Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alter "The Dabbler" Chimes In

Okay folks after quite a few emails from folks, which of course I would never post on this blog, pointing me in the direction of the blog Virginia"Right" today regarding a post in which he references me directly I do not really feel compelled to answer the laughable babble posted over there, but to humor those of us who always need a really good chuckle and want to tip toe into the surreal.....here goes.

First, many have emailed me to remove the link to Virginia"Right" in large part due to his personal attacks against not only myself but evidently the folks that rant here from time to time.

I will not. I believe in free speech and think that we as Virginians should probably hold it closer to our hearts than others if you know our history. Now, that does not mean that I endorse Mr. White's views simply because I offer a link, but rather it offers folks here another avenue to explore regarding local politics. I linked the blog in large part due to the fact there are very few focusing on local matters and Mr. White's interest in the 73rd race was compelling.

For all I know the two of us could have been sitting near each other a recent debates or meetings. Its an interesting race on the issues alone, however, some have sought to inflame that race with national themes that are a bit misplaced. I mean if folks want to keep focusing on what divides us instead of getting solutions to the table thats their right.

Mr. White attempts to set forth wild accusations and plays association politics in his analysis of myself and the race in the 73rd for that matter. Somehow, ironically Mr. White believes that a $500 contribution by the SEIU is somehow equates to greater influence than 100,000 contributed by an industry such as the medical industry. He for some reason continues to link comments made regarding the insurance aspect of healthcare to my detailed examination of he contributions by somehow equating that because Dr. O'Bannon has not be getting "insurance money" that he is in the clear on the issue. Please.

Correct me if I am wrong-and of course you can bet Mr. White will- but without insurance companies where exactly would the following be:

Hospital Corp of America
Virginia Assisted Living
Southern Physicians
Medical Society of Virginia
Virginia Independent Insurance Agents
Virginia Nurses Assn
Virginia Dental Assn

The above have contributed along with others to the tune of 101,182 (Healthcare related), 18,531 -political pacs and the like and another 18,200-real estate/developer to the O'Bannon campaign in large part since the annoucement of the challenger. Compared to that $500 contribution I can see why its such a concern-snark.

Virtually most of all of Tom Shields contributions have come either from the Democrat Caucus or Party Pacs and individuals throughout the region. Then there is that SEIU donation, which of course they make to most Democrats, that Mr. White is so offended by and yet probaly has little clue as to exactly how much within the Commonwealth gets touched by members of SEIU locals. Afterall, if you happen to be a part of that organization you must be a lover of Acorn right? Thats about as stupid as saying all tea baggers and town hall protestors are racist folks.

There are plenty of members of SEIU that are not aligned with Andy Stern who sits on Acorns Advisory Council and to make the assertion that because Shields accepts $500 from a labor union he somehow embraces an element (Acorn) that may be linked in some parts of the country to SEIU is absurd.

If you want to challenge Shields effectively and with intellectual integrity instead of gutter mining maybe Mr. White would be better served by informing his readers just why SEIU is such a threat. That would illustrate more effectively than some ludicrous and meaningless link to Acorn. Why?

Simple. SEIU is a big supporter of Card Check and ending Virginia's Right to Work State status.

Does Mr. Shields support card check? Would he support ending the right to work status? These are fair and valuable questions far better serving the public than Acorn inflamatories and diatribes. Mr. White leave that to Glenn Beck- he is more effective.

It is obvious that Mr. Shields has run a viable campaign, otherwise there would not be the need for such attacks brought about by the lickes of Virginia"Right". If he wasn't you would hear about as much about Shields in the blogosphere as you do Grogan and Rheinhart both challenging incumbant Republicans in Chesterfield.

Fact is, when there is no real differences on the issues in reality the only resort is to try and create controversy. Evidently Mr. White learned very little from the UR debate. They seem to agree quite a bit on most issues. In fact, it was more like an introduction than a debate.

I have made it clear that I fully expect Dr. O'Bannon to win re-election, but I absolutely love that fact that he is having to work for it. As he and all leaders should. This cycle is more of a testing of the waters IMHO. The shape and demo of the 73 has been changing for a few years now so it will be interesting to see how it comes down. I said in July, I expect Shields to take the City and the old annexed section in Southside where O'Bannon will be strongest in Henrico.

