Monday, July 2, 2007

Independents of Chesterfield

With the November election approaching, it is important to recognize the increase in "independent" minded citizens seeking change from the status quo. Many residents are frustrated with the slow development of our infrastructure to support all of the growth that the County is experiencing and feel that their needsand concerns are not adequately being addressed by the current leadership.

By my counts there should be about six Independent candidates on the ballot for Board of Supervisors this Fall. While I am surely not convinced that there is a movement in Chesterfield or the roots of an Independent Party beginning to bloom it begs the question as to exactly what does it mean to be "independent"

Independents are self-governed, free from influence or control, self-reliant, and not determined by or influenced by party heirarchy.

There is certainly the implication that many of these Independents have allegiance to former political affliations. Don't get me wrong being Independent sure has some advantages. If for example, you were frustrated with the republican leadership in your district would it be easier to cast a ballot for a Democrat or an Independent? If you were Republican wanted to send a message but their was no Independent running in your district, would you endorse the incumbant or vote Democrat? I only pose those questions to identify the reality of why it is may may have so many Independents. Independents always seem to ignite the debate and open up the dialogue. There is no real baggage being labeled an Independent other than the fact that most know you will have an up hill battle to win an election. Its been done. We have seen it in the 68th House seat when Katherine Waddell defeated (R) Brad Marrs.

The issue goes to how will any of the Independents lead? Will they remain independent or fall into the traps of the politcal appartus that govern our community. We have former Democrats running as Independents who by all signs will have support from the CCDC if there is not a candidate of their own in the race. What will be the politcal fallout of that post election should an Independent win a seat on the Board.

I like the fact that independent voices are being raised in Chesterfield. I just wish that a bonafide coalition of them would get together and garner a true platform of leadership to challenge the strangle hold the party establishment has had on County politics.

(I) Dan Gecker
(I) Marleen Durfee
(I) Eli Jones
(I) Floyd Bayne
(I) John McHale
(I) Roy Wallace


Anonymous said...

Gecker is not an Independent, but an opportunist. The Democrats of Chesterfield will be supporting him just like last Fall when he ran from their camp. If they were not they would have found their own candidate.

Jim said...

Will these Independents embrace the Unity08 platfrom or simply be swayed by the current establishments in place in Chesterfield

Anonymous said...

Marlene Dufree is far from an independent and though she tout herself as a one issue ( smart growth) candidate she leans heavily Democratic it appears on most things. Can't wait for the debates.