Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chesterfield Board of Supervisors to fill Posts

July 10, 2007:
The Board will meet to consider for nomination applicants for two very important posts for the future of Chesterfield. The Board needs to identify qualified people for the role of Chesterfield Chief of Police as well as discussion concerning the replacement of Lane B. Ramsey as the County Administrator.

Both positions are vital in securing a quality of life for Chesterfield and its future. Mr. Ramsey has played a large role in the county and the Board will be hard pressed to find an individual who will spend twenty years or more as Ramsey has, but nonetheless the Board must put the final applicants under examination and find a truly qualified person that will serve the County well.

An independent executive -search firm was used by the county to identify qualified applicants for County Adminstrator, however after reporting early in the year that 37 interested candidates had been identified, that number has recently been narrowed to just three. Two of the three potential nominees are apparently current Chesterfield County Deputy Administrators.

The meetings are "closed sessions", which for matters important as this is very disappointing. Again, we are talking about filling two of the most vital positions that will promote Chesterfield's future. As with everything else, we have placed faith in the Board to make a the right choices.

I pray they do.

Added Tuesday evening:

Board appoints 28 year verteran Thierry Dupuis to Chesterfield Chief of Police but takes no action on the County Administrator post.

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