In no post have I ever endorsed either candidate. I have simply stated the obvious; its a race. I make no assertions about Henrico other than to say that the GOP over there will get the vote out, but here in the Southside I have been involved in enough races over the years to see alot of "mo" for the challenger. Thats par for the course though given the City portion traditionally votes Democrat. The real news is that Shields appears poised to get them to the polls, something many Dems will struggle to do this cycle given its an off year election and there no "OBAMA" on the ticket. I expect turnout to be below average which benefits the incumbant.

I see very little more than partisan diatribe on the part of Virginia"Right" with no real analysis and for the record Mr. White its not how many times you swing the bat but how many times you make contact!!!

This "dabbling" is rather fun-----but the steaks are done....


Tom White said...

Perhaps you missed my early posts on Mr. Shields. I, too, was hoping for a good, clean race of two issue minded candidates fighting it out. And I posted an honest review of a couple of town halls held by Shields. And his campaign linked to the posts on my blog.

And then something changed with Mr. Shields. He blames Dr. O'Bannon for Qumonda and even though he has been brought up to speed on the real cause of Qumonda's demise (hint - the parent company in Germany needed $418 million) a $5.4 million payment would have done nothing. And Virginia would have lost the money. Yet Shields continues to blame O'Bannon.

He began sending out blatantly false mailers totally distorting O'Bannon's votes. Then he attacked O'Bannon for Bob McDonnell's Catholic beliefs on abortion and other matters. He called on O'Bannon to repudiate McDonnell. I simply called on Shields to repudiate Bobby Scott's vote to fund Acorn. Shields worked for Scott for almost 5 years. And, in case you missed it, the RPV has also made the same call for all Democrats to return SEIU / Acorn money. So, I am not alone finding offense in this.

But your part in this, allowing elderly people to believe O'Bannon is responsible for delayed tax returns is deplorable. If these people don't know they should call the Dept. of Taxation, it is your duty as a human being to point this out. To make political points for Shields is simply wrong.

And just so you know, each and every post on my blog calling Shields out is a direct response to his false claims and attacks on O'Bannon. And O'Bannon has also called on Shields to repudiate Scott and Acorn / SEIU.

Are you not aware of the emails and distortions from Shields? The mailers?

I suggest you have a look at the vile accusations produced by that campaign and you may want to reevaluate your pro Shields bias.

J. Williams said...

What the hell are you talking about Tom? I happen to speak with some Richmonders about this very tax issue while out canvassing though on behalf of another candidate in another district.

I am sure that Alter responded in the same manner as I did by directing them to the Department first, but even I told them that if they do not get a response to their liking or get the run around they should contact their State official. The low guy is your Delegate and then your State Senator.

Using a bit of your own ideology is not the entire General Assembly responsible for the shortcomings of State Government. Who should voters hold accountable exactly for a poor an inefficient government?

Our elected officials are responsible.

I find it hard to believe Alter singled out your Delegate except to direct people to his office to voice concerns. I would and did the same.

Alter is correct in that when government breaks down or people lose faith in it they hold their elected officials accountable. Thats just the way it is. Your Delegate and State Senator become the target of whatever gripe or grievance on may have and in fact its encouraged. All you have to do is watch cable news.

Tom White said...

The comments Alter left on my blog were:

"By the way I spoke with about two dozen "retired" folks in the 73rd that as of yet still have not received that State Tax refund.....ummm guess who they blame for that...and it ain't Tom Shields....I guess the shortfall is worse than O'Bannon has been saying...."

Reading this, Alter spoke to 24 people that have not received their tax refunds. And blamed it on the shortfall. And he told them to call O'Bannon daily. The one thing he forgot to do was have them call the people that deal with tax refunds. To be honest, O'Bannon can't call down there and give their names and socials, he is not their attorney, does not represent them and the state is bound by privacy laws as to who they can give the info to.

The Department of Taxation falls under the governor's office. But the first thing anyone will ask is DID YOU CALL THE TAX DEPT?

I don't understand why you want to make this a political issue. It is not. If they have not received a tax refund by now, there is a problem with their bank, the mail, their return, or something. The first step is to call them and see what happened. Perhaps the returns were not received. I don't know. But to tell them to call their delegate is to blame the delegate.

