Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Matoaca BOS Seat

The Chesterfield Republican Committee will seek a district canvass scheduled around first week of June to determine the Republican candidate for the BOS seat for the Matoaca currently held by Renny Humphrey. The two Republicans in the running thus far will be Kevin Salminen and Mark Tubbs. Mr. Tubbs has run for the BOS before, however it was in the Clover Hill district when he ran as an Independent against Art Warren in 2003.
Two other county residents are building campaigns for the seat, Eli Jones and Marleen Durfee. Mr. Jones is an eighteen year old member of the Constitution Party who has begun campiagning in the district already and Mrs. Durfree , an Independent, has yet to formally announce but filed with the County in March.
The Matoaca district voters face a great number of issues to get themselves around this Fall, but the two most vare talking about are development growth and schools. Most of its schools are at capacity or have trailers and many new zonings are before the Planning Commission and BOS currently.

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