Friday, July 13, 2007

Whole Foods Markets: Coming Coming Coming

I wrote awhile back on the blog concerning the expectations of the Watkins Centre project and the desire for them to bring in retail that was not already exisiting within the market. I proposed that it would be great to attract a Wegman's or a Whole Foods market to the area and low and behold there are plans for the later to open a 60,000 sq foot location in Richmond.

The problem is its not at Watkins Centre. Whole Foods Market will open in Short Pump along the Broad Street corridor, which will be the first store located this far south in Virginia.

Rumors abound on the street that Ukrops is considering Watkins Centre as a potential location and potentialy close the Sycamore Square unit. This however has not been confirmed by company officials.

A Whole Foods market would have been nice for Watkins Centre. I just wonder now how many Chesterfield residents will travel over the river to shop at this highly respected company once the doors open.


Anonymous said...

Another nail in Ukrops coffin going forward

Anonymous said...

Ukrops just opened a large facility in Roanoke. The prices are overpriced and I only wish that Whole Foods Market had jumped the gun and landed here. They offer general run of the mill stuff that one can find in any super market including Wall Mart's all over priced. It seems that South West Virginia is a forgotten territory except for Blacksburg, and VT. For example: Raw Sugar priced at $5.99 for 3 pounds. Same Sugar at Wall Mart's $3.88 We are not fools when it comes to shopping.

Anonymous said...

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