Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Reality of Division

There have always seem to be two great myths perpetuated upon Amercian politics and that is that Republicans are so how more or better qualified to lead foriegn policy and that Democrats represent an inclusive ideology that seeks the progress of the little guy or working class.

This year is proving to demonstrate that the case for both can certainly be challenged.

I was absolutely amazed yesterday following the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate at the level of immediate attack from those who say they support the advancement of woman in this country. The Democrats like to think they are the champion in this respect but in the days behavior we witnessed afterall that the historic campaign by Hillary Clinton was merely a ruse orchestrated as a polticical campaign strategy. The idea that it was a "first woman" scenario was proved to be smoke as it was actually all about "Hillary" not a movement for the advancement of women or the glass ceiling thresold.

The treatment of Sarah Palin was proof of that. The Democrats this whole season have been about divisive politics from within their own ranks. It was the left and the media that contributed to the whole Appalachia episode and the portrayal that all those voters were simply not voitng for Obama because of race. It was the ranks within that created the tension between the Clinton/Obama campaign over race and then over gender politics and yet they give themselves a pass everytime and then go after Republicans as racists for its immirgration positions. The double-standard always seems to work in the Democrat favor it seems.

With the selection of Sarah Palin we now can learn a great deal about just how geniune the feminist movement within the Democratic Party truly is.

Fact is the Democrat Primary was not about a "woman" but merely about the manipulation of the construct by the Clinton campaign in attempt to make it so. If it were than the annoucement of Sarah Palin would have been seen as a great historical achievement, instead MSNBC and the like sough to undermine and diminish her because she happens to belong to a different Party.

On a Gender basis and politics aside; its historic folks. The first time a Republican woman has been selected as a running mate. Are the Democrats more concerned with Party lines and allegiances than they are in recognizing this achievement? Are they more concerned about it being one of there female leaders and not merely an American woman? It is saddening that a Party that appears to be about such equal rights would dish a fellow woman in the manner in which they had yesterday regardless of politics.

John McCain is supposed to the one so unconcerned with equal pay or equal advancement opportunities and yet it is he who has thrown the gauntlet down and not the Democrats. Now do not get me wrong, the Democrats had the opportunity with the likes of selections from Clinton and other female executives but Barack Obama chose to go in another direction. Instead of asking Obama why it is he chsoe to do so; the media like MSNBC slams McCain implying his selection is meritless and purely a political move and downplaying the historical significance.

Let me go on record here and now that with the death of Tim Russert, these baffons at MSNBC and GE are single handedly ruining the reputation (historic by the way) of the NBC news tradition. Thats fine if they want to go the way of the left but how about some truth in labeling when you become conduits for discrediting Palin in the same tactical manner in which they allowed and contributed to the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the Primary. The Obama campaign and the media are simply now turning their sites on Palin as they reload the same gender/race game they allowed to be played on Clinton.

Instead of providing the public the facts on the Palin record, which a real news organization would seek to do, they dug down deep into defensive posture mood and sought to undermine the selection almost instantanously. Why? Could it be that they were frustrated they got douped by the Republicans and it left them scrambling for talking points and proved how ill-prepared such professionals were for such selections. After all they were pre-loaded with talking points against a Romney or a Ridge selection.

The fact that these media insiders and Washingtonian step children of gridlock were clueless about Gov. Palin demonstrates she is certainly not ONE of them friends.

I have not as of yet gone through Palin's record entirely, but she appears refreshing thus far in terms of the old tired construct of Washington and the fact that the media types do not appear to be so endeared to her thus far may not be a bad thing.

Maybe she can prove able to put them in their place the way she has the corrupted politics in Alaska. Regardless of Party, the slection is historic and should be treated by the media as such. Instead they want to simply spin in in terms of "selection" and not the historical significance it represents.

As a father of three young girls, its a proud day in America when a woman of either Party can accomplish such a feat and I can look upon my girls with a little greater hope for their future in this world.


Anonymous said...

I find it quite ironic that this weekend the Democrats now appear to be downplaying the Palin slection as not really significant and that the focus should be at the top of the ticket against McCain and yet last week they gave a full dose of Joe Biden and championing him and another reason to support Obama to offset his inexperience.
Hillary had it right to begin with; Obama is certainly not prepared on day one so be very careful to watch whyo he surrounds himself with once you becomes President. Is there just a thing as neo-liberals?

Anonymous said...

See this tidbit of unity of all people from Joe Biden:

As Contemporary Conservative points out; the Biden Macacca Moment