Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Democrats Less Democratic Every Day

Every school teacher in America right now is certainly thankful most schools will out before the process of the Democrat primary is settled. How will they be able to explain this process? Wait thats right we do not like to cover Civics that much anymore in our public schools. I wonder why?

Mr. Turner, my seventh grade Civics teacher, where ever you are I know this process being undertaken by the Democrats is turning your stomach. Everything we were taught, and by the way thank you, has somehow been usurped or hijacked by a class of Elitists that think that it is their responsibility to enlighten the little people (the voter) as to what really should happen in a democracy.

Is it just me or should we be using American Civics and not Roman History as the barometer to figure out what is happening to our Democratic process in America.

It matters little to me whether you are a career politcian, speech writer, lobbyist, pundit or anchor for the mainstream media outlet but if you believe this process is acceptable based on our traditions as a people you must by defintion be an Elitist. To some how feel that is acceptable for people to have a "super" vote or in this case a determiner that is somehow greater completely undermines our voting rights in my view.

I realize we will get a full dose of how these so-called Superdelegates are simply a measure of a private entity (the Democrat Party) structure that was set up well within the rights of the Party System to assist in the determination of a nominee to represent the Party in an given election. Please. It is simply a political layer set-up to ensure an outcome that those controlling the Party apparatus can use to manipulate the outcome to their liking. Translation: it does not matter what the blue collar, non-college educated folk believe or vote for even if it ends up levels equating to the largest popular vote ever in the Party.

None of this is a commentary on either Obama or Clinton but these camps signed on to this mess in the first place so at best their judgement in my view is suspect. If either of these camps allow Delegates to go unseated I would find that shameful and not only would remove the blue shirt, but burn it as well. And I am not even from Michigan or Florida.

Its is the system of Superdelegates that the Democrat Party has set up coupled with the Party's continual refusal to seat LEGITIMATE delegates from Michigan and Florida at the Convention that should demonstrate that there is very little "democratic" traditions left in the Old Blue Party. Only Elitists and Pundits can manage to mince words to justify such a system and then have the audacity to tell a State in the Union that it will not seat its delegates because it did not follow some kind of rules or guidelines that were set up by an undemocraticly selected committee within the Party apparatus.

How is it we live in the purest and best Democracy i its truest sense and yet we as Americans allow this to happen. If you are a Virginian like I am you have to know Washington, Jefferson, Wilson, Tyler, Madison and even Patrick Henry are rolling over in their graves. The HOuse that many of these men built is beginning to crumble right before our eyes when we sit back and allow a select few, about what 400 or so, have some kind of special pass to select a nominee based on any determination they feel suits their needs at any given time without accountability.

I am curious does a Superdelegate vote twice? I mean if you are a citizen in a State conducting a Primary can you go and vote at the polls and then later on get to vote again as a Party Superdelegate if the Party needs to use that mechanism. And if your are a Senator and a Superdelegate and a particular candidate wins your State with a clear majority (ie Sen. Byrd of WV) then the standing Senator can vote for the candidate who lost by 40 points in his own State.

Is this the twilight zone or America?

Citizens need to wake up to the reality that the Party has been hijack by George and Howard and a gang of Elists that feel it is their duty to select nominees they feel could challenge whether or not the voters are aligned with the same candidate. Why. Could it be history. Are these Elitists attempting to midigate some historical events that have occurred as the result of a popular candiate being nominated without any real chance of winning the Electoral College?

So, why wast or time and money? I mean if these Elitists can simply override the voters on a whim based on some highly asute logic that us little peole cannot comprehend why not just simply select the nominee themselves and save us the trouble? Well, simply put they would prefer to do that but know these Primaries are real big business.

Think of this for a moment. In a time where this economy is supposed to be so horrible and American families are suffering like no other time how is it that each of these candidates in the Democrat Party keep raking in 25+ million a month in contributions. By all accounts both camps have raised some 200 million dollars....I wonder what bills we have earmarked in the Congress are around 200 million? Wow if we put that money into the SCHIP program maybe we could get all children healthcare?

We have seen these people (some call them leaders) turn every aspect of our lives into a "for profit" institution and now of course politics is certainly no different. Afterall, with all that seed money many TV ads can be bought on networks who profit from this long Primary season and why is it now all of our Senators are virtually all millionaires when the salary levels paid by tax payers are nowhere near those levels. How do arrive in Washington not a millionaire and then become one by serving the people.

Again, Mr. Turner did I miss that day in Civics when you covered this aspect of civil service.

Superdelegates? In a Party that is supposed to represent so much more, how is it that we sit idoly by and allow such a system to exist. How can sit back and say that voters in Florida and Michigan do not count because the elected bodies of government (ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE) of these States chose to move the Primary dates up which is and was well within their rights. Why is it these actions peeved these Elitists so much? Was it because these States in their actions were perceived as challenging the Elitists power over the process?

Power over the process. Why is it that the Party feels compelled to have Superdelegates to have ultimate power over the process?

Whatever happens in this Election it is these Elitists that are the real danger to the Party and ultimately America. Whatever your view of the President of the United States, one always has the opportunity to voice ones opposition at the ballot box but what to do about that Superdelegate? Fact is, you can do nothing. Thats right. These Superdelegates in reality are accountable to no one and thus are the farthest thing from the vison and brillance of our Founding Fathers.

If for no other reason than the mechansim of Superdelegates, the Democrats are no longer the true Democratic Party it used to be and has managed to take the power out of the peoples hands and place it in the hands of a few---the few I will ever coin Elitists.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me how Barrack Obama can pull this thing off against even a John McCain when he cannot win a single state in Appalachia.
He loses OH,PA,WV and now KY. Obama did win Virginia thanks to Northern Virginia but lost in the areas associated with Appalachia.
There could be a case to be made here that he cannot win these in the General, even West Virginia and as such the Superdelegates peform a vital role to protect the interests of the Party.
The nominee needs to be someone who has a chance to win, unless of course you buy into the arguement it is a popularity contest. Obama is the most popular, though maybe not by the popular vote, or darling of the Party because of his ability to mobilze new Democrats. But the question is where are these new, younger Democrats going to vote?
Evidently not in Appalachia. Its great that Obama may be getting the vote out but is it not a fact it may be in areas the Democrats are going to win anyway? New York, Oregon, California, etc seem safe to me and many of the large numbers of of new voters are coming on line there in proportion to other areas.
Remember, its the electoral map that needs to be examined. If Obama loses OH, KY, TN, and PA in the Fall I doubt he can win.
Evfen against John McCain.

Anonymous said...

The creation of this whole thing by Howard Dean and the other cronnies running the Party was doomed from the start.

It is hell bent on shafting someone. Why else the neccessity of having such a system?

Why do we not all just agree to have open primaries in every State and have a winner take all like the Republicans had in theirs. Is not the electoral college done in this way.

I do not understand how the Justice Department and groups like the ACLU can sit by and allow those states not to be seated. Is not this demonstrating that the Party is not standing by what it says it believes in?

Or is it they fear the wrath if Barrack Obama is bnot the nominee. Seems to me if they block seating those delegates that is what they are saying. They are disenfranchising over two million voters.

How about this, if the Democrats do not seat the delegates at the convention why should we count those states in the General. Maybe someone should introduce a bill in Congress requiring some sort of action regarding those states. Could not a case be made that since the votes were counted in the Primary that the nominee on the ballot in those States for the general is excluded.