Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Rants and Raves

We have added some new Rants and Raves for some sites that we enjoy and have removed some that have are no longer rollin on the blogroll these days.

We are adding:

Scott Nolan's blog
Richmond Democrat:

Republican Caucas:

another two non-political that are great:

If anyone has a blog or a site they feel we and our bloggers would enjoy please post it in the comment section.


J.D. said...

Alter Scott Nolan?
The guy is about a liberal as it gets and his recent posts making Keith OberFool some kind of inspiration for his rant agianst Bush.
No debate, never wrong on issues and never concede a point no matter how valid or accurate= liberal is as liberla does. In these case liberal is nice, hatemongers is more like it.

Scott Nolan said...

Liberal and damned proud of it. Liberally toasting our freedom, our rights, and some fun. Liberal enough to live and let others live as they like.

Liberal enough to speak truth to power.