Now, if they had already called and were told sorry, we are just taking our time, or we don't have the money, by all means take that to your delegate. But that is not the case. And I offered to intervene. If I have to drive to their house and use my cell phone to find out what the problem is, I am willing to do so.

I sure would not walk away and say blame your delegate. I hope they are also not so stupid that they would call their delegate if their house is broken into. You call the police. Even though delegates write the laws.

I just don't understand why you have such a hard with this.

Will S. said...

Tom White if the current delegate in the 73d was a Democrat right now you would be all over the lack of access and response to constituents needs. You jump all over AoF which you certainly must not really even know like he made this a "politcial issue". You were not there, some of us were pal.

Alter did not accuse O'Bannon of anything. he asked what district they resided in and INFORMED them to follow up with their Delegate IF they were not satisfied with the response given BY the DOT.

Are you that much of a dolt? You were not even there. In fact some of those voters actually lived in Chesterfield and not in the 73d but regardless no one blamed any Delegate.

AoF spoke to the fact that WHEN people feel the government is unresponsive THEY do hold the local elected officials accountable. Thats what AoF was implying Tom. He made no accusations. If you knew him this would not even be a question, but YOU are the one playing politics and making this an issue.

When you call your Delegate for "information" and they do not return your call or the staff tells you "he will get back with you" and then they do not who do you think constituents should blame exactly?

O'Bannon has dropped the ball. he did not expect to be challenged so vigorously and to his credit has been playing catch up with canvassing.

I wonder why we are not really seeing this kind of excitement in the areas flanking the 73d Tom. Is it the challengers or IS it the incumbant who has brought much of this onto himself?

False mailers? What candidate does not manipulate info in mailers? I just got one from Creigh Deeds thats complete crap. Thats the game Tom.

Alter of Freedom said...

In fairness, Tom may be right about the mailings. I cannot speak to them. I do not as I have stated often live in the D73 and therefore do not get those in the mail.
In no post regarding this race have I defended Shields unkless one considers an objective analysis of the issues and candidates a defense. May be some of my Republican friends would rather have me simply hop on board with O'Bannon sinply because there is an "R" after his name but then thats just not me.
To be honest there are countless Democrats I like throughout Virginia at the State level and just as many Republcians. But here's the thing. There are equal number on both sides of the aisle I simply just do not trust nor like very much and for different reasons.
people have emailed me quite often why I have not done some more psoting on the Governors race and the fact is I like both Bob and Creigh very much as people. I have met both of them and find both of then great representatives and advocates for their Party. I fear that the Deeds Democrat is becoming a dino in Virginia as many of my conservative Dem friends understand that once defeated we will see the progressives/liberal wing of the the VA Dem Party take complete control from NOVA over the conservative arm of the Dem Party.
Those of us who have long supported Republicans saw this in our Party some twenty years ago with the shift from a more fiscal conservative Party to a more social conservative agenda driven one leaving lots of moderates left out in the cold.
How this equates to the GA going forward will be very evident in the coming years when Bob is elected. The GOP will have to deliver.
If they make the same mistake that the Congressional GOP did- huksters like Cantor for example- man I miss Bliley....than they will be delivering the State to the NOVA progressives in the future.

Lucks Lane said...

The state is dragging on refunds esp if there are credits involved such as historical or
preservation credits.

I have seen folks get relief this year after they contacted either a senator or delegate. It does not matter which party either.

James said...

You mean they did not get a reasonable outcome simply by contacting the the hotline or Department of Taxation? Imagine that. Amazing how it took a call to an elected official.

Looks like there is a lesson here Mr. White???????????

J.Williams said...

I read the post a third time over a Virginia Right and my thought now is that he is simply trying to steal the playbook from blogs like Daily Kos or some of the more liberal blogs from Northen Virginia.

The majority of conservative blogs, reputable ones, like Bearing Drift, Too Conservative, and even here don't subscribe to the same ethics as the bottom feeders. They will say and do anything regardless of facts. Its sad, but thankfully those bloggers are in the minority.

I will take content over diatribe any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Evidently this race is alot closer than what people like Tom White think given it made the ten races to watch throughout the entire State in todays RTD. Ummmm.

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