Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Big Tent" not so "Big" Afterall: Liberal Say Goodbye to Howling Latina

We have all been there at one time or another in our lives. A place where you just knew that you did not fit in or were welcome. Usually however, we experience these little realities growing up in our early years. Some folks just do not get along, call it personalities and such but it seems in the blogosphere its dwindled down to simply "being petty", mirror images of the political faces they endorse or simply just down right the ego gets a bit too big for its britches and the agenda promoted gets self-absorbed.

I am not sure exactly which is the case in the Virginia blogosphere with the recent excomunication of the blog Howling Latina by the major blogs endorsing a liberal, oops sorry "progressive" agenda both in America and here in Virginia specifically. I know that excomunication seems harsh and should only apply to religious conotations but given the left of left blogs that have virtually made the environmental movement be perceived by the main street America as a religious-type cult it loosely works. Some may simply believe that Leftyblogs and others have shunned,banished, and even shamed Howling Latina by removing her blog from the rolls of their sites.

Removal from the blogroll of a veteran liberal blog that was always highly regarded by the Virginia blogging community is quite interesting. Whats also interesting is the logic behind the blogs removal from Leftyblogs. Apparently, Howling Latina was being removed according to adminstrators of Leftyblogs because it no longer was focusing on "local" issues and they contend they are a local aggregator of left leaning blogs. THat could be true and taken on its merits if every major liberal blog had not followed suit and thrown the Howling Latina blog into exile as well.

Circle the wagons.

Some of these blogs are certainly not "local" in focus based on content. Whats "local" and whats not has somehow gotten a bit skewed I think. Apparently addressing the Presidential race is not considered a local topic, which is kinda interesting given everyone one of us eligible to vote can go right down to our "local" precincts in NOvember and cast a ballot. To say that the race or discussing or casting opinion about the Presidential race is not local implies that in no way will any result in that race impact localities or members of our communities. In fact, the reality underneath is that these liberal blogs come at issues from exactly that point of view. The Federal Government has the solutions and like some blogs have followed Lefty blogs lock step we to should simply follow the direction of the US government. Afterall, Government is the bastion of solutions according to these folks.

So exactly what was it that caused Howling Latina to be shown the door? Simple. The blog remained true to its core belief, supporting Hillary Clinton for the nomination, and attempted during the Primary to draw the contrasts between Clinton and Barrack Obama. The blog has taken heat for not getting in line behind Obama once he scured the nomination. Howling Latina chose to remain entrenched in support for Clinton and examined the case by which the nomination process was flawed. Let face it, most Americans understand that Clinton got a little bit screwed by the whole Florida and Michigan seating issues. Some have let it go, others like Howling Latina have chosen to remain firm in her denouncement of both the process and the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign.

Howling Latina inability to get behind Barrack Obama and her passion for Clinton was determined by many to not be in the best interest of the "tent". You know that "big tent" that these folks claim to have erected to bring folks from all walks under and welcoming all takes on the issues. Hardly. These blogs are proving with the adminstration of these so-called communities that it is not about an exchange of ideas but simply the "control" of the message. Many call these sites "online communities" but in reality the adminstrators are simply digital plantation owners shaping and molding the content and discussion by excluding and eliminating dissenting viewpoints.

As a Virginian, I hold as many of us do the historical nature of our traditions regarding free speech. Of course these squashers of debate will simply say that Howling Latina was being removed for her lack of "local" focus by Leftblogs aggregator but I think we all know that real reason was the content. Placing a blog on a blogroll is not that big of a deal. The idea behind the removal was to keep the views from reaching the greater aggregator audience. Howling Latina was once loved by most of these folks until it ventured off the plantation with views that were and are not aligned with the concensus of the administrators. Fear not Howling Latina, apparently the Governor as well appears poised for virtual banishment if you read some of the posts at Raising Kaine as he to has been moving away from the views of such progressive blogs.

Of course none of these bloggers have to keep Howling Latina on the blogrolls, but where is the integrity by these bloggers to simply come out and explain why it is they are removing the blog and not hide behind some smokescreen of "local" focus. Please. Howling latina has been very and at times extremely critical of Barrack Obama and with the race getting closer by the day the last thing these folks want is to have to be engaging in debate over their candidate from within. Democrat to Democrat. In fact if you read the threads at Cobalt6 you'll actually find commentors actually promoting the idea that Howling Latina has engaged in "conduct unbecoming a Democrat".

