Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chesterfield County NAACP (24th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet)

Anyone who was out and about this Holiday Weekend day and past by the Holiday Inn in the Koger Center in Chesterfield County probably noticed hundreds of campaign banners and signs alongside the roads in and around the hotel that almost resembled a polling station.

The Chesterfield County Branch of the NAACP is holding its 24th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet at the hotel which also will celebrate the 100 years since the NAACP was founded.

It is all of of our hopes that in celebrating 100 years we since the inception of the NAACP that we all can reflect on all the progress we as a nation have made with regard to the advancement of colored people and other minorities. We are an imperfect people and nation for that matter, but it should be the hope and desrie of all Americans the recognize the long journey that was undertaken some 100 years ago and lives with us today.

It is interesting to note for all you politicos out there who routinely like to box people or group people in terms of political ideology that the signs surrounding the hotel were predominately Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli signs with but a handful of Creigh Deeds scattered amongst the sea of red, white and blue signs. Many in the national media would not associate too many Republicans with any kind of NAACP event, but than thats just where they demonstrate media bias. Either that or they simply just have never been to Chesterfield County!! There is strong support for Republican candidates traditionally in Chesterfield by the African-American and minority community. If the media had bothered to cover a recent local Tea Party organized early summer this would have easily been demonstrated, but then our folks in the media are not terribly concerned with portraying anyhting that does not fit into its formulated agenda now are they?

There is a reason why Chesterfield County is a First Choice Community and its simply that we do not by into the divisive notions of division within our community and we all as citizens can step back and appreciate just how far and how hard the NAACP has worked over the last 100 years. All the best to the Chesterfield County Branch as you celebrate tonight a great achievement.


Jody L. Wilcox said...

I couldn't make it due to family obligations out of state but this is a great sign of how a local organization can supercede a stereotype of its national parent by just inviting one person.....that chapgter leader of the Chesterfield NAACP is a brave woman and keeps the original spirit of that organization true to her heart

Anonymous said...

I wonder if McDonnell's signs in Chesterfield County say "NOVA's own" like his signs in Northern Virginia.

James said...

Nope. Bob has the greatest name recognition here than any other on the ticket or even any Republican holding office right now.

Besides, the "Nova" gimmick is a farce. Most people here know Bob is more closely associated with the Beach region given he was a Delegate for that area.