Monday, July 7, 2008

Sen. Jim Webb (Va) : "Under no circumstances..."

Well many of us predicted this months ago. Those of us who understand Senator Webb and took the time to look at his career in Washington, previous to being elected in 2006 to the office of Senator knew in all liklihood he would not seek the VP slot.

Many liberal blogs across Virginia had supported the notion that Barack Obama should prop up his lack of military experience and foriegn policy experience with the likes of Sen. Webb who has risen in high regard both in Virginia and in Washington for his work in the Senate and his overall grasp of the true nature of policy and the Middle East.

Many independents work very hard to bring Webb to office in 2006, something very few liberal or progressive blogs in Virginia give enough credit, in large part because they saw something very early on that resembled the very fellow illustrated in Jim Webb's own recently released book. Many within the Democrat Party simply got on board by the end of the summer of 2006 without really trying to understand just the kind of man they were about to vote for. Those of us who took the time and knew that there are times when an individual supercedes whatever Party they are in and Jim Webb was one of those personnas.

Thankfully, in all of us works in Washington Webb approaches policy with a rather matter of fact attitude and fortunately for all of us Webb does not believe in permitting the military to be politicized. Take note MSNBC. Take note.

While this may leave Tim Kaine the only remaining Virginia hopeful for the VP slot, I think it may be safe to say that the VP selection will be coming from somewhere else. It also may ignite some interest again in the dream ticket of placing Clinton in the VP slot now that many of those that the liberal blogosphere have endorsed for the slot have fallen by the way side.

Webb in a statement from his office said "Under no circumstances will I be a candidate for VP" virtually putting an end to the speculation and leaving all those endorsing Webb searching for a new person to support. Though Webb acknowledge he will work to help Obama win Virginia, I think something will be lost in all of this.

Where will all those independents that delivered Webb to the Senate go now that Webb is not going to be the VP. IMHO Barack Obama may have just cost him the State of Virginia. I say "may" because I just cannot see all the independents I have worked with back during the Webb campaign support Obama now should his choice be Clinton, Richardson, or any other remaining on the list. If its Wesley Clark--absolutely forget about it. Warner and Webb could have pushed Obama over the top and now Obama I think takes a hit across the Commonwealth with independents.

The ball now will clearly rest with John McCain and his choice for VP. If McCain wishes to win support of independents he maybe might want to avoid any discussion with Eric Cantor(R) as a running mate. He does not do well with true independents. A Mitt Romney would be a much better choice for most independents.

Clearly though this statements release makes one wonder; is it code for "I was not going to be offered VP anyway". Obama will certainly be keeping us guessing until late July or August I guess but in the end I think his team has done itself a disservice by not courting Jim Webb more.


Anonymous said...

Not Obama thats for sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Code" for not going to be asked was a nice touch Alter. I think its starting to slip away for Obama now. Webb was the one moderate or okay lessor liberal who could have put on the ticket and now who is he gonna go with; Biden, Clinton, Richardson. He is digging himself a hole and does not even know it.

Now that Obama is making his way back over to the middle where Clinton was at during the primary I wonder if its got a few people wondering just what the heck the whole point was with the Primary anyway.

No worries though, We can still buy a back stage pass at Invesco Field and get a guaranteed one on one with Obama at the Convention...gee I thought we were electing a President not a celebrity. This whole process now after the DNC and rules votes and the whole mess gets more shameful on a weekly basis.

SDT said...

I'm not a Virginian, but I'll vote for Webb when he runs for POTUS. He has more experience in his little finger than Obama does in his whole body, and he doesn't need to play 2nd fiddle to Barak.