"Conduct unbecoming a Democrat". Whats exactly does that mean?

Is it because all Democrats have to endorse Barrack Obama? Is it because Howling Latina has not gotten in line behind the nominee? Is it because Howling Latina is expressing aview counter to the opinion of the progressives? Exactly what is it that an "opinion" and its expression can be seen as conduct unbecoming? How does that fit with the rationale of the "big tent" philosophy. fact is the far left agenda is turning more and more older Democrat off and contributing to the increaed numbers of Independents in Virginia in large part to this kind of behavior. If you are not aligned with the radical views of eliminating coal production, anti-smoking agenda, anti-drilling, anti-nuke power options and are not emphatically endorsers of climate change agenda then your not a "real" Democrat. Trouble is not even some of the Democrats in office or seeking office are aligned with those views. Does not Mark Warner support drilling? Did not Mark Warner favor the business environment over government? Um. I guess moderates don't belong under that "big tent" either do they?

The banishment of Howling Latina is simply an illustration of the far left eating its own. I mean this is a group that calls Joe Liebermann "Judas Joe". A group that loved John McCain when he was helping push portions of the agenda that they prefer like environmental cap and trade or even immigration and now throw him under the bus because they have to in the face of his winning the nomination for the Republicans. In fact, even Howling Latina has recognized the irony that it was Barrack Obama supporting the Energy Bill in 2005 and not John McCain. I guess McCain hasn't voted lock step with Bush afterall ugh guys?

Now of course Barrack Obama and his surrogates will attempt to to do the the GOP what that they did to Bill Clinton, only this time I think people understand that it is Obama afterall that is race baiting and playing the race card. Will it be as effective against McCain as it was against Hillary Clinton? Clinton supporters have seen all this before and know that it was used to bring down their candidate and blogs like Howling Latina that have been critical of Obama and his campaign can no longer be welcome in the interest of "UNITY". Riiiiiiiight.

Unity. Apparently the superficial guise of "unity" is more important to these liberal bloggers than the reality that there are still alot of Amercians and Democrats frankly that are not sold on Barrack Obama. Instead of recognizing the challenge within the Party itself regarding the Clinton supporters that is illustrated in Howling Latina's content, Leftyblogs and many other Virginia liberal bloggers have determined that it is in the best interest to jettison such Democrats rather than engage them and seek compromise on the agenda.

I find this rather ironic given the last two weeks where it appears as though Barrack Obama has simply hijacked, sorry "refined" his positions now to be almost a mirror image of what Hillary Clinton's were in the Primary.

MoveON right to the "center" Obama. But be careful, e would not want the far left to decide to shun, shame or banish you now would we?


Anonymous said...

Virginia Democrats of long been a different breed than traditional Northeastern Democrats or West Coast Democrats in my opinion. There are no others Democrats nationally I believe like that of Mark Warner, which is why he has more natural appeal to the entire spectrum of politics. Moderates of both Parties get it when it comes to him. Sure the far right has issues with him and the far left will get behind him out of expediency this Fall not out of ideological grounds. This is the big problem the left has in Virginia. They are not really aligned with warner but dispise the State GOP so much it does not matter and yet within the Party fabric they will atempt to quiet those that from within challenge the agenda. Warner no more represents platform endorsed by the liberal blogs than Kaine does for that matter but they go along because fact is they are still thankfully the minority here in Virginia. We are a State of moderates on both sides, though the voice is louder on the far left thanks to the blogosphere and activism and yet the more these groups involve themselves the more they seem to be dislocating alot of voters.
There is no question I will support Warner but will not endorse Obama against McCain. I like many here in Virginia see the value in having Democrats at the local level and even Congress but in national elections have gone the way of republicans. The reason is on the national level, the Democrats never seem to place a moderate or conservative Democrat on the national ticket. It is always a Liberal at the top and thus the DNC forces this dynamic on many Democrats who will determine to think for themselves.
The outing of Howling Latina is just another example of a misguided and abrasive political infrastructure that encourages apathy over enlightenment.
Patrick Henry must be rolling over right about now.

Anonymous said...

