Sunday, July 6, 2008

American' unhappy birthday: "Too much wrong" (AP) ???

After spending a wonderful day with family and friends and cooking out sharing the warmth and love of celebrating who we are as a people and living if for one day in honor of those before us who endeavored to bring us this pursuit of happiness on this July 4th, 2008 I realized that these moments are the true reality we all should be focusing on and taking solace.

We are reminded at every turn just how tuff it is out there. Rising oil prices, food prices, costs spiraling out of control and yet I am reminded on this weekend just how precious our existance is not only in each others lives but in this world as a whole.

There are those amongst us who seek to turn their backs on the values set forth on July 2 by our founding fathers that we now celebrate on July 4. They seek to exploit at every turn for political gain.Certainly, this is not new to our American experience. Even Thomas Jefferson was asute enough to see that these things will grow their eveil heads among man. So as the exploiters seek to rebel against the American tradition and experience and promote an elitist agenda that eventaully will be the complete destrcution of the middle class, they apparently it seems have very little respect for this weekend and what it truly means.

Case in point.

The Associated Press (AP) released a piece entitled "American unhappy birthday: Too Much Wrong" in an attempt to win political points and capitalize on behalf of their chosen political candidate which evidently on this day is more important than celebrating the birth of our nation.

July 4th is about a celebration of our birth. The formation of the Republic. A day in which we celebrate not as partisans but as "Americans". I fear that the press yet again is so maligned with partisanship that they continue down a path that further divides itself from the average citizen. The print press like (AP) fails to recognize it seems that the growing loss of revenues in the print media genre is the direct reflection that the average American understands that partisan politics exists in America but that there are places in our experience where such things have little place.

Friends, July 4th is one of these places.

By rejecting to celebrate or to sit in protest of July 4th or to somehow attempt to smear the very nature of our existance speaks volumes as to exactly where it is the hearts of these individuals endeavor. They do not honor those who have come before them nor those Americans that fought the struggle of independence and "took a leap of faith in the dark".

Friends, their hearts endeavor only in themselves.

We have seen this before. The elitists and the press in general have downplayed such celebrations as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, in large part due to a current narrow view of opposition to the current situation in Iraq and yet at the same time take weeks to honor and celebrate the life of one of its own in Tim Russert or MSNBC. I have no doubt that Mr. Russert was an honorable man, loving husband, and one of the best journalists amongst the inner circles of the press, but I cast suspicion upon an organization in the same light would not partake in a real celebration of the birth of this great nation nor those men and women that have given so much so that we may continue the American experience.

These individuals see themselves through the narrow prism of politics. I wonder if they realize that though they may live and breathe a political career or one reporting such that does not in itself make them "who" they are but maybe just "what" they are. Seems to be there has been alot more focus on the "what" and not the "who".

Every American is the son or daughter of Greatness. Every American family is a branch upon the Amercian family tree of liberty secured generations ago. Yes MSNBC, even Republicans for crying out loud.

This weeked is not about the meaningless trials of politics. These things should be shelved on such days. So many times in our nations past have we come together as Americans first and put the greater good before all and that to me is what I wish to share with my family and especially my children. Americans before us risked much and sacrificed greatly so that all of us, even those who sit in opposition of America from within, shall have the opportunity to not be bound by our fathers name or bound by class, but the liberty to pursue our own course of happiness.

Is there "Too much wrong" in America today. No. Not this day, not on July 4th. We must lift our hearts this day and see what many would prevent us from seeing on every other day of the year and that is see the Greatness of each and every one of us and the Greatness of this land no matter the circumstance.

For whatever ills we as a nation may be experiencing, "We" should resolve to continue down the path of the American experience and not forfit our will to the likes of the (AP) or any other media conglomerate to determine July 4th is appropriate to attempt to elevate a candidate by focusing on everything that is "wrong today" and not honoring those before us that have allowed this very "day" to exist.

July 4th is Amercia's day. It is a day for all Amercians. Each and every one of us is the divine spark of freedoms hopes and dreams.

Maybe the (AP) should remember that more often when it attempts to promote its political agenda as "news".


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Jim said...

This is why I come here and visit your thoughts. There is way too much negativity out there and people are allowing themselves to be overwhelmed and absorbed by it. Self-absorbed is more like it.

These are the valid point that our local offcials need to be making. They need to be a more representative body of our voice since it is apparent that Washington will never be. The major media and insiders do not pay any attention to local level activities unless of course it is manipulated to make a national point.

I was amazed recently with the shootings in Powhatan County that the drive by media did not set up camp. I fully expected as much since it looks as if it was white youths who may have killed a black youth and wounded another. I had to look at myself and realize I fully expected them to be all over that story and in doing so what does that say about ourselves now.

Every instance or circumstance has some broader meaning in everything now and as such mour young people and younger families are missing out on the the kind of youth we were afforded.

The liberals pay no debt of gratiitude to anyhting sacrificed through service in the military. The heroes of that group are protestors and not those who have served in our military or given their lives in order to permit such protest.

Remember, these are the same people who in their youth spit in the face of the military during Vietnam. Now they are grown up and have children of their own who care little for authority and they wonder why it is life has become a bit darker than generations before. These "grown-ups" should do a little self-reflection as to why it is our society has become the way it has as IMHO they just may have been the seeds to all of the divisiveness in society.
It starts with a sense of pride of being American and for some reason they interpret that with being equivalent with whom is in the White House.

Their Party has control of Congress and yet remains determine to blame others for what thet view as a lack of progress. They blame America for waging a war that their own Party has endorsed and supported for six years in Congress. They blame others for our dependence on foriegn oil and yet their Party has done little to offer any alternatives while in control of both Congress and White House under Clinton's first term.

Uncompromising agendas are no way to lead America into the future regardless of what Party they originate from.

Beinf proud to be an American is not even in the same league as beinf a Republican or Democrat. If it does not mean more, than our Founding Fathers legacy truly is gone.

Anonymous said...

Thank God. I though I might have been the only one who thought the tributes at weeks length for Tim Russert was a bit much. No disrespect but the guy got more coverage than President Reagans death as well as the tragic death of Princess Di.

Its there network so I guess they can program what they want but in all it was a bit much I think and very public as well which I found very strange.