Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Early Indication in Chesterfield Supervisor Races

9:15Pm :

Enough of the polling areas have been factored in to determine the winners for the seats on the Board of Supervisors below:

Matoaca has a 26% turnout rate and will elect (I) Ms. Durfee

Bermuda with just around 22% will elect (R) Dorthy Jaeckle

Clover Hill: 19% turnout will re-elect Warren (R)

Dale: 19% turnout will elect (D) Holland

Midlothian: just over 30% turnout electing (I) Dan Gecker

Midlothian School Board: Patty Carpenter projected as winner

** Dolan defeated in School Board race

Manoli Loupassi will take in the 68th on the back of polling areas from Chesterfield. Waddel at 915PM was ahead in the City 49%-47% but needed to blow him out there in order to win after Loupassi had Chesterfield wrapped up by 730PM.

Sheriff: Profitt will take the Sheriff race with just under 70% of the vote

Both Sen. Watkins and Sen. Martin will win re-election to the State Senate.

Odds are the State Senate will be a newly elected Democrat majority by 915PM they needed to win three more seats in three races that are still very close to take Majority
Result: Chesterfield County loses here.....more on this fall out later


Anonymous said...

Gecker took every district this time around but one.

Anonymous said...

Miller out in Dale is a SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The next four years will come down to to who wins the battle of wits between Gecker and Warren. This will be fun to watch with durfee in the middle and beholden to both.
I didn't expect miller, but jackle will do well.
Let the games, and confusion begin.

Anonymous said...

Accountability. Thats the name of the game now. If progress is not made or at least perceived to be made in the next few years then we may be right make where we are today, talking about incumbants being ousted.

Take a look at the State Senate, Chesterfield will be as J.Scott posted in the minority for funding as it looks like the Senate is going Blue.

Anonymous said...

Perry DeMay performed better than expected given the network he was up against. I hope he gives it another shot down the line.

Patty carpenter and Eric Finkbeiner is a barn burner at 7:30Pm for School Board.

Anonymous said...

Now that the election is over, I can safely say that at least 70% of the electorate doesn't really give a damn about what goes on in this county and if by chance they do show up to a Board of Supervisors meeting to complain about something, I will stand up in the back with my voters list and hold up a sign that reads, "Ignore them, they didn't vote."

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last statement. I think it will be amusing to watch unhappy people give Marleen the same crap she has handed out. I am ashamed at the turnout.
I aslo agree with anon 3- but Gecker is smarter than warren.
Who the heck is going to be the Dale planning commissioner?

Anonymous said...

All of the Planning spots will be influx. Who will Dufree appoint, or Gecker for those areas given the fact they are so involved and had made their number one issue to get elected.

Alysoun said...

The last anonymous poster must not be paying much attention - Durfee, throughout the campaign, has made a commitment to continue with Wayne Bass as her Planning Commissioner. She knows that he has served the people well in the Matoaca District, well, as well as he could with his lack of support from his own Supervisor!

Anonymous said...

Bass refused to work with his former Supervisor and you think he will work with Durfee. I somehow believe your about to witness the same thing that happned in Midothian with Gecker and Mr. Bass if nothing gets solved by the BOard will likely position himself for the next cycle. Watch and learn.

Anonymous said...

Prediction time for the Planning Commission.

Russ Gulley
Wayne Bass
Ruben Waller?
Bermuda - ?
Dale ?????????????
Although it isn't done everyday, a commissioner is not required to live in the district he represents.
In any event, thought should be given to someone understanding of the process, of planning, and who will see the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happen with the Soil and Conservation Boards write ins?

Anonymous said...

Well, after six months the new Board has been a disappointment. By now, they should have ousted County Administrator Stegmaier [$300,000/yr for gutless management] and Dir of Economic Development Davis [$250,000/yr for incompetence] and cut census by 10%.

Looks like Lane Ramsey's people still will control the County for years to come.

The bloat in this County is unbelievable and it's going to take more than tripling the proffers to rectify the financial crisis.