Alter do not throw all liberal blogs under the bus for the actions of the radical left of our Party.
There are still some that are focused and openly seeking dialouge with all views.
I prefer Vivian Paige's blog over many. I will grant you that Raising Kaine, VB Dems, Not Larry Sabato ride the coattails of the Daily Kos crowd but there are many Democrats that see these as not truly representative of the Party as a whole but a faction.
They cannot be ignored however, but just like the GOP here has the influence of the social conservative right I would imagine that the majority of republicans do not subscribe to the full agenda of the far right. It might help if they would stop nominating far right leaning conservatives to Statewide office however and Tom Davis mayhave been a better option than Jim Gilmore but just like our liberal wing the louder voice often prevails. Louder does not always mean majority though.
As a Democrat I am rather appauld at the treatment given Howling Latina. Its as if these individuals sought that blogs counsel when things were nice and neat but once she (Mimi that is) moved off message the others retaliated.
Childish to be sure but not really an attack on free speech I suppose.

Chesterfield Forum said...

Anonymous 2:46 since you describe yourself as a Democrat, could you please explain why the Chesterfield Democratic Committee can't afford to keep their web site open?
And while we are poking political web sites, I noticed that the Chesterfield Republicans updated their web site. Looks slick, too slick, for a local site. I noticed that none of their banner images have anything to do with Chesterfield. I guess the national guys are in control

Jody L. Wilcox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jody L. Wilcox said...

Since I am the one that revamped the CCRC site (and did most of the coding as well) you might want to look closer since I am pictured on the site as well as several others on the committee.. I will take the "slick" comment as a compliment since it has been at least 5 years since I stopped actually coding and started to manage the process. Since I was appointed the Director of Media and Puclic affairs for the CCRC I thought it my duty to make it the best site I could.....

Alter of Freedom said...

Thank you for updating this issue with regard to the Rants section of the blog. I was unaware the CCDC site was inactive.
I will keep the link up though inc ase it is some technical aspect or issue.

Personally, I have been quite impressed with the new site for the CCRC. The new blog area is exciting. Much of what gets done at the local level is done more by volunteers so it is great to see a new more focused look. The older site just never seem to really be too timely, especially if it sought ot me relevent with issues before the local and State government.


John said...

This is not that surprising. Obama camp has leveraged these blogs, only has snubbed its original benefactors thus far in Jim Webb and Mark Warner.

Tim Kaine still has a shot a VP I guess, but its funny how less than two years ago in 2006 when some of these blogs were the "sword" against Allen they were all pro-Hillary and then turned on the moderates that had always supported Bill Clinton.

There could be no doubt that the whole Unity ticket was a pipe dream and in fact none of these lefty blogs seem to endorse the idea of an Obama/Hillary ticket anyway. They went a long way to make the point and create an environment where that would nver happen.

Just like the "macacca" theme they slammed that door on Hillary just as they we pledging unity. Its easier I guess to pledge it after you make sure your guy wins and are promoting it from a power position.

But hey, Hillary got the popular votes, but alas were dealing with the flip flop ever inconsistent on the issues splinter of the Party where in 2000 it was a big deal but in the Primary not so much when its your guy who has the delegates.

And people wonder why others have such a thing against liberals.

Anonymous said...

Kari behind the Leftyblogs aggregator has ties to many Democratic campaigns, much like Virginia's Raising kaine did to Jim Webb and Tim Kaine here, but this influence appears concentrated in Oregon where Obama support is very high. Leftblogs is merely an outlet or media arm of these Democrats to promote their agenda. They should be more diligent in disclosing it but in the blogosphere everything is fair game it seems.

kestrel9000 said...

Conduct unbecoming a Democrat?
We can start with a picture of the party's presumptive nominee masturbating on a toilet seat, for one thing.
This is some really disingenuous stuff you're posting here. I find it interesting that the only ones taking up for the PUMAs like Howling Latina are Republicans.

James said...

Welcome kestre, most be a first timer because you have not a clue concerning this blog or its focus. Independently-minded citizens make up most of this arena, thats right former Democrats and the like and open minded people who are not afraid of real debate on policy or issues that impact our community.

Alter has been as harsh on Bush policy as he has on pointing out the hypocrisy of both the far left and the far right. So I think your point is misguided.

