68th. If the Republican Party does not handle this well with a canvass or primary so to could that impact the election itself in the Fall.


Anonymous said...

Loupassi is an opportunist in sheeps clothing. He moved into the district just to be able to run then introduced legislation giving more control of the RMA to Chesterfield in a feeble attempt to get votes. He was short sighted enough not to realize he didn't have the clout to pull it off, an embarassed himself in the process. He says he'll put education first with his kids safely in private school. He says he'll introduce legislation to cap property assesments, but defended 80%+ increases in the city for six years and never once introduced legislation when it would have made a difference. He says he will control spending, but raised the tax rates to increase revenue every single year he was on council. He says he'll fight crime and it's the only thing that he won't have the time to tackle as a legislator. Let's let him go back to defending criminals like the masturbator and send a strong message that we need someone with ethics, honesty and who lives south of the river to represent the 68th.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I can't BELIEVE that Mr. Loupassi would have his kids in private schools, given the fabulous shape of the Richmond School System that has been DECADES IN THE MAKING, LONG BEFORE MR. LOUPASSI WAS OUT OF GRADE SCHOOL! How crazy! As a parent, I would hope to serve by creating positive change, but WOULD NEVER subject my children to the current state of the Richmond City educational system. Has anyone checked out those stats? To put your kids in that school system when you have other options should be classified as child abuse. Give me a break...just because you chose public service does not mean your children should suffer as a result. Your Manoli-bashing strategy going forward should not include this will be crushed like a bug.

Anonymous said...

where your child attends school is irrevelant. If you have the means to send them to private school, you will regardless of the school system. Did not Loupassi himself attend private school? If so he never expierenced the system that he "claims" he wanted overhaled, not sure the record supports that however, and while I agree the issue of school choice is mute, Loupassi poor record in numerous areas is a valid criticism. Marrs had a better record than Loupassi and he lost to an independent.