Its funny you feel its only "republicans" standing up for free speech given your democratic tone. Where are the Democrats? Why are they so infuriated by political cartooning...did we not see this kindof stuff right up there with National Review/New Republic satire or do we give publications we support a pass when they publish things like this but not individuals who have been active in our agenda.

Howling Latina was pefectly fine with her focus until she offended those in the postion of power in the blogosphere.

Lets be honest Kestre had Mimi undertaken this against John McCain I think you would be seating there just fine with it along with Leftyblogs and many others. Some of these have undertaken even harsher points against our standing President for gods sake.

The far left sits in denial if they think that all the Hillary Clinton supporters are going away and at some point Obama's handlers have to come to grips with that fact or maybe he has given his latest shift to the center on the issues.

Many here canvassed and supported both Warner and Jim Webb so keep barking up that divisive tree Kestre. You see we know who and what our Demmocrat leaders truly are and stand for here in Virginia and its not the far left. Gov. Kaine case in point.

Raising Kaine and others may want to forget there recent criticisms of Kaine and attacks on his agenda now that Obama may chose him as a running mate. Gee isn't that interesting. Of course they forget it was Independents they owe thanks for Webbs victory over Allen.

But hey, we are all "downstaters" here what do us regulars here know?

James...yet another Reagan Democrat voting McCain

Anonymous said...

James James James.....
Liberals are not concerned with "Free Speech" but more concerned about "controlled" speech. Yet another example of the socialist agenda ovrstepping the bounds of traditional Democratic Party platforms. Seems to me the fight between the far left and the far right is over much more than just control of politics; they seek to control our very lives through government regulations and policies they have no business under the Constitution to implement in the first place.

Jody L. Wilcox said...
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Jody L. Wilcox said...

Thanks for the support JS... I'm excited about the blog part as well (ccrcbeighborhood) since my intention is to have various leaders post periodically on Chesterfield issues (etc).so we can have more dialogue with our elected officials.... I have to admit my attempt to overhaul the communication of the county committee is going a little slower than I first thought since, I have a family, my own blog, work, helping the campaigns for November and trying to tweak the website (which I think actually looks better right now than both RPV and the national GOP...but that's the ego talking :) to be more dynamic. Again to the Chesterfield Forum commneter...I did the website since this is what I do (or more accurately did) by trade and I did it at no cost to the CCRC and with no influence by the RPV or National GOP. I know this may be a little off the topic of the original post but I find it sad that people think grassroots means a hastily put together websites, no press release and disorganized activities…just because were on the ground getting the word out doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use the skills, talents and brains God gave us to make these tools the best and most professional we can to best utilize the new media for our given perspective and political persuasion

Bill said...

Thank God I am not alone Jody. Us 38 somethings have to stick together right?

Alter that includes you my friend!!! 25 days to the big 38 right?

Hope to see friends at the Meet the Straight Talk Express on Tuesday here in Richmond at 0930 hours at the Parham Road Victory HQ in the West End.

Conservatives,both Democrat and Republican will be coming out I assure you. Meeting with a few Clinton folks tonight at Cafe Caturra in Midlothian to get them on board. I have found it easier to work with Chesterfield Democrats as many are from the old school and more conservative than their NOVA brethern.

Keep up the great work, the new site is great. Jody you should have C.C. sponsor Alter and get him with the O.D. Blog Alliance as well.

Alter of Freedom said...

Yes. 38 will be here in just a few weeks. Not sure what we have planned but was thinking of having cookout/bbq event tied in with mobilizing some folks for the campaign.

My birthday may be our traditional "Plant the Campaign Sign" in the yard or opening day of NFL Sunday , still undecided.

I am planning on attending Tuesday morning by the way as well at the Victory HQ for McCain. I missed the walk at Belgrade for Chesterfield County while the family was down at DisneyWorld for ten days.

News to report I have 58 of my 100 GOAL for getting 100 new voters registered. There has been alot of new folks move into the County since the last Presidential election. Many I have met have come from Ohio and Michigan and they have really given me some insight into those States and the issues. It is really all quite interesting.


Jody L. Wilcox said...

I will be talking to my peeps about the Alter and ODBA....us old Gen Xer's have to show the world we still rule....that's funny that we're all in are late 30's....sweet. Nice job on the voter registration and Happy B-day early.

Perry DeMay said...

The Chesterfield County Democratic Committee's New website is www.Chesterfielddems.org.